welcome to this video you must be wondering why I’m wearing blue grown well is because I’m about to do some surgery obviously oppress first step guide make sure you have a good meal crap container i got this an amazon is the fifth packer you can’t really read it but the open amazon has our top selling your craft containers they had its own 28 ounces of volume that this thing can hold and yep make sure you have a food scale guys because you want to measure your food know what you’re putting in your body so that you could track and lose the weight or gain weight depends what you’re going inside so basically guys mine goal in my fitness stages right now is to drop some weight i basically to press meals a day and the rest of the day I just make sure i’m in my allowance of calories are in my allowance of macro with the basics and creating your cries what you need is a meat doors and for me I got some stake here i’m going to wait out i’m just going to do for out-of-state this is pop star Lloyd I actually cooked it up in my you above is marinated it in some seven spice seasoning each individual item that about making manual crap i’m going to a recipe video some other time for alternates are so often state that’s the first step so how about for you are a little four-and-a-half onto that one of the five ounces come hungry some 15 ounces guys after all 5 office of steak that got on and weird when every tracking macrostate i would go whether the leanest percentage so for me this is a very nice take our to a ninety-five percent means success without plugging from the macros for officers of that next step is to find a card stores guide my carb sources some sweet potatoes these are actually Japanese potatoes that I baked in the oven what I like about baking potatoes is that there’s like a nice carmelization if you guys can see it right over there if you bake it with the skin on a frozen i trailed off the skin and then there’s that carbonization thing going on on this to put five ounces of sweet potato as my car source of five losses of sweet potato and the last ingredient guys to make a complete meal press meal is vegetables sautéed spinach for cabbage and some sauteed bean sprouts a little chicken stop oil and a little bit before Sabu mama perfect let me show you guys how simple and beautiful and clean this me look edgy carves protein or not to take off my gloves guys that was a simple video about how to make your own your prep this is a simple meal crap that I actually are on two of these a day generally I would one make this for breakfast and then after work i would eat another one for lunch and then for dinner i would just make appt snacks before dinner after dinner I cook something fresh something more calorie-rich of course bit this is only like 500 calories or less guys I was standing on 60 calories macros on the screen that’s my milk rap video guys i hope you guys enjoyed it going to start doing other random your preps and recipes and whatnot and all the other good stuff will make the time for it but i do hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys have any questions make sure to comment down below and make sure you guys are prepping your meals you don’t want the best results here’s a video about no prepping and what I liked email prep it’s just a heads up guys if you guys are following me my hashtag 250k challenge i’m actually waking up right now at 22 a 4.8 but that’s just today probably go ahead ER wait tomorrow but guys I am dropping wait to pound each week on average feeling great and it’s going according to plan so go team Jeff okay guys thank you very much for watching hope you guys enjoyed this video and yeah god bless the classy and peace


  1. 👍Terrific video. You're such an inspiration. I fell off the wagon (I usually do in the winter months 😩) but I getting back on track. Wishing you the best. 🤗💞🤗

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