How To Make ANY Restaurant Meal Low Calorie

>>MARK: Hey, it’s Mark Perry creator of and, I’m in New York City, hanging out
at Kings Bay and I wanted to show you a really important
nutrition strategy that I use all the time, I think it’s
one of the most important reason why I’ve been able to
eat out at restaurants all the time, ordering and living in New York City, and I’m still able to get leaner overtime,
and I wanna give an example of why it’s so important to customize
your meals. And so I was recently at a Greek take-out
restaurant, and their most popular meal is right next to me, it’s just a chicken platter
and so I wanna go over each of the ingredients for you so you realize how these ingredients can add
up if you do not customize it So, first off you have deep fried chicken
cutlet that’s around about 6 ounces, that’s around 550 to 600 calories easily. Because it’s deep fried, and because it’s
breaded, that adds an extra probably 250 calories at
least to the chicken. Then on top of it if you can
see, it’s tahini sauce, about 2 tablespoons of
tahini sauce and when I was looking it up, the tahini sauce
range from about 100 or 200 calories for 2 tablespoons. Then, underneath the chicken, you have at
least a cup of rice. Probably two cups but let’s just
say one cup which is a good 200-250 calories. Now for the kicker, you got a huge amount
of hummus here, which is probably half cup atleast. For a normal ammonunt of hummus, a half cup
of hummus it’s around 200-250 calories. And this particular hummus is probably a lot
more. You have lettuce which is negligible in terms
in number of calories it has. But it has 2 tablespoons of Italian dressing
on it, which is roughly 150 calories. Then, they give you a side, and you can
choose a vegetable. The most popular serving is one cup of,
carrots. A cup of carrots is about 50 calories, 75 calories. And if this was enough food, they give you
a pita. and this is about a 6inch pita, which is around
150 calories. And so, when you add all this up, you know,
you think+ Oh, it was a harmless chicken platter, it’s at least 1500 calories minimum. I really
don’t wanna know, I might be given 2000. And so, this is what happens if you eat what
people give you, when you go out to a restaurant. You know, there’s a lot here. The fact that
it’s deep fried. The fact that you have tahini sauce and the
olive oil and the salad dressing. Like, those things right
there there’s like 500 calories right there. I mean, that’s enough for an entire lunch.
And so, I’m gonna show you, the healthier option instead. Or the customized
option right now. And so, this is customizing your meal.
So instead of getting the deep fried chicken, you can get the grill chicken, which reduces
the calories significantly so it’s about 300 calories for 6 ounces
of chicken. You got a cup of lettuce as oposed to
probably a quarter or half a cup of lettuce over there. And that’s negligible, like 30 calories. I’ve got I have a third of a cup of beans
and vegetables right here. Beans are high in fiber, they help to
fill you up. It’s a decent source of carbohydrates and
that’s roughly 100-150 calories max. The hummus is about a third of a cup
and it’s around 130 140 calories. So when you add al that together
we’re talking 550 600 calories. It’s a decent sized lunch in my opinion. I mean, this is gonna help you get leaner
it’s gonna help you feel a lot better because after that you are gonna go into
food coma, or at least I would, while on this one I feel energetic
right after and you’re gonna feel full and you are gonna be happy with the results
you get. And so, I think that’s really it. I do want to emphasize, customizing
your meals is key and will help you keep your calories
lower and help you get leaner overtime if
you keep your calories lower. And, if you’re watching this video on
YouTube, you can check out the description I have a link to the full article on, and if you’re watching this video on, right below this video I
have more information for you to help you customize
your own meals when you eat out in restaurants. So, thank you very much for watching this
video and see you next week.

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