How to make kompot – Slav recipe with Boris

How to make kompot – Slav recipe with Boris

Reasons to make kompot First of all Why not Welcome to kompot making lesson with Boris Where you will learn to make kompot like the true slav that you are You must know one thing Traditionally kompot is made of fruit you find in garden When you have too much, you make jams and you make kompot This way you preserve them for winter, for next year. Who knows Or you can make kompot with left over fruit you find in fridge Or just buy some fresh fruit I guess Or if your access to fresh fruit is limited Or you just happen to do your shopping at 12 o’clock in the night like Boris You can also use frozen or dried fruit if you have it Traditionally there is apricots and pears and apples that you can put in kompot But if you want make Boris special Use blueberries, strawberries and some cherries Also you will need cup filled with sugar And of course biggest part of recipe is 3 litres of water Aah and not forget For extra slavic taste add spoonful of honey Well, as I said. Traditionally kompot is made of things you find in garden If your garden only has apples, you will make apple kompot If your garden only produce gopniks You go to neighbors garden instead and make apple kompot If you have followed recipe correctly, you should now have one pot of boiling water Very well done. Congratulations! Now that the hard part is over It is now time to add the components You may use papa bear’s big spoon to prevent the boiling water splashing into your face And destroying your hopes and dreams of one day becoming Slav movie star If you have added components correctly Then you should start sensing smell that brings back memory Of end of summer And with you arguing with your grandmama About “why we have to make kompot, I want to eat the fruit blin!” Well I hope by now you understand Why grandmama always have 10 000 jars of kompot in fridge It’s because you were never there to eat all the fruit No! You were playing CS:GO with your friends Okay, once water is boiling, set timer for 30 minutes and lower temperature just a bit Shuffle around the mixture with papa bear’s big spoon And please fight the urge to leave the kompot on its own It will need your attention and your love About 10 minutes into cooking process The liquid will have taken color of components And this is the right time That I like to add the sweetness into the mixture Now this might seem like a lot of sugar But don’t worry. Your diabetes it will not kick for the next 10-15 years Anyway! So Add the honey as well I suggest about two big spoonfuls for this pot Mix it in and set it to boil again Once 30 minutes is up and you have not burned down your house Congratulations! Take your pot for some closer inspection To balance out the half ton of sugar that you have put in I suggest you use one whole lemon’s juice for this pot So now maybe you will not feel the sugar overdose when it hits And you will convert the energy into RUSH B instead Some people, they remove the fruit When kompot is done I say these people are weak The fruit in kompot is best part It hide secret of slav strength inside So I see you are asking: who the blin conserve kompot in jug Well, my friend. It is not for conserving Is for drinking You see, kompot is very multifunctional You can drink it hot in winter Or you can drink it cold in summer You just take glass, pour some kompot inside With the fruit And watch as your gopnik friends are envious of you And your perfect kompot When you go to водка party next time Kompot is too hot for you? No problem! Throw some ice inside and you have the perfect summer drink Now forget about food preservatives And the drinks you get from shop Kompot is what you need in your life Many people they ask me: Boris, how do I become more slav? I tell you this You make this kompot yourself, take spoon and scoop those fruits out of there Now eat them and you will feel the slavness empower you Put on your ushanka and enjoy You have done well. And Boris approves of you Thank you for watching, my friends Have a nice summer And stay cheeki breeki!

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  1. Бляяя, либо говорите на чистом русском либо на чисто американском, ну бесит же😠

  2. I made this today (but with apple, pear, and strawberry blyat) and opa, we have no need for western sugar water again? Iced tea? Do I look like from Silicon valley blyat? KOMPOT.

  3. Honestly, if you dont like kompot, idk why you even exist. It is the perfect fuit juice that always exists in babushkas house.

  4. Im from Poland the kompot is the most popular in the schools and in our grandmothers houses . My grandnother had a four trees with cherries . Shes alive . I think the cherries kompot is the best .

  5. So, it's homemade berry juice with honey. Instructions sound simple, shouldn't be too expensive, and should taste like heaven. Might as well make some myself.

  6. Waiting for my first pot of Kompot to cool down now. Apple, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes. Hope it turns out good – Boy those strawberries just turn to mush about 15 mins in…

  7. Короче, дело было лет 5 назад. Захотелось мне компоту, причем прям приспичило. Я к холодильнику. Курага и изюм? Сойдет! Все в кастрюльку и варить. Для вкуса еще имбиря постругал туда и щедрой рукой сыпанул сахара. Пробуем. Слишком много сахара! Компот испорчен? Пффф… Разбавлю и вместо 3-х литров будет 4-5. Только надо найти еще емкость. Хм. Все кастрюли заняты. Банок нигде не видно. Алло, мам? Где все банки? На кухне под столом? Иду на кухню и достаю из-под стола 10 литровую флягу, в которой мама вино домашнее делает. Я абсолютно не понимаю, что тогда на меня нашло… но да, я извел все ингредиенты в доме, добавил в компот смородинового варенья, но сварил недостающие 5 литров. И три дня после этого я пил только компот (воспитательные процедуры от мамы). С тех пор я терпеть не могу курагу. И компот мне тоже не очень.

  8. Fun story I was at a camp it was a sleep over camp in new Hampshire and i was born in russia but I'm adopted into a American family when i was very young but i fell asleep and the staff hear me yelling in Russian and they were terrified and some kids the next morning were like you were speaking russian last night! I was so confused cause I cant speak russian that well well not at that time but still 🤣🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  9. I went to Lithuania and got to taste kompot last year. Best trip of my life. My friend's mom made kompot and it was the best thing I ever drank.

  10. Razones para hacer Kompot:

    1- ¿Porqué no?

    Yo: no puedo argumentar nada ante esa lógica.jpg

    PD: Felicidades, encontraste un comentario pendejo en español :^

  11. Way too much sugar. Why make it sweet as soda? Garbage recipe. Plus that cringy fake accent. I guess this shit caters to retards who live in meme world.

  12. Making this as I speak, plenty of canned fruit in the cupboard so why waste it? Next try with non canned fruit, I’m a poor gopnik atm no judging! Lol

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