i made tteokbokki 떡볶이 (korean spicy rice cakes) | cooking with nina

i made tteokbokki 떡볶이 (korean spicy rice cakes) | cooking with nina

hello why am i always too tall for the camera hello my friends it’s nina and today we are back in the kitchen if you watched a couple of my videos you would know that i moved and that this is not the kitchen that you guys are used to welcome to my new kitchen it’s very clean and bright also today i’m going for a very primary colors inspired look this is going to be a great time i actually need my mic i do need to tie my hair first we don’t want hair in our food so sometimes on my channel i like to cook and today is a cooking day i am of course going to cook a korean dish because i am korean this dish has been highly requested even though in korean culture it’s one of the most simple things to make it’s still gonna be a challenge for me because i’ve never actually made this myself i’ve eaten it a bunch of times but i have not made it myself also i’m squatting as always today we are making the highly requested tteokbokki this is tteok or korean rice cakes the kind we will be cooking with today is this long stick version i got this from a local korean store but i’m sure you can find it in an asian market i live in california so there are a lot of asian markets around me i’m not really sure about other states and countries if you can find tteok that’s good, if not, i don’t really have a solution for you they can come fresh, they can come frozen, you can make it yourself so tteokbokki is a very popular korean street food, it’s a very popular snack people make it all the time, except for me it is a childhood dish for me i’ve had it for as long as i can remember i actually remember a period of time where i didn’t eat tteokbokki for a while i convinced myself that i didn’t like it anymore i think it was just one day that i didn’t have a good tteokbokki experience and it was too spicy and chewy and hot like literally hot this is a hot food all 3 of those sensations together is not the greatest but after a long period of time of not having tteokbokki i had it again and i love it and it is an essential korean food but without further ado let’s just get into it i’m tired of squatting this is pretty much the main ingredient besides tteok this is gochujang and it is just a red pepper paste i’m going to make the sort of traditional way of making tteokbokki which includes fish cake if you don’t eat fish cake or you’re vegetarian/vegan you can easily exclude it but i don’t want my korean viewers yelling at me “THERE’S NO FISH CAKE” and in the back here i boiled some eggs they’re also another ingredient in tteokbokki you don’t need to have boiled eggs in your tteokbokki but if you want go for it this takes a lot of time i planned ahead food network can hire me i think i’m going to turn it off now i’ve been boiling them for as long as i’ve been filming so i think it’s fine i’m going to just let it sit in there i need a- what am i looking for y’all i need a lid but i can’t find a lid did you hear my joints crack i need a lid for this imma just let my eggs kinda cook the fire’s off but i still want them to be completely done i will also be using this bad boy right here usually when my family makes tteokbokki we put it in a nice pot i’m sure people have various ways to do it, they might do it in a pan because it is bokkeum which means stir-frying i am more familiar with just tossing ingredients here and cooking it and that’s what i’m going to do for this video again i don’t have a recipe i could probably benefit from having a recipe but we didn’t plan ahead so the tteokbokki sauce is mostly spicy but it also has a slight sweetness to it so i do have sugar right here i also do know you need a little bit of soy sauce for saltiness this is currently the only soy sauce i can find i’m gonna i’m gonna need ahhh i don’t know where anything is oi where’s the frickin- where’s anything i’m gonna start with gochujang imma put in about 3 tbsp i think i need water first imma fill this up with a little water maybe like an inch of water now i’m going to put in the gochujang this is one heaping tbsp ah there she goes two more i think this might be enough to be honest did i wash my hands i washed my hands multiple times but i know i touched my hair and all that so i’m just gonna wash them again so i put in 1/3 a cup of gochujang into almost 1.5-2 inches of water i briefly checked a recipe it called for 4 cups of water and 1/3 cup of gochujang that’s pretty much what i did but now it’s become this orange red liquid and then i’m putting a tbsp of sugar into this yea by the way this is cold water this is the same way i make doenjang jjigae it’s just cold water and then putting in the paste and kinda letting it mix around and then we boil it the sugar’s