How to Replace a Kitchen Sink | This Old House

How to Replace a Kitchen Sink | This Old House

all right well if we're going to replace the sink there's a couple choices nowadays one is an under counter mount sink and that thing would sit underneath the counter and it would require a nice clean edge on the countertop now this is laminate here if I was to pull this sink out we would see nothing but raw particle board on this side so when under counter mount really can't work unless we change this whole countertop because there's kind of finished edge that's right so really the the obvious choice would be a call to self rimming sink a sink that would set down on top and come right down on here we could seal it with silicone caulking what's nice about this is that you have a deeper Bowl – okay I have disconnected all the water all the waste now what we're going to do is to push this sink up and out okay I'm gonna go underneath now you'll notice that I disconnected the basket strainer right here okay right so put your hand right in here so you can pull and I can push okay on the count of three we're gonna go straight up one two three coming boom okay go easy break now you got it straight up you're gonna disposer on you got hang on wait for me okay good work good work excellent alright set it right here okay and now we just got to disconnect this disposer and we can bring in the new sink all right excellent all right so just set it up and in okay careful just make it square that fits beautiful covers the opening oh oh look at this drain hole it's farther back and look at this it comes right where our trap is that means I'm gonna have to change all that piping back there oh boy okay that's snugged up I tell you I like to do as much pre assembly as I can up here that makes a lot of sense not a lot of room to work with down there yeah it's gotten smaller any kitchen sink lately for me all right so I've got the basket strainer installed we put a little bit of plumbers putty right here it's a good sealant between the sink and the basket strainer a little more of it up here this is just a little bit of insurance it's got a gasket already but I like using putty whenever I can can you hold that in place okay now we're just gonna cinch it up careful not to cross the threats okay just want to tighten it just enough over tighten it okay there's three of them you should see that putty stuff is out once we get it tight perfect well with all the work open this is a good time to think about change in the garbage disposal oh that last one was 20 years old all right so some of the steps start with putting some putty on this flange now we want what I want you to do is to push it through from that side and hold back against the sink all right all right I'll give it a push okay and now there's a batting order on this side here we go series of rings first second third and now the last is a snap ring and once I get that hole back against me okay here's the snap and now I tighten up these screws and cinch it up hey good job Tim but hold on one second once you go to the very back and do that first you don't have to lean over the work and get this all over your clothes good idea right okay now I want to set this sink and we want to be really careful I want you to hold this up I'm gonna go underneath I'm gonna catch it ready keep bringing it in now I'm gonna hold the weight of it let it come down to me okay you line it up exactly when it's right over the caulking look square everywhere look square perfect okay just make the electrical connections down here and we're ready to put the disposer in why not okay and we're good to go okay couple last things before I put the disposer up water comes from the sink and goes to the trap here but this is where the dishwasher discharge is going to come and there's a knock out in it just pass me a hammer would you okay I gotta just give that I'll just hold that ready okay now I have to make up my hot and call connections to my faucet okay so I've dry v all my new PVC work and now I just got to glue it all up and we're good to go okay what is back on ready to give it a try yeah what's great pull it out oh not cool alright hit the button switch it through spray hose it looks great thank you so much it was my pleasure

20 thoughts on “How to Replace a Kitchen Sink | This Old House

  1. Hmm, surprised at a few things he did….yanking a sink off laminate without first breaking the silicone seal around the rim is risky, He was lucky he didn't rip the laminate apart & had to buy the guy a new countertop. Didnt remove the disposal either…

  2. I prefer to put the silicone on the sink rim, then set the sink in place. I don't know what the professionals do, but that's always made less mess for me.

  3. I'm no genius, but if the disposal got disconnected before the old sink came out, it would of been easier.  Those disposals are heavy.

  4. I've a 50 year kitchen single sink tub.Similar to the one on this video with the metal strip around the tube.How would I measure for a new steel tub.? Do i measure from the metal strip ? And will the old wood break if I remove the old tub ?Measuring from the metal strip the height is 22" and the width is 25" will it be possible to find this size ?

  5. Do you not need to have clamps on a cast iron sink to pull it tight against the counter top like on the stainless steel sinks?

  6. I found SinkSEAL to be much easier to seal the sink perimeter than silicone. It can be found on Amazon and with SinkSEAL, there is no mess and you don't have to wait for anything to dry to use the sink. Check it out.

  7. Those traps are illegal..should've changed them out..i know it's a DIY show, but keep it up to code.

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