How to Make INARI SUSHI (Tofu Pouch Sushi Recipe) いなり寿司

How to Make INARI SUSHI (Tofu Pouch Sushi Recipe) いなり寿司

well guys welcome back it’s Tuesday’s time for another recipe today we are going to make a nutty sushi this was requested by Justin miyahara and we’re happy to make it for you because this is one of my favorite types of sushi so without further ado let’s get started the ingredients are really simple the main ingredients it’s just this deep fried tofu rice and this is called a Buddha again in Japanese so let’s prepare this abra again first I’m gonna cut this deep fried tofu into half okay like this we can make six innards of today okay and open this pocket inside yeah I think it’s so cool that you know it’s a pocket and if it’s difficult to open but if you use a wooden dowel and load on the deep-fried dough a little bit it helps to open now you want to make sure that each piece is fully open on the inside because we’re gonna be stuffing these with rice later on you have to get inside with your fingers just to confirm because sometimes it’s not open especially around the corners this deep-fry the top if sometimes it’s little bit oily it is not good so um let’s remove the oil to remove this oil just dump into the hot water boiling water and boil for two minutes okay so the aggregate has been boiling for two minutes it is time to take them out so first we’re gonna transfer these to a colander like this and squeeze it gently so just try to get as much of the oil out as possible along with the water and we just take it out and set that to the side we are going to simmer in the sauce so let’s make the sauce okay let’s combine 1 cup of water 1/2 teaspoon of instant dashi stock 2 tbsp soy sauce 3 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp meeting and mix well alright all the seasonings are in then arrange this deep fried tofu into this pot I’ll put them one by one try to keep it in one layer is to run the year and make sure those tofu pouches are flat because you want them to absorb the flavors even even the yes we’re gonna use aluminum foil this is going to help the tofu pouches absorb even more flavor okay so after you fold the aluminum foil to the size of your pot just lay it right over the tofu pouches like that okay so now that’s done all we have to do is cook first bring it to a boil and once it comes to a boil turn down the heat to low and simmer for ten minutes okay so ten minutes has passed guys so let’s check it let’s see what it looks like okay that looks perfect let’s take off this sheet of aluminum let it cool because we have to handle it with their hands it’s too hot right now so let it sit until it’s cool enough to touch so next we’re gonna make a seasoning for sushi rice combine 2 tbsp of vinegar 1 tablespoon of sugar and the 1 teaspoon or the salt and these all go well so it takes difficulty to dissolve please use a microwave it just a heat this 30 seconds okay so we have our Japanese rice sometimes now sushi rice it is cooked and ready yes we are going to use the 2 cups of rice so we’re gonna pour two stars of sushi vinegar into rice nice smell I love the smell of sushi vinegar you know did you know that I I used to work at a sushi shop in Hawaii part-time job when I was 16 Wow Oh 17 and all 77 Wow so you young yeah but that’s where I learned how to make sushi yeah so that was a great part-time job that was actually one of the most fun I had at a part-time job today we’re making the basic united sushi if you guys are interested in seeing us get a little bit creative with these ignited sushi please let us know in the comments down below I will do that happily for you okay so gonna have the sesame seeds let’s add it in and this is just gonna give it a reading nice toasty flavor as well as some color visual color but this is a totally optional I know a lot of you guys are allergic to sesame see it’s not a lot but some of you leave this out if you can’t have them can you switch places with me sure sure sure excuse me and squeeze gently okay not the squeeze completely gently not completely gently yes yeah that’s cuz you don’t want to break the toughest skin I prefer my annatee sushi on the sweeter side I see yeah most likely because the place I used to work at their analysis sheet is a bit sweeter so could you switch places with me again I sure certainly use me okay so we’re dividing the rice into six equal servings and take one pot and put it into your hand so and I gonna more than into a cylinder mmm basically you want to mold it to the size of that a bracket you have you know what this remind me of this kind of remind me of onigiri rice ball yeah of course not triangle but like a oval cylindrical shape onigiri okay I made six let’s put into the a bracket okay openly appear again and put the rice into this be careful do not tear that’s right you don’t want to tear that a Buddha gay so push it into this corner yeah you want the rice to go all the way into the ends including the corners yes and there’s one what is done don’t worry too much about shape or you know whatever just make sure that you do the basics and as long as they turn out delicious that’s all that matters okay that’s the last one yes I’m done so yes Nadia to see that is one of my favorite you know isn’t she okay let’s try it let’s try together look at that beautiful beautiful okay mmm isn’t it good with a sesame seeds add it in you know adds a little toasty flavor really nice mm-hmm and the sauce for the United you get such a great job so Toshi is perfect it’s not suit too sweet but it does have some sweetness to it which I love a Baraka absorbs all the flavors from the sauce during it screwing down that’s true that’s true which is why that’s very important step thanks guys hope you guys enjoy today’s recipe if you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up please write down your comments down below Justin hope you enjoyed this recipe thank you for requesting this if you guys want to see more traditional Japanese recipes don’t forget to check out our Japan recipe playlist you can get there by clicking right up there above Satoshi’s head thank you watching see you on our next video bye bye [Music]

