23 thoughts on “I Get Paid To Meal Prep Vegetarian Food For A Meat-Lover

  1. I'm vegan and I would love to do what you do. People would probably be a lot more open to trying plant based meals if you're cooking everything for them lol

  2. VEGAN MOTIVATION: Went vegan at 13, not rich, non vegan family, and still vegan 3 years later. If I can do it, so can you!

    Vegan Youtuber btw

  3. I need more of these. I'm eating vegan half of the week and meat the other half (no beef). But it is extremely difficult to find recipes the family will all enjoy on the vegan days.

  4. I eat meat but I love meat substitutes! I think it helps that I have to go vegetarian at most restaurants (I eat halal) so it's opened up my palate to things I wouldn't have thought to try otherwise at home (tofu, butternut squash, etc). I recommend trying to challenge yourself and try a vegetarian dish when eating out – you'll never know what you like!

  5. Americans – do you have Cadbury’s buttons sold in shops?? I noticed them in the fridge. Thought they were only sold here in the UK.

  6. I love these episodes of her meal prepping. Would love more in the future. Was so excited to another on my feed. Thanks!

  7. One of the things I struggle with when bulk cooking is how to safely cool food down quickly (i.e. not allow it to sit in the “unsafe” temperature range too long).

    I’m cooking for one (my husband), and like to have pre-portioned cooked meals in the freezer for when I’m not well enough to cook.

    But when I cook a large amount of food, I struggle to get it to cool down enough to go into the fridge in a timely manner. Where we live it’s really hot most of the year.

    Obviously I can’t just take hot food out of the oven and put it into the fridge (it would bring the internal temp of fridge up and make other foods unsafe to eat). But I also can’t just leave it hanging out on the bench for hours until it’s cooled down.

    I put it in individual containers and stir frequently to help it cool, but it’s still a challenge. Any tips?

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