going to make it more tasty i can’t even taste this so i don’t know if i’m doing this right i can always add sugar later i’m going to add the rest of the gochujang let it sit in there yea this might be too spicy but that’s ok this already smells delicious i do also need to add soy sauce it’s going to add saltiness which will go well with that sweet sugar is that enough i added almost a tbsp, i think that should be fine mmm yes so we’re pretty much done with half of it this is the broth that the fish cake and the tteok is going to go into and we’re going to add this later this is green onions by the way it just adds a bit of freshness to all of this you can also add other ingredients to this you can add other shaped fish cake this is just the only one i had this round shape i’m more familiar with the flat fish cake but i didn’t have that i know some people put ramen noodles in their tteokbokki i don’t have ramen noodles but feel free to go ahead and add that if you want i am going to show you guys what this looks like so here is our liquid it’s this deep i mixed all the gochujang, sugar, and soy sauce and that is pretty much it i’m gonna let this boil now here we go, this is it this is the start of something new the first time i’m making tteokbokki let’s hope that this goes well i’m gonna slight cover this with a lid i know it helps it cook faster but it also kinda does a weird scary overflowing thing weird scary overflowing thing i think i should wash some of this now i have washed my green onions i need a knife it’s making a weird sizzle sound i’m not comfortable with that ahhh oh my god it’s cooking i mean i should’ve expected it but it’s still scary i’m gonna let it- it’s doing something omg it just overflowed weird scary overflowing thing i like when something bad happens i just go completely frozen that was scary welp, it completely like- i don’t really know what happened you guys it kinda did a thing and overflowed i didn’t know it would do that this never happened in my cooking career my confidence has kinda decreased but the broth looks good i think this is why people follow recipes my mistake was boiling this at the highest heat do not do that this is not pasta i should’ve started with a medium heat today’s an off-day i’m usually a better chef than this at this point i’m looking at maangchi’s recipe i’m letting it continue to cook at a low medium heat i’m just scared of heat i am cutting my green onions how big how big did she do it i’m gonna cut very small and then make some chunks near the end whoosh make sure you’re curving your fingers so that you don’t cut yourself so i’m cutting green onions to put as a topping to just add a little freshness but i’m also going to cut some thicker to put into the broth just a little now i’ll cut these smaller this is so satisfying that went well i think now i’m going to put in my tteok these need to cook but it’s also going to thicken up the soup as well i think i’m pretty much done here so i’m gonna bring you guys closer here is the broth it kinda overflowed as you can see be careful do not put it at a super high heat we want medium all the way my hands are clean and i’m just going to put these in carefully we place it in this is what the tteok looks like i may need to put in a little more liquid i still haven’t tasted this hopefully this won’t overflow anymore i’m done with that the starchiness of the rice cake should make this thicker i’m excited to see how this goes we’re going to add the fish cake a little bit later also make sure the rice cake doesn’t stick to the bottom this is tteokbokki so we do want to be stirring it and cooking it i’m gonna just break these apart y’all i can already see the broth thickening up i think i did something right so since i used fresh rice cake it cooks really fast you only need to cook it until it’s soft and until the broth has thickened i’m gonna take the fish cake and i’m going to cut them into bite sized pieces this is way too long i’m going to cut them into thirds it’s a little frozen i’ll add them in as i go so this is what it looks like now i’m going to let the fish cake cook it looks beautiful i just hope it tastes good deeply go in we’re not gonna make the mistake of only working at the top make sure you’re really digging through at this point we’re making sure the fish cake is not cold anymore tteokbokki essentially should be easy to make it’s literally a snack food but it looks like it was a lot of effort i think it’s pretty much done i’m just going to maybe turn the heat off i’m going to put it at its lowest setting mine’s really thick though i think that’s fine i don’t know as long as i can eat it, that’s fine i quickly just wanna taste it here is the piping hot broth remember to blow on it ooh that’s burning down my throat but it’s not that