I Can’t Stop Eating My Hair!

I Can’t Stop Eating My Hair!

Hi, I’m Anna. From the title I bet you can
tell what the story is going to be about. Think it’s a joke or think i’m
exaggerating? A lot of people do. Unfortunately, for me
this isn’t a joke or an exaggeration. I really can’t stop eating my own hair. Let
me explain. It all started at the end of last summer. I’d always been one of those
high-strung kids; the littlest things could set me off, get me crying, and just
melting down. It’s not that I was weird or anything, just anxious I guess… And
then we moved. I think that was a turning point. I missed all my friends more than
I expected, and i felt like a total outsider at
school. I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t know any teachers, nobody was really
friendly to me, and I couldn’t even find my way around the school. I mean the new
school was just huge and intimidating. And went all the way up to 12th grade, so
it was just unnerving. I spent most of my lunch breaks doing homework alone in the
library, or wandering around the fields with my headphones in listening to music.
In hindsight, I guess, I never really tried to get to know anyone or make any
friends. I don’t know… maybe I just assumed that nobody would like me, so I
never bothered trying. But soon I realized that just being around people
started to make me feel nervous. I mean just sitting in the classroom with the
other kids around made me feel itchy like I just wanted to jump out of my
seat. It was in one of these classes that I first noticed myself chewing on the
end of my ponytail. I hadn’t even noticed that I had put it in my mouth, but now I was absentmindedly gnawing on it and swirling my tongue around the wet tip. I
yanked it out of my mouth and looked around nervously to make sure no one had
seen me. Aanyone who saw that would think I was weird for sure. Fortunately
everyone was still focused on the teacher, so I sat up straight and focused
too. No big deal. Until the next time it happened… I kept finding myself chewing
on the end of my ponytail -in class, in the car, even at home when I was doing
homework, or more accurately stressing out about homework. What was wrong with
me? I started winding my hair up into a bun, so that I couldn’t play with it, but
somehow- without even noticing- I’d reach up and untwirl it, and my hair would go
right back into my mouth again. What was going on? I tried really hard not to do
my hair in front of anyone, but when I was alone in my room I just couldn’t
stop myself. Actually, it was kind of relaxing. Crunching my hair between my
teeth calmed me down, and helped me relieve my stress. School was still awful
and now I was even getting into trouble for chewing gum during class. But can you
blame me? I mean at least it was better than chewing on my hair in front of
everyone! And that’s what my life became. Walking alone, lunch alone, do my homework
alone, panicking alone, and yes …chewing on my hair. It wasn’t just my hair, though. I
wouldn’t chew my hair in front of people, but I couldn’t stop myself from chewing
on my fingernails. Pretty soon, I had bitten them down to these tiny little
nubs. My hands looked so disgusting that I got into the habit of keeping them
balled into tight fists all the time, so that people wouldn’t notice them. I even
held my pen all weird so that the tips of my fingers were out of sight. A couple of
weeks ago I was in the living room watching TV with my family, and I started
thinking about school. Wwe had to work on a group assignment, and the teacher had
to actually assign me a group, because I didn’t have any friends. I just started
thinking, and thinking about how it was so embarrassing… all the other kids
probably thought I was such a freak… The girl with no friends… what if they didn’t
tell me when they were meeting up to work on the assignment and I got a D… My
grades already weren’t good as it was… “ANNA” Mom’s voice cut through my frantic
thoughts. “What???” I answered looking up at her. Why was my voice so strange and
muffled? Oh no! I’ve been chewing on my hair without even thinking about it.
“When did you start chewing on your hair? That’s a bad habit!”
she said frowning. She came over and looked at the tip of
my ponytail. “Your poor hair! You must have chewed a couple of inches
