How to Replace a Small Kitchen | This Old House

How to Replace a Small Kitchen | This Old House

let's get started by removing this old stove to give us some room to work beautiful I'm going to turn off the hot and cold water and break the drain connections alright good under the dishwasher Tommy I'm just breaking the water the drain and the electrical yeah you ready yeah go alright now we are got to replace these countertops but you're gonna save these cabinets yeah we're gonna paint these eventually alright nice light color in here will really make a big difference dad I'm ready to go let's pull it out alright right out the front door with a gang all right Kelly we are all cleaned up and now it's time for our countertops now before the countertops are made there's actually a template that has to be made of this area now for years we would cut thin strips of plywood and use a hot glue gun and go around the perimeter of the space and that would create a template we would then take that template and lay it on the materials in cut our countertop but we using a different system for your job two weeks ago the contact company came out here and did a digital system Jerry and Brandon are from the countertop company hey guys how you doing well what we did was we came out and we used this tape we laid it all across the countertops and the walls they take a digital camera and they can take pictures of the tape take it back to the shop take the memory card out of the camera put it in the computer and use it in the CAD system to actually get the dimensions of the kitchen I mean how are you here yeah within 1/16 of an inch sixteenth of an inch I think we can live with that all right Oh Kelly here comes the first section of your new countertop it's made of polyesters and resins it's a solid surface and you picked out a nice color the countertop is secured to the cabinets using dabs of silicone the dabs of silicone allow the countertop and the cabinets to expand and contract separately now we just drop the countertop into place now we're going to put these Pony clamps on and align the seam up we're not worrying about the excess epoxy losing out of the joint we're going to sand it off when it's dry in addition to the Pony clamps I like to use this back in clamp system it's faster it's easier and it does the same job of drawing the seam together leveling it up now the vacuum pump pulls the clamps tightened countertop once they're adhered to the countertop Brendan turns the clamps and it pulls the two pieces together we're gonna use the same material for the backsplash as we did for the countertop there's only three pieces and all one for each wall let's seal between the backsplash and the countertop it's a lot of water we're going to reconnect our hot and cold water supply lines now it's time to connect the disposal hots on : next thing is to install the hood fan I'm going to mount it to the underside of the cabinet and I need to hardwire it all right now we're going to do the hot alright now it's time for the dishwasher and there are three connections to be made to any dishwasher one is the water supply it's going to come in right to here and that is a copper line that's been roughed in at this point and there's a compression connection a nut and a brass ring called a ferrule and this nut will compress that ferrule down to make a nice tight connection now the drain connection has a rubber hose with a stainless steel clamp and that's going to connect right here to the discharge pump on the dishwasher and the final connection is the electrical this wire will run up to this junction point right here and make the final connections with wire nuts now we need to just put into place level it and secure it good all right your electric range is plugged in how's it look yeah it looks great five burners and two ovens good

23 thoughts on “How to Replace a Small Kitchen | This Old House

  1. Whoever designed that kitchen must love wasting space. All that space in the corner behind the dishwasher, and the space above the cabinets is gone to waste.

  2. These "This Old House" video clips are shorter than the ads that precede them, glossing over the details (at best) and steps involved in the transformation.

  3. This kitchen does not look better or worse. I feel like they intentionally made this very low budget because they usually go the extra mile in white people's hoes. That should tell you something.

  4. I would have just to replace my whole kitchen with new floors new cabinets counter tops and appliances and to make them look modern

  5. Okay slightly worth watching but really this video should be entitled how to remove a couple old appliances from a kitchen and sweep the floor and take out the old countertops and then stand and watch as somebody else like installs new ones. I mean this is in no way about replacing a whole kitchen.

  6. I'm all for having the homeowner help out with the labor of demo, but I'm surprised that no one insisted that she wear eye protection, gloves, and decent work shoes.

  7. title of clip is a bit misleading.  I was expecting the small kitchen to be replaced with something larger.

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