How to Make Fried Rice

How to Make Fried Rice

If you’re looking for a fast and easy
dish you can make using basic ingredients, including leftovers, think fried rice.
It’s a satisfying dish that starts with cooked rice, mix in vegetables,
and it’s a side dish. Add meat or seafood, and fried rice
transforms into a main meal. Best of all, fried rice is the favorite
chinese dishes that you could make it home in minutes. Make fried rice with any
of these: cooked white, or brown rice, at least one day old, green onions, eggs,
veggies, such as diced carrots, peas, and corn.
Salt, pepper, vegetable oil, soy sauce, or oyster sauce.
You can cook fried rice in a large frying pan, or a wok. You’ll also need a stirring utensil,
such as a wooden spoon. The key to the quickness of this meal
is that you use already cooked rice. Day old cooked rice is dryer than
just cooked rice. In fact, 2 or 3 day old rice
works even better. Here’s how you whip up fried rice. Step One:
Beat and scramble eggs. In a small bowl, lightly beat eggs.
Set a frying pan, or wok, on the stove and turn the heat to medium high.
Add 2 tablespoons of oil, and swirl it around in the pan
until the bottom is covered. When the oil is hot, reduce heat
to medium, and add the beaten eggs. Stir the egg until they are lightly
scrambled and still a little moist. And slide them out of the pan onto a plate.
Wipe out the pan. Step Two:
Fry the rice. Keep the heat on medium.
In a clean pan add 1 tablespoon of oil. Again, swirl the pan so that the bottom
of the pan is coated in oil. If you like garlic or ginger, add them.
Finely diced to the pan, and cook until soft and translucent. Then, add the rice. Make sure to
break up any large lumps. Stir fry the rice for about 3 minutes,
or until it’s thoroughly heated. Step Three: Season to Taste. Stir soy sauce or oyster sauce
into the rice. Start by adding a small amount of each. You want to taste
the rice to adjust to suit your taste. Step Four:
Add the eggs, chopped veggies, and meat. Add the scrambled eggs to the
seasoned rice, and stir. Then you can toss and any combination
of vegetables. Chopped green onion, diced carrots,
peas, and corn. Whatever vegetables
you have on hand. Turn fried rice into a main dish by
adding cooked meat or seafood. Such as diced chicken,
or cooked shrimp. Continue to stir fry the mixture
together until it’s heated. Serve, and eat. For a quick weekday meal,
that also uses leftovers with delicious flare, fried rice is the perfect fast fix food.

42 thoughts on “How to Make Fried Rice

  1. Good tips. There was way too much oil in it for both the scrambled eggs and the fried rice itself IMHO. This rice would have been too oily. Less oil (to the spoken one or two TB) would have been perfect. A non-stick pan or a very seasoned wok would have allowed less oil. But I liked the instruction overall.

  2. here a fast and easy fried rice dish all the igredient you need is rice, tomatoes, onions, and salt. You can add extra like beans or shrimps or sausage ofc.
    1) Chop tomatoes and onions depending on your proportion of rice
    2) stir fry it and wait till the tomatoes become soft and the juices come out
    3) put your rice in and mix it until all the rice turn red
    4) add salt again depending on the amount of rice or until you can taste a bit of salty taste

    and your done

  3. I want to cook inexpensive spring rolls right now. I usually spice it up with my own chilisauce, based on cheap chilisauce from a Danish supermarked chain and my own spice combination. Good food doesn't have to cost a fortune, and I prove that to myself and my friends again and again.

    Have a good timer.

  4. @ Esmeraldas Robles don't pretend you know about cooking. Judging on what you just said, you know no shit abt cooking

  5. Try onion powder on the fried rice. I learned this working in the kitchen of my friends restaurant. Yes they are chinese, from Beijing. They make the best fried rice I have ever had. You do need alot of oil for the egg, its true. However, there was too much oil when the rice was added. Yes I learned to cook in the restaurant. I learned the basic dishes anyway.

  6. I just add rice until fried and then add anything I want till the rice is brownish yellowish done

  7. It is already a non stick wok, so no need to add so much oil. The first time oil is added to the wok for frying the egg is more than enough for frying both the egg and the rice.

  8. In Thailand, we are starting with cook meat first then add rice follow all vegetable and egg with all kind of sources then it finished.

  9. It works better if you put the rice in the fridge to cool off and get a bit grainy and dry before frying it too. Otherwise it can be sticky.

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