How to make malt syrup from scratch with wheat and sticky rice 麥芽糖

How to make malt syrup from scratch with wheat and sticky rice 麥芽糖

Hi, guys! Here is Yi So we all love sugar but do you know where are sugar from There’re sugar canes, sugar beets but in today’s video, I’m going to make sugar out of wheat and sticky rice Yes, I’m making Maltose or it’s called malt sugar syrup It’s widely used for many sweets and candies, but also for Peking duck 🙂 We will need 50g of wheats soak them in cold water overnight or for at least 5-6 hours Take a tray or any container with a large opening lay a piece of kitchen towel on the bottom, & spread our wheats evenly above This will help with the gemination keep them in the room temperature below 30 degree & spray water twice a day after 2 days you can see small sprouts After 1 week you be able to see green leaves then we can take our wheats out Remove them carefully from the kitchen towel then we can wash them clean & set them aside We will also need 500g of stick rice or sweet rice Wash it clean & soak it in cold water over night before cooking adding a bit more water than we usually need for cooking rice use a rice cooker to cook it until it’s softened & sticky then we can set it aside & let it cool now let’s blend our wheats put all our wheats into a blender, close it with a lid We’re going to blend it to a green paste Once it’s done, we can scoop in about 1 cup of cooked sticky rice & blend it again We want to get this green fluid paste the enzyme in our wheat could help with dissolving the sticky rice to get our syrup later Now our sticky rice should be at about 60 degree celsius then pour our wheat mixture back into our sticky rice & mix it well Make sure it’s completely cooperated then we can put it back into our rice cooker to keep it warm set at a low temperature or the mode you use to keep your rice warm Keep it (at a warm temperature) for 6-7 hours Here you can see is our cooked sticky rice, it has a thin fluid, you can give it a try, it’s really sweet We’re going to use this fluid to make our malt syrup so use a strainer to separate the fluid this brown & sweet liquid is the original form of our malt syrup then we can turn our stove to low heat pour in the liquid from our sticky rice & here is the left over It’s all just sticky rice & wheats We’re going to cook this syrup for about an hour until it’s thickened Then we can turn off the heat & let it cool slightly Be careful though, the syrup will get really thick, hard & sticky once it’s cooled so pour it into a glass container when it’s still warm If you like, you can even reduce it even a bit further to make it thicker Here you have it! You can use this kind of syrup for many sweets & desserts but I’m going to use it for my Peking duck so enjoy

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  1. Think you should add some hops in for a bit when boiling… Then add some yeast when it cools down to room temperature. Then siphon off the liquid when the fermentation stops. Put into bottles add a teaspoon of sugar to each bottle, cap and then drink after a few weeks…. 🙂

  2. So the stick rice….is that the stuff for sushi? And there's this Chinese rice gooey cake. I don't like that gelatinous thing though.

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