off . It’s so ragged.” I look down at the ground, feeling ugly and ashamed. “I’m…
sorry!” “And – oh, Anna, your poor hands! How have I
not noticed this?” I bawled my hands up into their usual fists, but mom reached
out and grabbed them looking at the red swollen tips of my fingers, and the scabs
around my fingernails. “I’m sorry’ I said even quieter, feeling tears start to perk
at the corners of my eyes guys. “Can you excuse us for a minute?” Mom asked softly
and my Dad and brother immediately bolted to the kitchen. Mum sat down next
to me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders. “Oh baby,
can you please tell me what’s going on? Why are you doing this to yourself?” By
this point I was full-on sobbing- tears snot and all. Mom rubbed my back like she
used to when I was a little kid, until I was ready to talk. “I don’t know! I didn’t
even mean to start doing it! I swear! It just started happening after we moved
And then… I don’t know, I didn’t mean to but I couldn’t stop and… it it makes me
feel better. I don’t even know why. “What’s going on at school? Is someone bullying
you?” “No, nobody’s bullying me. But I’m scared they might. I guess I was just
intimidated or something when we moved, and I was scared everybody was gonna
think I was weird and that nobody would be my friend, so I didn’t even try. I
never even talked to anyone.” Once I started I couldn’t stop. The words from
tumbling out. “I can’t sleep, I don’t want to eat, it’s so hard to finish homework-”
“Anna, Anna darling! It’s okay! I went through something similar when I was
your age feeling really anxious all the time. There are ways to help you, I
promise!” How about you take the day off school
tomorrow, and we can start sorting this out?” The following day with my mum was
the first truly good day I had had in months. She took me to an old-fashioned
diner for curly fries and sundaes, and then she took me to the doctor. She knew
I was nervous, so she held my hand the whole way in, and
explained what we were going to do. “You don’t have to say anything.” she said “I
can explain it all to the doctor.” I actually gathered up the courage to
explain a little bit of it myself, but it was mostly Mom. She told the doctor about
how anxious I was feeling, and the hair chewing, and she got me to show my poor
fingers. I was half scared that the doctor would laugh at me, but she was
actually really nice. She prescribed me some antibiotic cream, and moisturizer
for my fingers, and suggested that I wear soft cotton gloves at night, so they had
a chance to heal. She said that she thought I had developed an anxiety
disorder from the stress of moving, and changing schools, and that I had
developed what she called “tics” to cope, like chewing my hair. She prescribed a
little mini dose of medication to see if that would help my anxiety, and she
referred me to a therapist to talk to who could teach me some coping
strategies. I’ve only had a couple appointments, but it’s been really good.
She’s teaching me some meditation techniques that I can use when I start
to feel the anxiety coming on, things like deep breathing and focusing on my
toes, then my calves then my knees, then my thighs…
She made me practice the technique right there in her office and she was right, it
really did calm me down. I still eat my hair ,but the meds are
helping, so I’m not doing it as much, and my nails are growing back. I see the
therapist every week and she really thinks I’m progressing. In fact, she’s
even helping me get the courage to say hi to more people at school, and make an
effort to fit in. There are a couple girls I sit with at lunch now and
they’re really nice. I think they’ll be my first friends at the school, and I
can’t wait to get to know them better. Do I still get anxious sometimes? Yeah, I do.
I think it’s in my nature, I’m just more worried than most people around me. But
that’s fine, I’m just so thankful for my Mom, and how she didn’t make me feel like
a weirdo- just listened and understood. Now I know everything’s gonna be okay.
And what about you? Have you ever struggled with anxiety or a bad habit
like biting your nails? Let me know in the comments below.
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100 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Eating My Hair!

