How To Make Fried Rice | Hilah Cooking

How To Make Fried Rice | Hilah Cooking

Hey dudes. I’m Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking,
I am going to share with you the basic fried rice recipe. That’s hard to
say. You can put whatever you want in this. It is a great way to use up
leftover meat and vegetables. I am going to show you just one with eggs, peas,
and carrots; super-duper simple. It will go great with the eggrolls
that I made last week if you want to just have a big Chinese fiesta. That’s
some fusion cooking for you. Only two very important things for fried rice.
One is a wok or a really, really big skillet. I am heating this over
high heat to get it super hot. The other is cold leftover cooked rice. That
is like, really, the number one thing. This is a great way to use leftover
rice because cold rice actually works better. You want to use a long
grain rice. Short grain rice is going to, kind of, turn in to mush. Whatever
you normally serve with stir-fry’s or anything like that, just put
it in the fridge, let it cool. Use your hands to break up any clumps before
you go to cook it. So, I have already done that. I am going to add about
a tablespoon of oil to my hot wok, hot wok coming through. Once it starts,
kind of, shimmering like that I am going to add some garlic. I am going
to add a couple of beaten eggs. I have beaten these up with a little bit of
water just to thin it out a tiny bit. Then, stir it really quickly to get that egg
to break up in to small pieces. We are going to take it out when it
is almost set because we are going to put it back in later. So it doesn’t
need to be fully, fully cooked right now. It will be a little bit more tender
if you don’t let it get dry at this stage. Okay. That looks good. I am
just going to put it back in to the same bowl that I beat the eggs in. Like
I said, if there is a little bit of raw egg left, that’s fine because we
are going to heat it up later and finish cooking everything. I am going
to let this heat up again. For my vegetables, I have got some raw minced onion.
I am using some peas and carrots that are just frozen and thawed out.
You can use celery. You can add mushrooms. You can really add whatever
you want. I do feel like using frozen bagged vegetables and just thawing
them out actually works the best. It works best if the vegetables are a little
bit precooked or par-cooked. So that’s why it is also a great way to use
up leftover vegetables. It is smoking again so a couple of more tablespoons
of oil. Add the onion. Just let this go for a couple seconds. This
is a very fast dish so have all your vegetables and everything ready.
Add my cold rice, about two cups. Add the vegetables that I am using. I am going
to add some salt. You just want to stir it around. We are just going
to keep stirring it for five to eight minutes until the rice is really hot
and all the vegetables are hot. If you wanted to add meat, you could fry the
meat separately. Also, if you are using raw meat, after you do the eggs,
add some more oil, and cook the meat. But if you were using leftover meat,
you could just add that with the vegetables, like ham or cooked shrimp, cooked
chicken is all really good. I like to keep a little bit of chicken stock
or vegetable stock on hand when I am doing fried rice just in case the rice
starts to stick. You can add that instead of adding more oil. Okay, it
is up to about five minutes. Everything seems nice and hot. It’s crackling.
I am going to add the eggs back in. Just break that up really quickly.
Mix it in with the rice. The eggs finish cooking at this stage so we don’t
end up with tough egg bits. Okay. Beautiful. I am going to turn the heat off. I am going
to just season it with a little bit of soy sauce just at the very end. You
could add some sesame oil too. Ready to serve. Okay, there we go. Fried rice,
colorful, pretty healthy, makes a great snack, goes great with a meal.
Check out my eggrolls recipe if you missed that. Also, I did a beef and
broccoli recipe that is super- duper good that would go awesome with this.
I am going to garnish it with a little bit of chives but you can do some green
onions or you could just say garnish. With that, let’s eat. I am going
to try to eat with chopsticks. Let’s see how well I do. That’s not how you
do it. Mh-mmm, those two grains of rice and a pea sure were delicious. All
right. There you go. I hope you try this recipe. Please leave a comment if
you have any questions. Visit for printable recipes and
more. Okay. See you guys later. Thanks for watching.

