100 thoughts on “HUGE Vietnamese Street Food Tour NORTH to SOUTH | BEST Street food in Vietnam 2017 | DANANG

  1. đà nẵng thành phố tươi sạch đẹp nơi tôi ở rất cảm ơn bạn đã đến,chúng tôi rất hãnh diện khi thành phố của tôi trên video của bạn

  2. The second dish is not bún mắm.. Where's the broth? Where's the eggplant? and so on… Sorry Summer but you introduced a totally different dish here.
    From what I saw, the accurate name of the dish is "bún mắm nêm"

  3. What a great life u have, Trevor. Not everyone gets to experience all the flavours of the world. Stay blessed.

  4. First dish was 8 cents… Wow, you could eat like a king there. Bowls of Pho for like 50 to 200 cents…. Amazing….

  5. Just jumped on your wagon great video bro, alot of my channels are Canadian even though I'm a Californian. Keep rocking those food vids. Aloha&Mahalo Duke.🏄

  6. lol 😂😂 I get banh canh almost every day, but I usually will have it in the morning for breakfast (I think that's the best time in the day to have that soup) and I also get banh canh with pork meatballs and they're really tasty that or it's with Cá Lóc (snakehead fish); I don't really care for anything else in my banh canh neither anything in a banh canh ruong, (but that fish cakes looks good). And Helena is wrong that isn't beef sausage that is pork sausage and it's called cha lua (the one that is wrapped in a banana leaf)…

  7. Can u review the food in vietnam at Hồ Chí Minh city …i tkink that will make u happy and surprise ……

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  9. I love your videos so much, but dude, my man, lose that phony accent. It is so off putting…I liked you so much more before you started the bs..

  10. u also have to introduce good sight seeing, it will be also really good for us, not only for the eating show, we saw a lots of eating show so its not meaningful much for us just going to good famous sites will be more meaningful sometimes, anyhow ur eating show is very attractive , i second experienced a lots of things from ur clips and  felt i also want to have same kind of travel but i am still poor and hope that i can be like u someday.

  11. I had the Bon mem from that place today and it was so bloody nice. I am in Dan nang to eat even more. I would like to know all the street sellers so I can go all on this video

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