HUGE Pile of Dishes KITCHEN CLEANING Motivation // Cleaning Mom

HUGE Pile of Dishes KITCHEN CLEANING Motivation // Cleaning Mom

Hey guys! It’s Jana! And today we have got
to clean this kitchen I know there is a sink in here somewhere but I cannot see it right now I don’t think I’ve ever had this many dishes sitting in the kitchen oh my gosh I guess I let it go for a little too long yeah so there’s dirty dishes in the sink I think that’s a sink and then there is clean dishes in the dishwasher so I got to empty those out get this place totally cleaned up probably sweep and mop all that stuff
because kitchen is nasty so I hope this motivates you to get your nasty kitchen
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down below let’s clean up our kitchen today yeah we ran out of dishes I would like to start off with any clean dishes I have on my drawing mats I love these drying mats they are very nice-looking and they are functional so now we empty the dishwasher all these dishes I wish that all the dishes would actually come out completely dry but of course they don’t so we always have to dry off a little bit got to match up all my lids to my Tupperware I love that I got rid of all the plastic storage and I got all the glass oh my gosh it has made such a difference it looks so much nicer cleans up so much nicer is easier to cook with everything when I rearranged the kitchen I put everything that we use on a daily basis in this one cabinet so it makes it
really really easy to put everything away these storage cubes are perfect for the
kids lunches it has a cubby for a sandwich and two other cubbies for sides I usually do like a chip and a fruit it works out perfectly so I really like those so I’ll link those down below onto all of the dishes there’s not even any room to put these before I rinse them and yes I always rinse my dishes I attempted to not rinse my dishes one time I did a whole video about it on why I rinse my dishes first because sometimes I could ask that question and about 10% of those dishes did not come out clean when I ran that test I didn’t rinse anything and I just put it in the dishwasher and yeah about 10 percent was still dirty so I still rinse it just I don’t know makes me feel better so pretty much my dishwasher is a dish sanitizer I’m not using soap or anything so it’s just water getting all the muck off I made mashed potatoes in the instant
pot last night so they got a little stuck on there because I didn’t rinse it right away so I got to scrub this down a little bit now to fill up the dishwasher again I’m pretty sure it’ll totally fill up with all of these dishes and I’ll have to run it again I like sorting out my silverware because
it just makes it a lot easier when putting it away and if you look at my sweater of course I got myself all wet it’s too many dishes to not get wet I suppose yep it is full enough for a full load so I’m going to get this dishwasher started and I will just empty that later now we’re going to do the hand washing all those metal cups and stuff you just
can’t put them in the dishwasher so hand washing more dishes behind me always check
behind you it always ends up being a big surprise that there’s dishes behind you after you think you’re already done that’s the worst my hand does not fit into this cup I
have to like put the sponge in there and like just toss it around and hopefully it gets good clean enough because yeah I can’t reach in there take a look around make sure you don’t
have any more dishes and yes goal met after all the dishes are done I always like to wipe down the countertops get all the excess water off a lot of people forget to clean out their microwave it’s always easier if you do it more often
so less stuff gets cooked on there we love having candles lit in the house
it just makes everything smell so good and the kids school actually has fundraiser every year for there Yankee Candles so we always stock up big time got the stainless steel cleaner I’m going
to clean my appliances and guess what guys I’ve never got any comments but have you ever noticed that my oven and microwave do not match the fridge and dishwasher yeah so we’ve kind of piecemealed the appliances because you know, they’re pretty expensive to go all at once but we just ordered a new
microwave and oven so I’m really excited so that should be coming soon I think in
like a couple weeks or something I’m not quite sure I’m really excited because
now they’re all gonna match and we saved like $500 because we
took advantage of the Thanksgiving sale so yeah that’s some good savings now I’m just gonna use the stone cleaner
I like this stuff it makes it so shiny look at the like mirror on that counter top it
is so awesome it works really really well now I’m gonna shake out this rug and get
the floors totally cleaned I am lovin my cordless vacuum it makes
vacuuming up so much easier I really didn’t think that going cordless would
make that huge of a difference but it really does it’s just so easy to whip
out the vacuum and just go zoom zoom wherever I need to go it’s just great and this is my magic potion for my floor
cleaner so I use half vinegar maybe about five or six drops of lemongrass and
water and it cleans really really well and very very fast and I just love this spray mop because you know, you can just refill it you’re not buying anything else and you just wash the pad yes I put my chairs and everything back
onto the wet floor ain’t nobody got time for that I’m not just gonna sit around I got more stuff to do so moving on I do however wait for the floor to dry
before I put my rug down I don’t want that to get all moldy or stinky or
sticky or anything so I always wait I do have time for that after that’s all done I do like to
vacuum the top of the rug just to get any other crummy bummies that maybe
didn’t fall off while I was shaking it out alright guys the kitchen is officially clean oh my gosh that took a very long time but so much stuff so we got an empty sink, shiny countertops shiny appliances, the dishwasher is going and the floors are clean so yeah everything got done time to chill now so let me know if we are cleaning buddies today go ahead and hit subscribe
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34 thoughts on “HUGE Pile of Dishes KITCHEN CLEANING Motivation // Cleaning Mom

  1. Bom dia Jana
    Estou anciosa para ver sua decoração de natal .
    É sempre tão linda 💖💖💖💖😍😍🥰🥰

  2. Hi, Jana. Washing dishes can be a bit of a problem sometime. If you came across some cartoon mice, which ones would be friendly?

  3. I rinse my dishes too, but I usually run my dishwasher once or twice a week, can't imagine having gunk sitting in on my dishes for days in a closed metal box. I use the one hour wash cycle since I am basically using the dishwasher as a dish sanitizer.

  4. Hi Jana! We've been so busy but still watching! You always clean up so well and work so hard! Can I borrow some of your energy?!😊 See you next time 💙

  5. Como vc trabalha, aqui em casa sou do mesmo jeito, todo dia tem uma carrada de louças p lavar. Não gosto de ter empregada, sou eu e minha filha, já tive empregada mais ñ tenho mais. Sucesso p vc.

  6. For years, all I had to do was scrape the chunks of food off my dishes. Now that my dishwasher has entered it's teen years, I get the food chunks and rinse all the dishes with hot water. Beats the cost of a new dishwasher.

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