95 thoughts on “How To Make Fried Rice | Hilah Cooking

  1. great recipe Hailh the one thing i would like to say is basmati rice is best for frying all the Chinese and Indian restaurants use this rice, every other rice i tried never gets the taste or texture the same, i always use it!       

  2. So I went to my local Asian grocery store, and I bought this powder I found. It had no instructions, ingredients, or anything except for an added on sticker that says "friend rice powder". I got it because I was like "DUH! this is probably what they use and that's why mine never tastes the same as the one I get from that take out place!!" (probably not, but I was hopeful) It looks nothing like the common "flavor packets" I see though. I smelled it and it doesn't smell like much of anything in specific. I want to try it out next time I make it.  When should I add it?

  3. So I went to my local Asian grocery store, and I bought this powder I found. It had no instructions, ingredients, or anything except for an added on sticker that says "friend rice powder". I got it because I was like "DUH! this is probably what they use and that's why mine never tastes the same as the one I get from that take out place!!" (probably not, but I was hopeful) It looks nothing like the common "flavor packets" I see though. I smelled it and it doesn't smell like much of anything in specific. I want to try it out next time I make it.  When should I add it?

  4. I used to work in a Japanese restaurant and asked other the guys that worked there how the heck you eat fried rice with chop sticks, and one of the dudes turns to me and says "what do you think, asians are idiots and don't know about spoons and forks?" So I put the chop sticks away and grabbed a spoon…the end of your video reminded me of that day 🙂

  5. Looks great! I always have left over rice in my fridge. I will definitely experiment with this dish (my youngest son loves rice but has an egg allergy).  I am sure we will come up with something delish for him. :)))

  6. You guys, I am drooling. NO COOKING WHEN DRUNK THOUGH you ill burn your house down. The best food when hungover though, hello!

  7. Fuck yeah bitch! (Every word I tried to think of for female "bro" came up as basically lesbian. So Fuck yeah female awesome chef that it doesn't matter your sexuality!)

  8. Fried rice is pretty much always eaten with a spoon, it's much easier that way. Chopsticks only work on rice if it sticks together, and fried rice generally doesn't. Nice recipe though, I always try to cook the egg in a little hole in the middle of the rice, but bits of rice always get stuck in the egg clumps. This method seems much easier.

  9. Been experimenting with rice lately, trying to come up with a rice break fest ! I did the the rice cereal with butter sugar and milk is good, and tortilla rice and bacon egg  is good, what else? hehehe

  10. Yeah, you got it at the end. That's how you eat rice in a bowl. You just bring it up to your mouth and scoop it in with the chopsticks.

  11. RICE  ,/ Chicken or beef soup rice,fried rice,bake rice, ground rice,rice patties,smoke rice, grilled rice I need some more ideals

  12. Do you have a how to on how to do crispy Mexican rice? I saw your other rice videos but there is a way to cook it that makes it just a bit crispy and it drives me nuts that I can't reproduce the most amazing rice my local restaurant serves.
       Seriously I would go there for refried beans, rice, chips and salsa. : )

  13. chinese people cook the egg along with the rice at the end. pour the egg mixture around the wok then mix with the rice. a good fried rice should have egg coated on every rice

  14. YUM! I like to throw in a handful of small shrimp at the end. All it takes is that one last minute of stirring, and they're done. And all of this is so fresh, it beats the crap out of any takeout, or even a lot of dine-in restaurants.

  15. Hilah! Nice stir fry recipe. Something anyone could and should try. You're a lean and mean fried rice machine. As to your shirt, I want to say, Go Team Venture! Blessings ChefMike

  16. The best fried rice I ever had was at a hotel restaurant in Tokyo.  I was at a party for something and there was buffet style dining.  Maybe it was the MSG (Ajinomoto) or some other seasoning, but that rice was on the money.

