HUGE BBQ SEAFOOD FEAST in Malaysia- BEST IKAN BAKAR PERLIS FOOD | Food and Travel Channel | Malaysia

HUGE BBQ SEAFOOD FEAST in Malaysia- BEST IKAN BAKAR PERLIS FOOD | Food and Travel Channel | Malaysia

Ikan bakar or barbecue seafood is
incredibly popular in Malaysia, we’re in the north of peninsular Malaysia and you
have got to check out the barbecues at this restaurant where they cook the
delicious seafood that we’re going to feast on tonight, I’m Thomas and I’m
Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! we’ve come to Restaurant Api Api which is situated right on the Perlis river and we’ve heard it’s a locals favourite and there’s a huge spread
of seafood so let’s go and choose them stuff and get eating. There are these huge
bins of seafood, there’s crab, squid, blood cockles, clams all sorts and you don’t have to buy a huge amount you can just buy as much as you wish so a couple of prawns here a, a couple of squid there and just create this entire seafood feast for yourselves our seafood feast has arrived and it all looks mouth-watering, let me talk you through what we ordered, we have got some clams
otherwise known as a lala and they’ve been cooked in ginger there’s some
chilli, spring onion and white onion in there as well, we then ordered squid done two ways so the first done on the barbecue so
that’s nicely charred and then the second just lightly floured and then
chucked into the deep fryer we then got some prawns they’ve also
been done on the barbecue and we also got some crab, that’s been cooked in
butter and it’s also been deep-fried and we’ve got some veggies to
go along with all the seafood we got some petai which are stink beans they
were chucked on the barbecue as well and then we’ve got some salted fish gai lan
or Chinese broccoli and that’s just been stir-fried, we’ve got rice to go with it
all, a little bit of salad and then most importantly the dipping sauce which is
sambal belacan which is a fermented shrimp chilli condiment and that’s for dipping that ikan bakar or grilled seafood into. This is a nuts spread of
seafood it looks so good and it’s been so cool watching them make things on
the grill up the front just spectacular and the smell coming off, you’ve got that
thick smoke pouring off the barbecues unbelievable so spectacular but we’ve
got to eat it, and this dish here this crumbed deep-fried squid or sotong is
being ordered by everyone so I’m gonna dive in and try this first, it came with
this sauce so it’s quite a runny sauce I can see some chilli in there, maybe some
shallots I’m not really sure anyway let’s just dunk it, so you can see it’s quite
runny get that down the hatch that is amazing, I can see why everyone
has it on their table the batter is so so light and in fact it might just be
flour so the squid would obviously have been wet and so they’ve just put flour
on and deep fried it I think, now we’ve also got the two types of squid as Sheena
talked about, we have this bakar style so that has gone on the grill, it was
put into a cage and then put on the grill, they were fanning it so I’m gonna try
these back-to-back I’ll grab some gai lan or the Chinese
broccoli to go with that, so it looks like we’ve got fried shallots on top, there’s
some nice big chilli pieces, obviously the the gail lan itself, the green, looks like some
onion in there and then just a nice sauce and I think that has salted fish
in there as well, let’s grab a piece of the squid so I’ve ripped that off you
can see it’s been cut into little rings and you can see all that beautiful char on
it, I want to try that by itself but this needs to go into the sambal belacan so
this is a sambal made with fermented shrimp so it’s quite a runny like
sambal but then in there you can see there’s tomato actually, there’s chillies, there’s shallots, all sorts going on, so
lets just dunk that in there and now this could be quite spicy let’s see oh my god, the flavour, the barbecue flavour, wow it’s made the squid go sweet almost like it’s wow, it’s a little bit chewy but it’s still very tender, of the flavour off that
barbecue, I was chatting to the guy up on the grill and he was saying because they
use coconut husk it gives it a real flavour and wow that is such a strong
smoky flavour but I’m gonna rip a bit more of this squid off because it’s got
flavours there that I can’t actually quite pick, let’s just get a little bit of squid but I won’t put the sambal on this little
bite, oh it’s been basted with something definitely turmeric there’s a little
tiny bit of sort of sweetness in there that is crazy good, so good,
lets try some of these veggies while, while I’m at it so I’ve got some some rice
got the gai lan, mmm-hmm that salted fish flavour is
really strong, let’s just grab a little bit of the sauce that’s in, by itself
hmm the sauce has a very strong saltiness to it, that’s really good so that’s I mean
that’s a pretty basic dish but it is much more bold because of the salted
fish then a dish like that normally would be but that goes super well with
the rice of course and then with the squid oh man there’s so much more to try this is such an exciting meal it’s so
good. I’ve got to get into this food my mouth was watering while I was filming
Thomas so I’ve got this deep fried crab here and it’s been cooked in butter so
the crabs literally just been whacked in half and then coated in this batter then deep-fried then coated in this butter sauce and it’s also got some
spring onions, some chilli, some red onions I’m just gonna get into with my hands
because there’s just no other way to eat crab than with your hands let’s give this