  1. I kinda used to that when I was little. It’s due to my anxiety, long story short I got help with it and I’m doing great rn. Despite I still have anxiety I don’t eat or chew my hair anymore

  2. sigh Sometimes I pull out my hair, and I do a few other things when I feel really anxious. I’m getting counselling though, so I’m glad to hear she’s seeing a therapist ☺️
    Thanks for the story! 💛

  3. Yes I still bite my fingernails and now it looks so ugly I'm trying to stop but I can't so I am going to try to do what you sead if I can

  4. well, 2 years ago i have the same problem. but i kept pull my hair and chew it and then throw it and my friend got shock cause my hair kept lesser. well, im okay now.

  5. I was just like that all through school. But I got bullied a lot and it didn't help that my parents use to compare me to my three brothers all the flipping time either. I was always worried about going to school and coming back home to hear crap about why i can't be more like my brothers. First off I'm not my brothers, I'm my own person. After I finally graduate school, I stopped biting my hair. I still to this day bit my nails, especially when I get really upset and when I worry a lot about thing's. And sometimes I can be watching TV and after awhile I realize I'm biting my nails and then I stop. I guess it's just a really bad habit. I think I started biting my nails more after I found out that I have Diabetes and I also have Lupus.

  6. I can't stop chewing on the inside of my mouth. some times I lie in bed feeling so ashamed about how bad or how hard I bit. that doesn't stop me from chewing, I keep this a secret from every one, even my parents. it feels good to finally share my problem with some won else that has problems. can you give me some advise on how to stay strong? I also feel ashamed of something I did on Tuesday, I am only 9 years old and I got a nose piercing. every one stares at me in the hall ways and now, I feel stupid for getting one in the first place.

  7. Yes actually, I have anxiety. I don't know for what. I get anxious talking to new people face to face. Even though I'm pretty social! I like to be alone at school even though my friends surround me. In places like the bus or something or really social places I sometimes start panicking. I'm in the bus now and am actually panicking. So yes I have anxiety and I understand what you're going through!

  8. um i am just spooked because in Virginia there is a school that I go to called exactly Robinson secondary school that i go to

  9. I can relate to this… I do a lot of weird things when Im really anxious… Like pulling out small portions of my hair… And other stuff… Love this story.

  10. I pray she gets the help she needs from her therapist. I know what this is like. I chew the side of my cheeks (used to do it a lot more until I was on meds). I know what it’s like to have crippling anxiety. One time, it was so bad I didn’t leave my house in two years. I had to hire a dog walker because the thought of stepping out of my home was frightening to me. One time, I was afraid to eat past midnight. Then 11, then 10, then 5pm. I usually stayed up all night, and I would wake up at 1. I only had a four hour window, and I’m always slightly nauseated when I wake up (I still am). So I really had a 2 hour window, I got down to 85 pounds at 5’5”. First time I ever saw my mom cry.

  11. I have a bad habit of biting my nail and pulling my hair, not to the point where I pull my hair out but I will occasionally bite tiny pieces of it out. It’s not noticeable though. (My nails are noticeable but not horrible

  12. I do the same thing i used to chew my hair but i some how i stop i guess it was beacause my mom threatened to cut my hair and i really dont like ppl with sharp objects behind me. I still chew on my nails. Im trying to stop but i cant. My mom always makes me feel like im a weirdo and makes me feel like everything i do is wrong so i dont like taking to her about it, or anything for that matter. I cant even ask for stuff i need. I always have to gather alot of courage just to talk to her and i end up leaving with my eyes watering. I need help but i cant exactly ask my mom for it, and im afraid to ask others for help. I think they might act just like my mom or they would tell my mom and i end up getting a big talk with her that lasts half the day. We dont have a good relationship, and i usally try to avoid her and i cn tell she etheir doesnt notice or doesnt care. My siblings love spending time with her, and i feel lile the only time she spends with me she spends yelling at me or telling me i did something wrong. Any suggestions of what i should do about both my problems?

  13. I don't know why I eat my nails but I also eat my skin of my nails it all started at the age 6 I know pretty young to do this bad habit but I can't stop and now I am 11 and still do it please give me an like something to make me so this discusting and not so plesant habit I hope u don't have the same problem like I do..😔😔😔 I am very ashamed of my self…😔☹

  14. I have a friend and her little sister never stoped eating her hair so she was bold until 6 and then she stoped(with a lot of help)and now she has the most beautiful hair EVER

  15. I bit my nails when I was young but my mum bought a transparent nail polish which tasted really bitter and disgusting and I don't do it since…

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