How to Make Super Juicy Chicken • Recipe

How to Make Super Juicy Chicken • Recipe

Hi I’m Colin, and I want to share with
you an easy way to get super juicy chicken on the grill but first I’ve got
to grab a drink. Alright so tonight we’re drinking good
old Miller Lite. This is actually my favorite beer. Sure I like all those
craft beers and some $10 Belgian beers but nine times out of ten when I reach for a beer I’m looking for something like Miller Lite. especially when I’m grilling and this is fitting cause we’re talking about grilling
tonight. Cheers. So getting super juicy chicken on the
grill can actually be kind of difficult because a lot of times the outside might
turn into a blackened hockey puck before the inside has a chance to come up to
temperature when you’re using propane. It can be a lot different than when you
cook with wood or charcoal, in a lot of different ways, but one of the big ones
is that wood and charcoal actually emit moisture in the air and your food,
whereas propane just sucks it out making it extra hard to get super juicy chicken.
All right so to show you how to get that super juicy chicken I’m gonna walk you
through a Miso Marinated Chicken recipe. I’ll share some tips along the way. Along
with that chicken I always serve a roasted corn and edamame salad and so I’ll walk
you through that today as well and I’ll put links to both recipes in the
description down below. so to get started on the chicken I usually make
the marinade about an hour before I’m ready to get grilling, and this one is
super yummy it’s got miso paste and sesame oil, garlic, ginger, red pepper
flake, it just smells so good as you’re preparing it and then I usually
refrigerate until I’m ready to grill. All right so I know that I’m using pre-minced garlic and that’s like this huge faux pas but it’s plenty flavorful and
it’s super easy so I’m gonna keep doing it, so don’t at me all right. So about a
half an hour before I’m ready to grill I soaked some woodchips I’m going to use
to make some smoke on the grill, and then I prepare the corn that’ll be for the
salad later. I don’t need to add salt or pepper or butter or anything because
they’re gonna end up getting seasoned as a salad later on. While everything was marinating I
prepared the secret weapon in getting the super juicy chicken, which is the
braising flui,d braising is the secret here so this just had chicken stock and
then all the same seasonings from the marinade but this time I added some
sambal oelek to it. When it was time to grill and went ahead
and started preheating the grill and I added my soaked wood chips to my super high-tech smoking vessel which is just an old soup can with some holes punched in the bottom. and if you place those directly over the flame they’ll start to
smoke and then you move them off flame later on and they’ll just keep smoking.
it adds a ton of smoke flavor, it’s wonderful. And then I added a pot of
water in the grill now remember I was talking about how propane sucks the
moisture out, I always have some kind of water or liquid going on the grill to
help introduce more moisture into the air then I added the braising fluid as
well to get it heating up. And now I realized that I didn’t need the pot of
water and the braising fluid, both are doing the same thing and that pot of
water is just taking up space but it’s what happened, so oh well. Once that grill
got nice and hot and the temperature gauge was all the way over as far as it
would go, I added the chicken and the corn to the
grill and at this point I was just really looking for a nice sear on the
outside of the chicken and then I was gonna pop it in the braising fluid. the
brazing fluid is so awesome because it removes the chicken from the direct
flame which will just keep drying it out and it puts it into a moisture rich
environment and that helps to decrease the toughness in the meat and make it
extra juicy inside and it interjects all that flavor right in there. And then we
just keep it in there until the chicken comes up to temperature and then we pull it out and let it rest. While the chicken rested I went on ahead and prepared the
roasted corn and edamame salad. And once that was done
voila dinner was served. The chicken turned out really juicy and flavorful
and that salad was the perfect complement. It’s a delicious spring or
summer meals, I make this meal way too much, it’s too good for me to resist so
this is only one way to get super juicy chicken I know a lot of people who will
use their gas grill and get a nice sear that chicken and then they’ll turn the
flame down to low or even cooking indirect and then it’ll allow it to get
super juicy or you know in cooking indirect any of charcoal grill as well.
My braising method is just super quick which is why I go with it and it helps
keep the chicken very flavorful with adding all that extra flavor from your
braising fluid. what’s really great is you can use this
technique with other recipes that you already have for your grill, you can just
use the same ingredients as your marinade or seasoning on your meat in
your braising fluid and sometimes you know I’ll cook brats in beer to braise
them and it turns out awesome! Go ahead and comment down below if you have any
other techniques that you love for getting super juicy chicken on the grill,
or if you have some awesome braising recipes I should try it out. Alright so
if you liked what you saw feel free to subscribe, I’m gonna post videos every
Wednesday and give me a like or a comment I’d love to hear from ya.
Until next time, Cheers.

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  1. I forgot to mention that you want to pull your chicken out at 160º F. That way while it rests for a few minutes it can come up to temp and won't go over! What are your favorite grilled chicken recipes?

  2. Colin – Do you get much of a smoke flavor placing your can of soaked chips on the grate? I've been experimenting on my little tabletop gas grill by placing a smoker box right on the burner & adjusting the flame. It produces a ton of smoke but burns off very quickly. I'm looking for a method that's less intense. Thanks!

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