9 thoughts on “How We Made It: McDonald’s McFlurry | Uber Eats

  1. Did you know that the McFlurry is a Canadian invention? Learn about how McDonald's made it and how they develop all their delicious flavors.

  2. I just think it’s unfair that we only get McFlurrys that our only available in your country. Like, I’d like to try the dulce one! And I’m from London. Shouldn’t there be an international menu lol

  3. I’ve tried McFlurries three times, but I won’t try anymore. They are not like this video. The first one was just soft serve with some mini M&M’s put on top. The last two, Oreo and mini M&M’s, it was stirred a bit but again was mostly soft serve with small amount of Oreo crumbles and mini M&M’s. For me personally, it was a let down, a joke and I’m done.

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