How To Make Cauliflower Fried Rice | Rockin Robin Cooks

How To Make Cauliflower Fried Rice | Rockin Robin Cooks

Hi everybody. In today’s recipe, I’m going
to be making for you some Cauliflower Chicken Fried Rice. So what we’re going to do today
is swap out the rice for the cauliflower, and this makes it a very low-carb dish, very
healthy and delicious. So I’m Rockin’ Robin and I’m going to show you how to do it after
this. All right everybody, let’s go over our ingredients
and get started. First off, we need some cauliflower; of course, right, and we need plenty of it
because we’re substituting it for our rice. So we’re going to need three or four cups,
or whatever will fit in your pan. Now, if you need a little tutorial on how to cut up
a cauliflower into florets like I have here, then I have a video for you and I’ll leave
a link for you in the description so check that out. We’ll need some chicken thighs;
this is about four chicken thighs. Mine started out as boneless and skinless, so all I had
to do was cut it up into, say, one half inch to an inch-size chunks. We’ll need a couple
of eggs. I have some diced carrots here, some green onion, some peas which had been frozen
and I am just letting them thaw out. I have some minced garlic. I have some minced, fresh
ginger, and what you want to do there is just get a microplane, peel your ginger and just
grate it; it comes out really easy. Here I have some coconut aminos. Now, if you’ve never
heard of that – and I just recently became familiar with it myself – it’s a soy substitute
and it tastes really, really good. I think it’s worth trying, guys, so check that out.
We’ll also need some salt and some sesame oil. The first thing we have to do is turn our
cauliflower into rice, and we’re going to do that by placing it into a food processor
or, if you don’t have one, you can use a box grater. That will work, too. So I have my
blade in here already and we’re just going to place the florets into the food processor
and we’re going to pulse it until it sort of resembles rice. We don’t want to make it
too small but we want to, you know, make sure it’s small enough. So I’ll throw this in about
halfway full and I’ll show you what it looks like. So this is what you want it to look like.
Looks like, it kind of resembles rice, right? I’m going to go ahead and finish grating the
rest of it and we’ll show you what that looks like when I’m done. Now we’re ready to rock and roll, we’re ready
to cook. So I got my frying pan here. If you have a wok, definitely bring it out. This
is the time to use it. I don’t have one but I’m going to use a nice big frying pan here.
I’ve got my temperature on medium-high heat and we’re going to cook up our chicken. So
I’m going to add just a teaspoon of the sesame oil. We’ll let that oil heat up a bit. All
right, we’re going to toss in our chicken. Like I said, nice medium and we’re going to
cook this up. It’s going to cook up pretty quick, guys, because the chicken pieces are
small; probably five, seven minutes or so, medium-high heat. I’m going to season with
just a touch of salt. Our coconut aminos has a lot less sodium in it than regular soy sauce,
so you’re going to want to season up your chicken a little bit. So once our chicken
is no longer pink, we’re going to set it aside right here in our bowl. We want to keep it
warm. Using the same pan, we’re going to add about
a tablespoon or more of the sesame oil again to the pan, and we’re going to add our carrots
and the green onion. We’re going to cook these and saute them until the carrots get soft,
so it’s going to take about, you know, three to five minutes. Now I’m on medium-high again.
I want to get the temperature up, get these going. All right, I’m going to hit the carrots
with just a touch of salt, just a light dusting. I’m going to add the garlic and the ginger,
and I’m going to continue to cook this for about another minute. All right, now it’s time to add the cauliflower.
We’re going to cook the cauliflower, it only takes about five minutes to do this as well.
Now I may add a little bit more sesame oil. I want this to have enough oil in it so that
it’s basically fried. So it looks like I’m going to have to add just a little bit more.
Now we need to add some salt. So we’ll do a little dusting of that, and we’re going
to let this cook up, like I said, for probably about five minutes. We want our temperature
on medium-high, and we want that cauliflower just to get a little tender. All right, it’s
been five minutes. It’s softening up a bit; I’m going to add the coconut aminos and I’m
adding about five tablespoons, so you can adjust that to your liking. If you like it
a little more, then feel free to add more. So I’m scrambling up the eggs in the bowl;
we’re going to push our cauliflower rice to the side and I’m just going to scramble the
eggs right here on the side of the rice. All right, once we get the eggs scrambled up,
then we can just mix it all in together. I’m going to toss in the peas and the chicken.
Put the chicken back in there and just stir-fry this up a little bit until everything is nice
and hot again and we can serve it up. All right guys, have a look at our Cauliflower
Chicken Fried Rice. It looks amazing and it smells great and I’m going to dig in. Let’s
serve this up. It even looks like Chicken Fried Rice right? It does, it really does.
But the real test is, how does it taste? Let’s find out. I’m telling you guys, you got to
try that coconut aminos. It is really delicious. Now remember, it is also, like I said, very
healthy. Everything in this dish is organic; the peas, the cauliflower, the chicken is
free-range. I mean, I really went the extra mile on this. So, but with the coconut aminos,
it’s organic, it’s gluten-free, it’s non-GMO, and there’s no MSG either, and it’s really
good. It tastes like soy sauce but it’s a little bit more subtle and I really like that,
and there’s a lot less sodium in it as well. So, like I said, do give it a try, you’re
going to love it. I’m going to go in for another bite. Guys, I hope you enjoyed the recipe. Please,
share it, give it a ‘thumbs up’, and of course, leave me a comment. I love to hear from you.
And if you’ve never had cauliflower before and you’re kind of on the fence about it…I
mean, I’ve always been on the fence about it, until I started cooking with it. And I
tell you, eating it plain is kind of boring but when you make…I have a pizza dough that
you can make out of it. I’ve got a cilantro-lime rice video that you can make, and now this
one. And I tell you, they’re all really delicious. So I’ll leave links for all of those down
below for you in the description, so check those out. Thanks again for watching. Please
share and we’ll see you next time with another delicious recipe.

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