100 thoughts on “How to Make INARI SUSHI (Tofu Pouch Sushi Recipe) いなり寿司

  1. Inarizushi is my favourite! Especially with teriyaki chicken through the rice! Oishiiii!
    Could you please show how to make aburaage from tofu? Aburaage is not available here and the one that is tends to have an unusual taste compared with the ones in sushi restaurants.

  2. Ochikeron made a video about inari too! She had a bunch of fillings for hanami bento, check it out! It makes me so hungry!!

  3. Sorry but this disturbed me how can this be called Sushi when there is no fish…vegetarian/vegan sushi is not sushi it is rice wrapped in tofu. I think it should be called something else.

  4. I'm not a big tofu fan, but inari was one of the first tofu items I liked. I usually like to end a sushi meal w/ a few inari, krab salad or tamago. It's also one of the few grocery store sushi items I'll pick up as a snack.

  5. How hard is it to make your own aburaage? I would love to make some, it's my favorite item from the sushi Bento my boyfriend buys.

  6. I really love watching you two.. I really love inari zushi.. I want to make this, but I cant eat mirin.. can I just substitute it with something?? I remember eating it somewhere without mirin, and it taste good…

  7. I have a question so you’re putting sushi vinegar in the rice what was the other kind of vinegar that you put in the mixture with the sugar and salt?

  8. Hmm, in the shop where I usually eat sushi they put shredded kani sticks and/or tuna mayo as extra filling for inarizushi. Guess that's not normal.

  9. I'd love to see more inari creations. My local grocery store had it with shrimp and avocado once that was amazing.

  10. Yes I would love love love for you guys to get creative with these!!! Maybe a little meat in some like onigiri, green onions, a little sauce, ugh a girl can dream 🌟

  11. Oh yum!!!  I've never had inarizushi, but it looks delicious!  I would love to make this at home, but I don't think I could find aburaage…. 🙁  Can you add similar ingredients that you would find in sushi, such as cucumber, carrot, avocado, etc.?  I would love to see more recipes because I would DEFINITELY make this if I do find aburaage.  Thanks for another great recipe guys!

  12. I was going to ask for this recipe too because I loved it so much when I lived in Hawaii. Is the a way to make the deep fried tofu pouches because I cannot buy them here. I did order a can of them from Amazon but I haven’t made it yet. I’ll let you know.

  13. This looks awesome! Do you have a recipe for Azuki bean paste? I'm getting back into making mochi & I'm looking for stuff to stuff inside it.

