How to Make Crab Cakes ~ Air Fryer Crab Cakes ~ Easy Seafood Recipe ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

How to Make Crab Cakes ~ Air Fryer Crab Cakes ~ Easy Seafood Recipe ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Hi, everyone. I’m Noreen and welcome back to my kitchen today for another episode of what’s for dinner today? We’re going to get the airfryer out and we’re going to attempt to make North Carolina Style crab cakes It’s summer and that means crab cakes are in order so we’re going to whip them up throw them in the airfryer and see how they turn out and A little sneak peak they turned out amazing You’re going to want to stay tuned, so let’s go see how these all go together Let’s go over all the ingredients for these delicious Eastern North Carolina style crab cakes, and we’re going to start off with some lump crabmeat, so I have two pounds today We’re going to be making two pounds worth of crab cakes you can adjust this down and the recipe cut it in half or you Can double it or whatever but my recipe is going to be for the two-pound Volume of crab cakes, so we’re going to be using approximately a half a cup of Mayonnaise approximately a cup of This is cracker meal. This is just crushed up Butter crackers you can use saltines you can use Panko breadcrumb you can use regular bread crumb It doesn’t matter you are going to need this it is the binder. We’re going to use two eggs I have the juice of one lemon we’re going to be tossing in a teaspoon or so of our homemade seafood seasoning and This here all these little veggies and stuff you can just stop right there And you can move along and it’ll be great and we’re going to be adding the holy Trinity Which is a half a cup each of celery bell pepper green pepper a sweet onion I’m going to throw in some fresh chopped Parsley and then part of the sauce is also Two tablespoons of this is a horseradish mustard I couldn’t find creole mustard So we’re going to go with horseradish mustard you can use dry mustard or whatever mustard you have on hand It’s up to you you can leave it out even if you want to no big deal But now we’re going to go ahead, and we’re bring over a bowl We’re going to start mixing this together what I’m going to do today is I’m going to mix everything up with the sauce Before I add the veggies because micah my daughter Micah doesn’t really prefer Peppers and onions, so we’re going to go ahead and leave those out in a portion for her So we’ll be right back and we’ll start mixing this together We’re going to mix up our sauce portion And then we’ll add our crab in there’s the mayonnaise and here goes our mustard and like I said This is just a horseradish mustard You can use whatever kind of mustard you have on hand We’re going to pop in two eggs now because I’m using two pounds of crab. We’re using an egg per pound and you typically want to use about a quarter of a cup of mayonnaise per pound as well the mustard is also going to act as An emulsifier the egg is acting as a binder as well as the crackers are acting as a binder Get this blended really really well make sure that all of your egg is well incorporated in there I’m going to throw in the parsley the lemon juice give it another good stir. This smells really good already and then we’ll add our seafood seasoning, I’m going to start with about a teaspoon a Good piece on there. Let’s get this lump crab meat in there now remember when you pay for lump crabmeat you’re paying for the lump so you don’t want to break this up too much and if you get backspin or Clumpy, it’s going to be it’s going to look a lot more mashed up. Just gently Feel around in here, and if you notice any pieces of shell you’ll want to just remove those all right and then we’re also going to add our Crackers, and you’ll notice they are not pulverized, but they could be no big deal. It’s up to you So just kind of toss this all together you could even put some gloves on and do this With your hands which sometimes can be actually a little bit better Because you can totally feel where those big chunks are and you want to be nice and gentle with them Because the whole point of having a great crab cake is that when you break into it it just kind of flakes apart But it stays in one piece while it’s cooking remember this crab is fully cooked they steam it at the fish market And then they they have pickers who that’s what they do all day is is pick Crap what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a little bit out And that’s going to be for my cup because she doesn’t like the other things that were putting in here We’ll go ahead and we’ll add our green pepper our Celery a red pepper and our onion and go ahead and get in here and gently toss all this together And if it weren’t for the raw egg in here right now, you would have a lovely crab salad Or the crackers you wouldn’t want to put crackers in the salad but this smells fantastic now what you want to do is you want to let this rest in the refrigerator for about Twenty to thirty minutes Just so this sauce Gets nicely absorbed by the cracker meal, and then we’ll be back and we’ll start forming up our patties And we’re going to cook these crab cakes in our air fryer all right. We’re back The this mixture has rested for about 20 minutes and right now. I’m working on the one that has no added veggies in it And you don’t want to handle this like too much because it will it will fall apart, but I did say that we were going to make these in the air fryer, so