How to make Chinese Fried Rice basic

How to make Chinese Fried Rice basic

hi guys today we will learn how to make
fried rice the main ingredient is rice basically you can use any kind of rice
to make fried rice for chinese-style we usually use jasmine rice because it has
very nice fragrance so I have cooked one and a half cup of rice loosen the rice
which will make the cooking process easier you can either use freshly cooked
rice or left over rice as long as the rice is not too soft or moist actually
using freshly cooked rice will make the fried rice more aromatic
keep the stove in high heat during the whole process as we stir fry all the
time heat up the wok add a 1 teaspoon of oil
we gonna stir fry the vegetables and meat first for the oil I like to use
peanut oil because it has high smoking point which is good for stir-fry and
also it has very nice nutty flavors which goes very well with the fried rice
here I have 1/2 cup of onion stir-fry for 30 seconds to release aroma
basically you can use any vegetables you want just see what you have left in your
fridge and then use them I also have a cup of mixed vegetables combine it with
the onion and stir fry for about 1 minutes to release aroma then set aside
I also have some ham left in the fridge so I gonna add it in the fried rice as
well you can use any kind of meats you like just remember to dice it or cut it into thin slices to ensure that it will be
cooked through in the brief cooking time then set aside great now it comes to the
main part we gonna stir fry the rice heat up the wok and then add about 2
tablespoons of oil we need a bit more oil so that the rice will not stick on
the wok spread the oil around the wok to make sure the cooking surface is
coated with oil and make sure the oil is really hot so that the rice will not
stick on the wok you see the smoke coming out from the wok so it is good
for stir frying then we add the eggs here I have 3 eggs every 1/2 cup of rice
we use 1 egg we have 1 and 1/2 cup of rice so we use 3 eggs when the eggs is half cooked then we add the rice then we quickly mix the uncooked eggs
with the rice to make sure each pieces is coated with some eggs it takes around
1 to 2 minutes you see now the rice has got golden
color each rice is coated with some eggs it’s beautiful isn’t it if you find the rice still sticks together use a spatula to press the rice then stir-fry again do it a few times then should be more loosen keep stir fry until you can feel the
texture of the rice get drier and also you can smell very nice aroma from the
rice it takes a few minutes bring up the rice and shake a bit it should look like raining and that means they are not sticky to each other then it is good if
you want to have it more crunchy or crispier you can stir fry for a bit
longer time for me now the texture is perfect here comes to the last step
combined with the vegetables and meat add some soy sauce when we add the soy sauce we add it from the side of the wok and then combine it very quickly stir fry for
about 1 to 2 minutes to let the rice to absorb all the flavors from the
ingredients then this is ready very easy isn’t it you don’t need any special skills at all to make very good fried rice at home
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11 thoughts on “How to make Chinese Fried Rice basic

  1. I love your detailed instructions and good why you do this explanations. Also love your voice. Would attend all your in-person cooking lessons and be your best pupil.

  2. I've made fried rice many times but started with rice, vegetables, then egg. Your technique makes more sense. I'll try it tonight.

  3. This is better than most on yt. The wok was nice and HOT! Pouring the soy sauce down the side of the wok is the proper way. Just with the eggs, I prefer to cook them a bit more first so the rice doesn't absorb the egg mixture. The rice is done when it "jumps" in the wok, so to speak. Well done.

  4. I made this and it was very good! I used chicken breast cut into small pieces and added baby corn also sliced into small pieces. I used both dark soy and regular soy. The dark soy gave it a nice dark color. Followed your perfect instructions and it came out perfect! Thank you! Can you post a video on Sesame Chicken?

  5. I made this today, the egg tip is awesome, to coat the rice. I also used less oil, Ham, Shrimp, celery, green onions, and chicken with mixed vegetables… Thank you.

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