spicy my tteokbokki is pretty thick i don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing but it tastes good it tastes complex i love the soy sauce i love the sugar i love the gochujang i think it’s pretty much dne i’m going to place my green onion as you can see like that omg that looks really pretty i have to show you guys doesn’t she look beautiful i’m just gonna let the green onion cook in there this is really thick i mean this is what i’m kinda familiar with so this looks so good i’m going to just cover this so it doesn’t dry out i’ve got my ice bath the eggs are hot so i’m using this spider tool there we go they’ll just rest in there i am so eager to just eat this already this has been a long night but we’re almost done it looks fantastic i kinda wanna try a rice cake first here we go we have a beautiful piece of rice cake i mean that tastes good to me ooh that is a GOOD- that is a beautiful texture you guys i’m really excited about this for a first attempt i’m pretty proud of myself but i also think it’s hard to get wrong again this is also like a really common snack food that almost every korean should know how to make it’s better late than never the eggs i think [my dog is growling] are you okay polo my dog woke up from her sleep and she’s just grring right now you good girl? she’s so cute i think the eggs are done i’m going to just peel them boiled eggs are also commonly in tteokbokki if you don’t want boiled eggs feel free to just leave it out i’m pretty sure the inside’s cooked so i’m just gonna toss it in we kinda want it to warm up here we go put you in mY HANDS ARE COLD AHHH omg i can’t feel my fingers ahh it’s so cold one more yay AHH COLD i always put my hand in the ice bath thinking it’s not going to be cold AHH OK are there no egg shells we’re fine ok in you go AHHHH no pain no gain that was honestly easier than i thought making sure to clean up as i go i think i’m going to stir this around now i’ll just bring you guys closer just going to mix this around a little bit i think this became really thick actually i will show you guys the final result here is our tteokbokki it’s so beautiful i’m gonna serve this on a huge plate here’s the beautiful tteokbokki and then we’ll top this with fresh green onion weeeeeee here is the final product i’m literally holding a flash after a very long time we are finally done with our tteokbokki it honestly shouldn’t take so long it’s a little hard for me to multitask by filming and cooking at the same time but it’s done it kinda cooled down a bit because i was taking a thumbnail but i think it’s still steaming it definitely is here we have our tteok i’m gonna feed you guys one don’t worry here we go say ahh i’m shaking yum did you eat it great here we go i’m going to eat it i already tasted it, but it’s kinda cold i am yet to try a fish cake oh that’s nice fish cake adds a nice sweetness to this the boiled egg is perfectly boiled i also did have kimbap today it is this rice roll wrapped in seaweed and it’s a classic with tteokbokki i think next time i would definitely add more water just so it has more of a soup but she is gorgeous something that i like to do is dip the kimbap in the soup there’s not really a lot of soup but there’s enough and we just eat it success well i hope you enjoyed cooking with me i am very glad i had the opportunity to make tteokbokki for the first time ever it’s actually really simple to make if you have all the ingredients at home make sure you follow a recipe online i’ll leave a link down below to maangchi’s recipe but that is going to be it for this video this was meant to celebrate us reaching 500k that’s weird for me to say i am grateful for you guys and everything that you guys literally have given to me my life has changed so much i always love making videos for you guys and cooking for you guys whenever we reach a milestone but that is going to be it for this cooking video thank you for 500k this is a beautiful family and i will see you in my next video you guys are kinda far from me but i’ll make it work thank you for watching and i will see you in my next video goodbye my friends 🙂 깜짝 oh my god

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  1. I've always wanted to try this but I don't think any grocery stores near me sell tteok :,) watching this made me so hungryyyyy aaa

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  8. Ahh so fun nina makes me wanna try making this! Oh and tips for if u dont want your hand to get cold: you dont need to actually keep the eggs in an ice bath lol. The ice just helps stop over cooking and also helps separate the membranes between the shell (im p sure??) So just keeping them in for a quick min is fine and u can take them out and then start peeling.

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