a go mmm mmm mmmm that butter flavour is so strong and that crab has been cooked to perfection it’s so soft, the meat just flakes off
look at that, wow, I’m gonna eat that bit of meat right there, it’s so fresh, so
sweet, what’s really great about this restaurant is that you can opt for your
seafood to be cooked in different ways, so different sauces, cooked on the
grill or just poached, it’s really neat next up this prawn is calling my name so
this one has just been cooked on the barbecue so over those coconut husks and
charcoal and it is just glistening with that marinade that they’ve basted it with, so
they’ve split the shell to make it easier for peeling so I’m just gonna
actually whip that off actually what I might do is just give that prawn shell a bit
of a suck to see what the flavour’s like hmm like Thomas said it’s really
smoky, you can taste that tumeric but it is quite sweet god that’s good
alright I’m gonna save that head because I love sucking the head juices out of
prawns and just give that big piece of meat a bite, mm mmm mmm wow sometimes I find that
pawns cooked on a barbeque can be overdone so they turn out to be really
chewy these have been whisked off at exactly
the right moment, they’re really tender still but they really have been infused
with that smokiness from the barbecue and that sweet tumeric marinade is to die for, wow! These here are petai or stink beans and I’ve never had them like this
before so just cooked over the grill so let’s get into them you’ve got to rip
them open so they’re like in little pods, come out like that and then they
have a skin so make sure that you remove that because otherwise it can be really
bitter, so I’ve peeled that gray skin off that stink bean and I’m just gonna dip it in
the sambal belacan and pop it in my gob, mmm it’s really crunchy,
really crisp and the flavour just sort of envelopes your mouth it’s really
really unusual in flavour it’s almost bitter but it doesn’t
actually stink like its name suggests they say that the stink
arrives when you go to the loo in the morning and you pee, but I’ve got to get
back to this prawn head so I’m gonna give it a huge crunch, there’s all these
like head oils of the prawn in there hopefully so let’s go for it, mmmm mmmm so juicy, that is
seriously one of my favourite bits of the prawn, crunching on that head, so good time to try these lala or clams so these are cooked in ginger but there’s
big bits of onion, there’s these big bits of chilli, so there’s all sorts going on
there they have a very strong ginger smell, you can see these beautiful shells
of all these lines and then there’s the little clam inside so let’s just grab
them you know what I’m gonna go with my hand it’s gonna be a lot easier so I grabbed
a little bit of clam meat we’ve got the onions and let’s grab this big bit of
chilli as well, mmm the ginger flavour is actually not that strong, it smells
stronger than it tastes whoa that chilli is much much spicier or
hotter than I was expecting I thought because it’s so big I mean, look how big
these pieces are, I was expecting it to just be quite sweet but it’s got a real
spice going on, let’s grab another lala I’m just going to try them by
themselves just to see how, how they taste I love these things, absolutely love them
and this is a great way to do them, the onions are very sweet so you’ve got a
lot of sweetness and crunch from the onions, the lala have that beautiful
clammy seafood flavour, that chilli is still burning so that adds a beautiful
spice that’s really good this whole meal is incredible I think
we’re now sort of eaten everything on the table and just sitting here, the
river which is right behind me the fishing boats are just there, you can see
why and how this is all so fresh and then there’s these dishes like Sheena
tried these giant prawns which I can’t wait to rip into, look how big they are,
unreal all that beautiful burntness from the barbecues, it is amazing up the
front watching those grills, seeming him fanning the fire, the flames are just
jumping off, the smoke’s pouring out across the road they’re putting more and more
fish on there, people are starting to pour into this restaurant now, it’s just
on dusk, the locals are arriving in their droves and we can see why, this is
amazing, let’s just, since I’m holding this prawn, let’s rip this shell up and see what it’s like, wow it’s so fleshy, so fleshy, look
at that big piece it almost looks like lobster it’s so big, we’ll dunk it in the
sambal belacan wow that’s so good, it’s very sweet
that’s beautiful meat and that is cooked like Sheena said to perfection,
it’s not chewy at all, it’s not dry at all that is such a good prawn I’m gonna go
out on a limb straightaway and say that’s the best prawn I’ve ever eaten this meal is incredible we’re diving in now with our hands to just really get
all the flavours, devouring all of it, it is so good, Sheena’s on the watch out because there’s a cat trying to get up on the
table so we’re trying to not let that guy get up to get our food, it’s not taking our seafood! what a meal that was so good and look how spectacular the cooking is, that’s
all going on behind us, so good, remember to hit subscribe because we’re traveling
all over peninsular Malaysia we’re doing a huge food road trip so there is going
to be so much good food coming up we can’t wait to explore more, remember to give the video a huge thumbs up if you enjoyed it, thank you so much for
watching, we’ll see you next time jumpa lagi, jumpa lagi!

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