  14. I absolutely LOVE inarizushi! My bachan used to cook this to celebrate the new year.

    She used to make at least two types, usually these ones:
    -shiro gohan and sushi seasoning (she used to top it with beni shōga and sesame seeds)
    -maze gohan (she used to mix gobō, green beans and carrots in the rice) – my favorite type <3

  15. Okay guys, you asked for feed back and here we go. Firstly these sushi are one of my favourite. They're nice and simple and I don't need to worry about 'going off' as with fish.
    My good lady was very interested in watching this video and learned one or two tricks thanks to you. One is about boiling to get rid of the oil and the second is to make the rice into a cylinder and then poke it into the pocket. Previously she was just shoving the rice into the pocket and causing damage. So now she know. Thanks guys. Ita ducky masu.

  16. Is there a way to make the aburaage at home? I would like that recipe! I cannot buy the aburaage anywhere around me.

  17. I heard Inari sushi is more bland in western Japan, but I prefer sweeter saltier east Japan version. I also remember the take out sushi shop in a Japanese supermarket called Inari sushi football sushi.

  18. THIS! Always my favorite. Something about the tofu fried flavor with the sweetness. UGH. I need 3 dozen right about now.

  19. please show how to make fancy inarizushi! i've had it with carrot, gobo, mushrooms and seaweed… the perfect vegan meal!

  20. In the sushi restaurants they have around here they fill tofu skins with seaweed salad. Could you do that recipe

  21. My neighbor Mrs. Yoshioka was too old to do her yard work so I did it for her from time to time. Every time I did it she would offer to pay me but I would refuse any money. She knew I loved Inari Zushi. She made the best Inari I have ever had and since. It became a tradition that every time I wanted Inari, I would do some yard work and I knew I would get it. She has since passed away and every Inari I have today is compared to hers. No one has even come close.

  22. gosh do I love this wonderful simple healthy and yummy dish. From the look the cooking procedures, the ingredients do not seem difficult to get and prepare.

  23. I had a friend from Hawaii who used to make Inari sushi and she added
    Small cubed carrot and dried Chinese mushroom both simmered in the same sauce
    As the abarage is marinated in, and then she added stall cubes of spam. Added all this drained
    the rice filling. They were a little bit of heaven.

  24. Just wanted to say thank you. I fell in love with inari sushi from UK's Yo Sushi and wanted to learn how it's made. Very thorough explanation on what to do! Can't wait to try it!

  25. 黒糖や三温糖を使ったり白砂糖と半々もコクが出て美味しいですですよね?
    お米の炊き方や お酢や
    お酢とお米の混ぜ合わせの切り混ぜかましながらの 扇ぎ風当て冷ましなど

  26. thank you for this great video, I love it, and you inspire me to jump right I not the kitchen and start making your recipe.
    I would love to your ideas of variations for adding more colour and or crunchiness to this tofu pouches 🙂 itadakimazu 🙂

  27. I tried this for the first time from Hissho Sushi (it had crab), and OMG this was SOOO GOOOOD 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  28. Hi guys! I’m looking desperately for a recipe to make the seasoned fried tofu. So I can have it for Kitsune Udon or to put in my ramen. Any help?

  29. My late Best Friend, Janet, always made these for me when we had get-togethers and sadly I never asked for the recipe. Thank you so much for this video, I didn't even know the name of this sushi until now! She did make it sweeter, and served it like little boats with pickled ginger as a garnish. I've craved this for years, and now I know how to replicate her beautiful recipe…thank you!!

  30. Ja there a way to make this aburaage at home? I can't find it in my place. I don't know if it's not common in my country or if it's just me xD

  31. Thank You for this tasty video. If you wanted to make your Inari Sushi more sweeter, How would you recommend doing that?? Thank You!!
    Disabled Vet

  32. The taste testing reactions seem completely faked like when you're trying to convince kids something tastes good. That's understandable. Inarage is nice but it's not mind blowing

  33. 書かれたレシピへのリンクはありますか?あなたの両方を愛して、あなたの料理をありがとう。

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