I Love Meat! – Silly Meat Eater Comments #7 (Remastered Edition)

I Love Meat! – Silly Meat Eater Comments #7 (Remastered Edition)

1) This week’s first comment is from undertow9x
who said… There are 58 Billion sentient land animals
killed each and every year by humans without sufficient justification. As I have said in previous videos, we have
zero nutritional requirement to eat animals or their byproducts. Each and everyone of these animals were beings
capable of emotions, thoughts, desires, and relationships that were snuffed out due to
our desire for their flesh. I have a problem with people who think they
are entitled to the lives of others. I have a problem with people who’s actions
negatively affects those who cannot stand up and resist. I have a problem with people who make decisions
that are harmful to health and happiness of society. Animal agriculture is an environmental disaster
that effects us all. When you fuck with the defenceless, voiceless
oppressed, it is everyone’s business, and i don’t care that you have a problem with
compassionate people who work to end senseless suffering, violence and death. Religious beliefs are based upon wish fulfillment
and fantasy. Religious people believe in ancient mythology
and try to justify their beliefs based upon personal experiences they cannot explain without
invoking the supernatural. Veganism is not a faith based position, but
rather a very real realization that the animals we regularly enslave and murder are more like
us then they are dissimilar (especially in the most important ways). If we hold to the notion that violence and
suffering is to be avoided and that we should strive for a compassionate life, we all have
a duty to live in a way that best exemplifies it. Scientific inquiry has shown that other animals
have internal lives and thoughts. Leading health care professionals are now
more then ever espousing the benefits of a vegan diet, and confirming the negative health
effects of even modest animal consumption. Ecologists are nearly unanimous on the impact
that raising animals has on our planet’s delicate systems. Don’t mistake a vegan’s passion for justice
with blind religious fervour. The former is based upon research and evidence,
the latter on hope and indoctrination. 2) Next, Ray Gallagher had this to say… Is this really the best excuse you have for
supporting the death of billions of sentient animals, the destruction of our environment
and depletion of our precious resources, and the human suffering caused as a direct result
our diet choices? I can understand irrationally held beliefs
from the religious, but come on people of the rational skeptical atheistic community. Since when has “i love X” been any morally
justifiable reason to engage in anything? If i enjoy raping women, is my proclamation
that “I just love raping too much” a valid justification? If i say “i love bashing gay people to much
to stop” or “i love to own other humans too much to give up my slaves” or “i love
molesting children too much to stop” are these now acceptable and morally justifiable
actions? Stop the self interested nonsense and start
to apply the same skepticism and commitment to seeking and living the truth as you have
with your old religious beliefs. Start with a real honest effort to get educated
as you owe it to yourself and the thinking, feeling beings you allow killed for your entertainment. 3) Jediflamaster is up next with this… Pain and sentience is irrelevant? The very reason why we have moral obligations
to other humans and not to rocks is because we know that other humans have the ability
to suffer and are sentient, while inanimate objects lack any ability to suffer, interact
or care what happens to them. While it is true that things must inevitably
die for our survival, the question is not simply about life, but more importantly sentient
life. A blade of grass, does not have any sense
of itself, or have the capacity to care one way or another what does or does not happen
to it, yet it is most definitely alive. An sentient animal on the other hand, has
evolved to sense the world around him/her and actively interact with it. The ability to react and choose to survive
in situations of danger, and the ability to strive for security and pleasurable things
are the hallmark of thinking sentient beings with interests that matter to itself and to
other members of the animals group. To equate the killing of a non-sentient plant
to the slicing open of a sentient pig is to make a logical fallacy called a false equivalence. While all life may be at a fundamental self-replicating
system, sentient beings are much more than just that. Just like christian apologists like to proclaim
that under an atheistic worldview we are all just molecules in motion, however while this
may be true, there is much more going on and to reduce sentient life (human or otherwise)
to such an absurdity in order to dismiss it, is another logical fallacy called reductio
ad absurdum. A healthy vegan diet is far from expensive
when done right. A cursory search on your favourite search
engine could have easily informed you. Check out the book “Eat Vegan on $4 a day”
to see what is possible. 4) Our next comment is from Bruce Wayne who
said… In what universe would the whole world one
day wake up and become instantly vegan? If veganism ever becomes the default position
accepted and lived by most people on the planet, it will be after a very long drawn out transition
over hundreds of years. The reason we kill 58 billion land animals
each year, and over a trillion sea animals is because there is a demand for them from
the 7 billion people worldwide. As the percentage of vegans goes up, and the
