How To Remove Kitchen Cabinets – updated – GardenFork

How To Remove Kitchen Cabinets – updated – GardenFork

– Hey, everyone. Welcome to Garden Fork. Today we’re in an empty apartment and the clients wanna
renovate their kitchen. So I’m gonna take the
kitchen apart for them. This is really quite simple to do. It doesn’t take long. You can get out some of your
aggression with it perhaps. But basically we’re gonna
take down the upper cabinets, we’re gonna take out the lower cabinets, we’re gonna take out
the stove and the sink. Then you’re done. Most cabinets are just
held in by drywall screws. If you open up the cabinet here, there’s screw across the top. Sometimes there are screws
across the bottom as well. You’d be surprised at what you will find when you take apart old kitchens as to how they put them up. Sometimes they just
drove them into drywall. But basically we’re gonna take these out to take the cabinet off. (drilling) Now, these upper cabinets, I threw this cabinet down here, because this thing’s gonna
fall off the wall, okay. Oh, and sometimes the cabinets are screwed together as well. So somewhere in here, (knocking) is a screw. There you go. It’s out. So we have to take out the range hood and it is hardwired into
your circuit breaker box. So turn on the light of the fan, go to your circuit breaker box and start turning stuff off. And now we’re gonna unwire this. So you’ve disconnected the wires which are kinda a pain to do and then the screws are
gonna be encrusted with dirt. (demolition noise) Nice, huh. So these are the wires for the range hood. Put these wire nuts back on there, so no one gets hurt. (drilling) (demolition noise) Oh, this one’s screwed in. (demolition noise) – [Cameraman] Impressive. – Hope they don’t (chuckles)
want to use this stove again? There you go. Next you gonna want to take out the stove. This a gas stove. There’s a flexible gas line behind here with a valve and you
want to pull this out, turn the valve off and
then disconnect the pipe. (grinding noise) There’s the valve. Turn that off. Right, this just pulls out, you slide it, (sliding sound) and put it out
for your appliance recycle. Counter tops are screwed from underneath inside the cabinets. So you gotta do some detective work, because whoever put this in, didn’t think like you and I, right? But I unscrewed everything. In theory this will slide right out. Except they put a screw
all the way in the back. (shuffling sound) Thank you, kitchen installer. (demolition noise) Liquid nails. (demolition noise) I pulled out the obvious screws. Oh, look, and it comes apart. These make great bases for
work benches in your shop. If you get a cheap door
from the home groom store, couple of cabinets, workbench. Boom. You’re done. Time to disconnect the
plumbing which is down here. Turn off those valves or move those pipes. Make sure your water is turned off. Here you go. Dishwashers are easy. Disconnect the supply
line and the drain line. There’s two little tannents here that screw up into the counter top. Take that out. And this comes right out in a perfect world. Some older dishwashers are hardwired into the bottom of the dishwasher here. Make sure the circuit
breaker is turned off before you disconnect this. The newer ones are just
plugged in somewhere. (demolition noise) (hammering) (demolition noise) (tiles breaking) (demolition noise) Very cathartic, this kinda work. This wasn’t the most
delicate way to get this cabinet off the plumbing, but it worked. (crushing noise) Hi. There you go. That’s how to take apart a kitchen. Make sure the electricity is turned off. Make sure your water is turned off. Be very careful on those things. If you’re not comfortable with that, get an electrician or
plumber to do that part. But taking that part apart is fine. Hammer, sledgehammer, crowbar, you. Alright, if you like
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other how to and DIY stuff. Right, So make it a great day. I’ll see you later.

30 thoughts on “How To Remove Kitchen Cabinets – updated – GardenFork

  1. No wonder your such a calm person. LOL. Looks like it would be a lot of fun to demo a kitchen, but the clean up is a bit of a chore. God Bless and take care.

  2. When in doubt, pry it out! LOL We installed a new dishwasher a few months ago and even though there's an outlet to plug it in under the cabinet, we had to do the wiring on the dishwasher itself to attach the plug to the dishwasher. We discovered this AFTER we already said "no" to the installation kit when we ordered the dishwasher, figuring we'd just use any hoses, etc. we already had. Didn't know we needed to be electricians. (eye roll) And then…I cut the cord too short, not allowing for slack to plug it in while the dishwasher is pulled out from the cabinet. It would've made a real funny video, I'm sure, if I had thought to get the camera out.

  3. I'm doing this solo this week and loved the explanation and the ability to reuse the cabinets! Thanks.

  4. What should you do if they are glued to the wall? I've taken all of screws out of a cupboard in my laundry room… it's still firmly attached to the wall. I don't want to have to fix my wall. :/

  5. YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER, SERIOUSLY!!!…Thank you for making this so simple to understand by being blunt, direct and honest. You ROCK bro!

  6. I could squeeze you! Thank you! I was looking at the cabinets wondering how to get them down. I knew it was a way! Your so cool. The way you explain it, I need a fun way. GREAT VIDEO

  7. My gas range has a coil of copper, not flexible. I found that out when I went to clean behind it for the first time. I must assume that when the range was replaced that the original copper tubing from 1965 (when the house was built) was not replaced with the flexible hose. The cabinets are original and I am just getting around to removing them (hence my attempts at finding out how to go about it). So far, I had already removed the screws they weren't drywall screws they were much loner and silver. I also scored all the calking, removed the doors, and gave the cabinet a good yank. They didn't budge, in fact they laughed at my girly attempts to get those things down without a hammer. So I retrieved a hammer and gave them a good whack or two. Nothing, they refused to move. I want to reuse them in the laundry room since they are made from actual wood and it would be a horrible waste not to salvage them in some way. Well At this point I am seriously considering a bottle of vodka and a pry bar to get those darn things off. Anyway, I thought someone might like to laugh at my utter inability to remove something as simple as a kitchen cabinet from the wall.

  8. So nice to see this being done by a person who actually knows the right way to remove cabinets , after years of home improvement shows that show kitchens being destroyed by idiots with sledge hammers .

  9. “Hope you don’t wanna use that stove again” 😆😆😆 this guy reminds me of Chip Gaines lol love it

  10. It might be worth mentioning that sometimes they are nailed into the wall… Which makes removing them a lot harder.

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