I’m going to get that going and Then I think I can probably do about four at a time but some of the ones with the veggies I’m going to freeze before I cook them because we’re not going to be able to eat all of these tonight At best you know crab is very rich and decadent and you don’t need a whole lot of it At one time so what we’re going to do is we’re going to freeze off some for later Because when you spend that kind of money on something you want to make sure that you eat at all and it doesn’t go bad Freezing some portion of this is going to ensure That we can have it again another time I want to make sure that everybody has at least two or three For dinner and what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and form these off I’m using it’s a number 16 scoop this I think is about four ounces so about a half a cup You don’t want it to be too big because you want to make sure that these get nice and cooked So I’m going to go ahead and finish forming these and then I’ll be back and we’ll start cooking all right I got 24 well 23 patties almost two dozen and we’re going to go ahead and get the airfryer spit-up And we’re going to cook these off and I’ll be right back, and I’ll show you how we do that Okay, we did our first batch in the airfryer and they look fantastic I did these four initially for ten minutes and then I Went I checked them. I put them in for an additional two, so I cooked mine for 12 minutes, and they stayed together I’m super happy honestly. I wasn’t all together sure this was going to work So now I’m going to show you what I did now these I’ve had an ax fridge So I’m just going to go first. I did I put a vegetable oil spray on there I have three more here plus six more Three with the veggies and three with no veggies for my cup now I did put some in the freezer I just patty them up like this, and I put them on a small sheet pan on parchment and then put parchment on top and I covered a plastic wrap and I set it inside my freezer to freeze and then I Can put them in a plastic bag when they’re completely frozen now the way the air fryer is I have works you want to hit This and then hit memory and then we’re going to take it all the way around to fish because it has a fish presetting So I’m leaving it at 350 and I’m setting it for 12 minutes And the machine will do the rest, and I’ll bring it back when it’s time to take them out all right this buzzer Just went off and there are our crab cakes. I am so impressed with How nice these have come out? and these There’s four here. I guess I made Mica four of them. They can show all four of these, right You can bake these you can shallow fry them in a little bit of your favorite neutral oil. It’s completely up to you Oh, I’m so happy power airfryer. Did it again? I’m really really impressed crab cakes can tend to be a challenge when you Make them in a skillet you have to flip them over and sometimes they fall apart when you bake them. It’s easy enough You can stick them in the freezer for half an hour And then you can bake them at 350 for 15 to 18 minutes, and you do not need to flip them I love the idea of baking them just super simple, but this air fryer if I have it I’m going to use it it only took me two batches each batch took 12 minutes and boom dinner is ready So I will leave information below and where you can obtain one of these If you’re interested, I really really think it’s an excellent Addition to any kitchen, and you know what my oven is broken right now So I couldn’t even bake these if I wanted to we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to plate for you And then we’ll be back and we’ll show you what this all looks like when it’s ready for dinner And there you have it amazing air fried crab cakes now. I whipped up a little bit of Quick remillard sauce I did not make a video of that if you’re interested in knowing how to make remillard sauce It’s really easy. It’s just made with a bunch of condiments and some spices, so It’s a perfect Accompaniment to the richness of the crab, and I just wanted to show you your regular normal. Yes, leave a comment I just want to show you They’re beautiful. They’re just barely holding together. Which is how you want a crab cake to be and Although we have tasted these already rick has not tasted them with the remillard sauce so so gently I think so It’s a perfect accompaniment You think it’s so delicious. It’s just enough creamy. There’s some lemon juice Mayonnaise ketchup there’s a little bit of hot sauce in there some of that spicy horseradish mustard and some Garlic Powder onion Powder and a lot of peppery stuff It’s a very large animal. It’s really good It’s really really good. I just know you guys are going to love these if you’re a fan of crab Cakes I Know you’re going to love these oh They’re so good if you never know how to make crab cakes before. I hope this helped you’d know how simple. They really are if You liked the video please consider giving me a thumbs up if you’re new here welcome I always love having new people visiting my kitchen don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and if you are already a member under each kitchen family Please remember to Hook the no bail Notification button because we don’t want any of you to miss out on other real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen Give these crab cakes a try you will thank me later. I hope you love them and until next time I’ll see you

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