percentage of non-vegans goes down, the supply will match the demand. Corporations do not care what they sell, as
long as its profitable and legal. If a company can make more money selling broccoli
than selling animal body parts, it will transition itself to where it remains a profitable business. New jobs and new sectors would open up providing
people who currently have jobs involving animal exploitation, new opportunities. As the availability of vegan foods would increase,
the already inexpensive cost of vegan foods would continue to decrease making it even
more affordable to all. The billions of dollars spent on healthcare
each year could be saved and allocated elsewhere, saving even more money in the pockets of each
and everyone resulting in a better quality of life. So if you care at all about your country,
your health, your environment, and justice for all sentient beings on this plant, go
vegan. 5) And our last comment of the week is from
Sziszy Ke who said… Who am i? I am a concerned individual who cares for
more than just my own well being, but also for the well being of other sentient animals,
of both the humans and non-human variety. Just because eating animals is socially acceptable,
doesn’t in anyway give validity to it. Human history is wrought with once socially
accepted practices that have fallen by the side when society has grown in its understanding. There was a time not so long ago when slave
owners would have defended their right to own humans as property and chastised anyone
who challenged them. When discussing diet, it is of paramount importance
to realize that the meat on your plate is not a “what”, but instead a once living
“who”. With this observation we then must make a
rational conclusion based upon the evidence if we have any moral justification for continuing
to kill other sentient beings. The evidence is in… we do not have a morally
justifiable reason to enslave and kill animals. The rational conclusion is therefore to go
vegan, and whatever time and effort it takes to undertake this transition is necessary
for intelligent and moral human beings. It is not a valid excuse to claim that you
have not the time to do what is rationally morally consistent, as it takes just as much
time to do something irrational as choosing to do something rational. No matter how busy you may be, you still need
to go shopping, eat 3 or more times a day, and wear clothing. When you go shopping buy vegan foods instead
of non-vegan foods. When you eat your meals, prepare vegan meals
rather than non-vegan meals, and when you buy clothing, choose items that are free of
leather, fur, wool and silk. You may not care for your own health, but
do you care for the health of your family? your children? how about the life of each
and every animal who’s last moments alive were filled with absolute horror? Your choices on what/who you eat effect many
more beings than you may have previously considered. Agree, or disagree with what I’ve said in
my videos, but be honest with yourself, and make a true effort to actually research the
vegan arguments. Typing in google “vegans are unhealthy”
and finding websites that confirm your presuppositions is not an honest effort as all you are doing
is confirming your bias rather than questioning whether your bias is logical and representative
of reality. You do not live in a bubble in which your
choices in life are done in isolation. Everything you do has consequences that effect
others. Be mindful of that the next time you sit down
to eat. POLL:
There you have it. 5 stupid comments from 5 different youtubers. Which comment would you vote to win the Dumbass
of the week award? Would it be: 1) undertow9x who mistakes the rational reasons
to be vegan with the irrational reasons for belief in a god
2) Ray Gallagher who thinks that liking something a lot is enough justification for the action
3) Jediflamaster who thinks that pain and sentience is irrelevant when discussing our
moral obligations to other beings 4) Bruce Wayne dreams up an apocalyptic end
to the world if everyone goes vegan or
5) Sziszy Ke thinks health, happiness and compassion are too much trouble. To vote, leave your choice in the comment
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  1. Kinda sucks that you have to censor yourself. You sure you can't circumvent this? Also, YouTube's algorithm doesn't simply seek to cease foul language. They target "controversial topics" as well.

  2. It's easy to grow out of your eating habits by going to a sanctuary farm then by watching documentaries like Earthlings and Cowspiracy next is to cut down on meat, eggs and dairy and find alternatives you like after that your habits will go away and vegan i used to love meat and dairy now i can't stand it.

  3. We don't have hundreds of years, if we keep doing like now, even if we stop using all transportations, we still gas out the planet at 2030 by reaching the max of 565 GT of CO2.

  4. Watch Carnage if your already vegan. It's about how in the future, people will look back on today and how people ate animals. I really recommend it. If your not vegan yet, I recommend watching Earthlings.

  5. In my opinion, this was a great edit man! You're too critical of your work this was excellent! Thanks for putting this together! 👍

  6. I vote for number 2, it's the one I get most often when trying to influence people around me to go vegan, and your response to it perfect. This is one of my all-time favorite videos, love it!! I think you are brilliant. Thanks for doing what you do 🙂

  7. You don't need that iPhone it's murder the third world hell holes that it's made In is destroying the environment and the poor animals stop justifying your murders see how easy it is to play that game

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