    If you are ever in Asia and see a menu item called "American Fried Rice" you will get a chuckle if you order it.  It's fried rice with a fried egg plopped on top.  lol.  

  17. Have you tried adding a little bit of ginger to it? Diced or grated ginger adds a nice oomph to the fried rice. 🙂

  18. Hilah, you're always a delight to watch!      I love rice and use it all the time, so this is a great recipe for using up any leftovers, etc.    Your T-shirt is pretty cool,  too!     LOL
    All best and thumbs up,  Jersey Joe  🙂

  19. I have this neighbour, He's my Dad's age. And when he went over to college in UK ( I think…) He fried his rice raw, on the assumption that fried rice, was, well, really fried rice literally….

  20. Thanks Hilah…looks yummy.  I too have not mastered the art of usng those sticks!!!  You look and sound wonderful…so happy to have you back & hope all is well…Love ya!

  21. I do it just like that,
    But I add some soy sauce and a chopped sausage,
    It's easy and tasty,
    Peace Hilah

  22. Cooking that ish with toasted sesame oil will have your house smelling like a straight Chinese restaurant.

  23. If you use brown rice it has more fiber is more filling and tastes just as great. This is an excellent weight loss meal. 

  24. I always love green onions in my fried rice!…I use the cold leftover rice from my local chinese take out ( I order an extra quart of rice for this purpose)  how can I convince you to cook with seitan?  I tried it for the first time at a local "Loving Hut" vegan restaurant and I would love to see you experiment with it before I give it a go! 😛

  25. Their is more than one way to do this, but I'd use garlic and soy sauce.  I'm a big fan of fresh viggies. Lots of hot peppers are a must.  When I put the eggs in I shove all the stuff in the wok to the side and cook the egg next to them, then when the egg is 80%cooked I mix the two. I liked the video,and gave it a thumbs up.

  26. Looks yummy 🙂 Next time you can try adding the beaten egg with the rice because a good indication of good fried rice is each rice grin is separated and coated with egg, giving that fried rice a golden color. It's the more authentic way to do fried rice I would say :D. But as long as it tastes good it should be all good 🙂

  27. Awesome! Fried rice is easy to make but you definitely need to know how or you'll end up with a big mushy pot of yuck.
    Good advice I got from the Cat In the Hat "it is fun to have fun but you have to know how"

  28. You always make it look so easy. My food never turns out as awesome as yours. Hope to get there someday 🙂

  29. ok, this is just another way our family do to make fried rice and I'll love to share: instead of onion, we often use chopped shallot and stir fry it until it smells good, then add the rice and raw egg. then you just need to stir fry it then the egg is gonna stick to the rice and it tastes awsome 😀

  30. Please share measurements for your batter for the extra cispy fried fish. Have requesting but getting on response from you. Love…thanks in advance.

  31. If you want your rice to have nice shiny coat, before frying, mix it with the egg first and you will have evenly yellow fried rice.My version is usually with char siu, egg , scallion, mixed veggie and satay chilli with soy sauce.nom nom

  32. Ha ha. "Hot wok coming through" you work at waffle house in the past? Now to see your cheesy legs… mean chessy eggs. 😉

  33. I love this dish. My mom was taught by a chinese immigrant,to cook homestyle chinese food. Although she was the second wife of a chinese chef in china. Her personal story was very interesting. Anyway, she told my mom that the dish was created out of the need to use left over rice and little odds and ends left over over the week. At the end of it they would put together all the left overs. no fresh ingredients were added except for the eggs. Even herbs and onion or garlic were the left over. The interesting thing was that she taught my mom a noodle version. That was my favorite. And it never tasted the same because they seasoned it according to the ingredients they used that week. It was not always eaten for dinner, most times it was breakfast or lunch.

  34. Been having a tough time figuring out a fried rice recipe we want. out here, the fried rice is very different than what you're doing even though we really love the eggroll video that you did before this so you just got to find the right mix but looks awesome

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