How to Make Arroz con Leche | Rice Pudding | Made To Order | Chef Zee Cooks

How to Make Arroz con Leche | Rice Pudding | Made To Order | Chef Zee Cooks

Hey everyone, and welcome back to my channel Made to Order – A La Orden I’m Chef Zee and today we’re making an awesome and delicious traditional dessert We’re making Arroz con Leche which is also known as Rice Pudding Now Easter is quickly approaching and this is a dessert that is in heavy rotation during this time of year And I really do hope that you guys enjoy Now with any other traditional recipe that you guys see on my channel, You guys already know that there are a ton of different ways of making it And today I’m simply showing it to you my way And the way that my grandmother taught me And I have all of the ingredients listed for you right here We’re going to start off my adding some water into a large pot And then adding some cinnamon sticks I love Arroz con Leche that is super cinnamony so I tend to add a little extra cinnamon sticks But feel free to add however many cinnamon sticks you like Then we’re going to let that water come to a boil And we’re going to add the rice Now before you add your rice, be sure to wash it a few times. I washed my rice about 2-3 times And after you add the rice, be sure to give it a good stir I’m going to tell you guys right now, arroz con leche is somewhat of a tricky dish to make because you have to stir it constantly and you have to stir it constantly because you want to be sure that the rice never sticks to the bottom of the pot You want to be sure that the rice doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot during this stage and in later stages when we’re actually sweetening it So once that water comes to a boil, give it another good stir and what we’re doing here is that we’re essentially softening our rice Now unlike regular white rice where we do want a little bit of con-con which is that crunchy goodness at the bottom of the pot That’s exactly what we want to avoid whenever we’re making a rice pudding So stir it constantly and what we’re looking for here is for our rice to reach a desired softness Because the worst thing you can do aside from the rice sticking to the bottom is having hard crunchy rice in your rice pudding It just doesn’t taste good and it feels kind of awkward and weird whenever you’re eating it So once the rice is nice and done We’re then going to add the milk Now I only use evaporated milk but you can use a variety of different milks and you can even mix milks Then we’re going to add some cloves and the cloves compliment the cinnamon really well. And then we’re going to add some vanilla extract I typically use Dominican vanilla but today I’m using regular vanilla And we’re also going to add a lime wedge and a little bit of salt Now that little bit of salt is going to bring together all of these flavors and it’s going to balance everything out, especially the sugar So we’re going to give that a good mix and then we’re going to let that come to a simmer And be sure that you’re cooking your rice pudding on a low to medium flame And just to be safe, I typically cook this on a low flame So once that comes to a simmer, we’re then going to add the sugar Now guys, I’ll be honest. I don’t have a sweet tooth So my rice pudding is not bland but it’s also not really sweet but again you can sweeten this to however you see fit Once you add the sugar, you want to give that a good mix And if ever there’s a time that you want to make sure that the rice doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot It’s right now Because sugar does tend to caramelize whenever you’re heating it up And once you add the sugar and you mix that all in Now you just want to thicken your rice pudding to your taste So there are some people who like their rice pudding on the runny side and there are other people who like it on the thick side I’m one of those people who likes it on the thick side So what I’m doing here is checking to make sure that it’s the kind of thickness that I like And once it gets as thick as I like, I then add the butter And this step is optional But I like to add the butter because it gives it a nice velvety texture at the very end Now as I mentioned earlier, I love Arroz con Leche that’s super cinnamony So at the very end, I do sprinkle a little extra cinnamon Just to boost up that cinnamon flavor And I give that one final mix Now there are two different ways to eating arroz con leche You can either have it cold or you can have it warm and it’s always a huge fun debate I’m personally one of those people who likes it warm Let me know in the comment section how you like your arroz con leche I hope you guys enjoyed my recipe to making an Arroz con Leche which is also a Rice Pudding and this is a dessert that I have every single year around Easter Because it seriously reminds me of my grandmother Now remember, with this dish and pretty much any dish that you see on my channel You can always tweak it to your liking and I really want you guys to know that because a lot of these dishes that I make are traditional dishes and there’s a ton of different ways to making them Now if you guys have any questions on this recipe, visit my website or see the description box below Don’t forget to like and subscribe and follow me on social media. And like always, all of my information is listed for your right here Until next time, I’m Chef Zee y buen provecho!

52 thoughts on “How to Make Arroz con Leche | Rice Pudding | Made To Order | Chef Zee Cooks

  1. Great video! I will be trying this out for sure! Hmm… I don't think i have a preference on hot or cold. As long as it's in front of me, I'm eating it! Love arroz con leche.

  2. Love this, my Aunt Maritza makes it almost like this. She does mix evaporated milk with some coconut milk. Really yummy.

  3. im making this for a school project your video was so simple and easy to follow others were hard and confusing

  4. Literally just discovered you and im in love already!!!! YASSSSS GURLL!! Teaching us how to slayy that food! Eh palante que vamo!

  5. Thank you so much for your videos I am a huge fan! I like to add raisins in my rice pudding! When is the best time to add that ?

  6. this was super delicious..thank u so much…
    I used the 5 minutes rice than I added the milk but instead of 3 cups of milk I used 4 and it came out really awesome,my family loved it..again thank u very much..from my family to yours we wish u Happy Holidays..xx

  7. This looks delicious! We eat this a lot for Xmas. But we also add fresh coconut milk, fresh ginger, raisins, star anise, brown sugar, and butter 😭😭😭😭 so good! And girl it be so good like I don’t wait for it to cool 😂😂😂

  8. Awesome. Almost the same way I do it. Otra compatriota, Just a quick trick at the same time when you put the water with the cinnamon put the clove why? Because before you put the rice the flavors are infused all together. And I removed it to not chewing later , you know its not nice to bite in the clove change the flavor in the mouth. And I like to put raisins too. Try if you want it's really gd. But your arroz con leche great casi la misma manera que mi abuelita también me enseñó. Saludos from NC.

  9. You remind me sooooo much of the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴……. 😩🇩🇴I WANT TO GO HOME !🇩🇴🇩🇴😩😩😩

  10. I’ve made this tons of tons but I love your videos, so had to watch. And of course you like it just like me.. not too sweet, extra cinnaminy (however you spell that lol), & warm. Your amazing old school traditions with a modern twist! Love you GOD BLESS

  11. Chef Zee you are so poppin’! My abuela lives with my primas and I moved out of state 2 years ago, so I’ve been missing her cooking SO bad! She is from the Dominican Republic and my sole connection to the food, language and culture. You have re-connected me to our culture through food. Thank you, thank you! My bf is Dominican and let me tell you – if he don’t put a ring on it once I run through your videos he is trippin’!! Haha god bless you 💕

  12. You are so cute! After cooking pernil from you, I cook anything from you with my eyes closed. Hands down, that was the best pernil ever.

  13. I really enjoyed this video. Thank you for being thorough and clear! Una Dominicana aprendiendo AHORA a cocinar estilo Dominicano. Grew up in a dominican household, Born dominican, but I was never in the kitchen cuz it was never really my interest. But now I’m starting to enjoy it.

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