100 thoughts on “HUGE Vietnamese Street Food Tour in Hanoi, Vietnam! UNBELIEVABLE Street Food in VIETNAM

  1. I was home sick today. I did a food ranger Marathon- and then I went out to get a delicious bowl of pho. This is amazing when you’re sick. God Bless those Vietnamese!

  2. Great Video. Quick question – we are heading to Vietnam and Thailand from the US soon. Our travel medicine people told us not to eat street food, don't drink the water, or eat anything dairy. Are they just being too cautious? I see you (and many others) eating everything. What's your opinion? (or anyone else who has been to the region). Thanks.

  3. yo fam, I love watching your videos man ! Keep it up. Banh Xeo is my favorite dish, but I never had it the way you tried it. Wrapped in rice paper and dipped into nhuc mam, so I gotta that way now.

  4. Hello trevor, Food Ranger and good morning Hanoi, greeting from Los Angeles. Amazing , mouth watering delicious foods.

  5. Guy gives the fakest reactions. You can see how the reactions run inconsistent with the ratings and the ratings of other reactions.

  6. Philippines also have that dessert thing with condensed milk, it is called halo-halo here. I’m so happy learning other cultures and food with your vlogs. I hope you’ll visit Philippines too someday. We have a variety of food here too and you’re much welcome. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

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  8. Hi there was it safe to drink the coffee with the ice cubes ????? I thought do not drink water and how do you know how ice was made

  9. North Vietnamese foods are very unique because they relied on lots of vegetables and meat. Personally, I enjoy their Pho & Bun Cha. They are very good foods.

  10. don't spend 9-10$ everyday grapping a pizza. Travel to Vietnam and triple your portion with light, delicious and cheap food!

  11. Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but the reason why those people r probably laughing is because of how you say thank you. You say em which usually refers to a younger person. The lady is probably your mom’s age 😄. Thanks for the video.

  12. Nước= Water is the quintessential of VN dish. It'd be Dipping Sauce (Nước chấm or Broth (nước dùng, Nth dialect) also Broth= Nước lèo (Sth dialect). All of these Nước will make or break a dish.
    Make sure you dip well or in some cases to soak anything into dipping sauce like Bún Chả, or Papaya Salad. Notice an array of Nước as Drinks. We, VNmese, We say Nước Viet Nam,
    so Nước = Nation in this case. Nước is the whole world to the Viets

  13. 4 đĩa : bún – Rau – Nước chấm – Thịt nướng .
    Người Hà Nội lười rửa bát lên gộp nước mắm & Thịt vào 1 , ăn ko ngon . Hải Phòng ngon hơn ….

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