How to Make White Rice in a Pot or Rice Cooker

How to Make White Rice in a Pot or Rice Cooker

Today i will show people how to make steam white rice two way to make is with a rice cooker one is with a pot see how much white rice you want you can only put 1/2 the white rice or less first you have to wash the white rice you fill it about an inch above the white rice you put it in the rice cooker rinse it and drain the water fill this up about 1″ we are going to put it on the stove you wait until its boiling it will take a while for it to boil you want to stir because you don’t want it to burn on the bottom make sure the white rice does not stick or burn on the bottom of the pot 15 minutes later make sure white rice on the bottom not stick and you keep stirring it until a little bit dryer its pretty good right now so after that you just keep stirring a little bit and thats the time to cover it up we put the cover on turn the heat 1/2 or lower just wait 15 – 20 minutes and the white rice will be ready its better to cook the rice a little bit longer make sure the heat is not too high after you cover it thats a tip we turn off the heat the white rice in the pot is ready you can see its ready the white rice is pretty loose in the pot and cooked just like that see the white rice is nicely cooked the rice cooker is ready its cooked the signal light has come on we scoop the white rice out to see how it looks like the rice cooker you get is much simple to cook the white rice so you don’t have to do of watching the time i’ll show you some of the rice its alot right here it looks pretty good

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  1. I love all your recipes but seeing you do this many could you PLEASE have this great Chef clip on a mic to his shirt for me to hear exactly what he's saying?

  2. Long grain rice will make a more fluffy rice like American rice. Short grain rice makes a more sticky rice like Japanese or sushi rice. Hard to eat long grain rice with chop sticks!

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