i only made CHILDREN cookbook recipes for a day

i only made CHILDREN cookbook recipes for a day

You guys know that I’m an over enthusiastic person and even taking that into inconsideration This might be one of mine best cooking videos yet I went to Barnes and Noble and i bought an insane amount of children cookbooks i mean theirs three but it was expensive so it an insane amount from me I think we might do breakfast from the pink princess cookbook I think we might do dinner from the cooking class, and then maybe the afternoon snack from the new junior cookbook I haven’t really opened them So I’m not really sure by any of this my original plan was to make breakfast from this one And then maybe afternoon snack from this one and then dinner from the cooking class one I don’t say this lightly But this is just not a good cookbook most things look like something that you don’t even want to eat like I don’t Understand this and then when something looks actually fun and amazing you go and check the recipe and there’s no Actual cooking so that was a waste of 20 dollars, then I checked this one And I thought you know what maybe this is the one the steps are by the blueberry yogurt by the graham crackers And that’s literally it I’m not even joking I know this is for children But honestly the kids that I know are way smarter than me And they would actually pull off recipes so now this cookbook right here Which is called cooking class as soon as you open this book is so much better He has basics for children the children look Happy in every page and the recipes are things that you actually want to eat everything looks fun It looks amazing look popcorn chicken Yes, so I think we’re gonna follow the recipes mostly or only from this book for the whole of today But let’s see what happens our first recipe which is gonna be like your breakfast slash lunch I’ve decided we’re gonna be making some bowtie pasta because this was my favorite food as a child I used to be obsessed with this pasta shape so he only made sense to remake this for breakfast slash lunch Watch me fail making a kid’s recipe. This is this is gonna be bad I’m obviously half joking but give this video a like if you guys still want me to try these cookbooks Or a different video, maybe we can make like a bad children cookbook review I feel like that could be fun if we get to 20,000 likes I’ll actually make it step or have an adult help You cook the pasta this sounds like every comment on my videos ever all right That’s probably enough for me right, so I’m gonna have the water no the salt goes in this wall You might be thinking shouldn’t the water be already boiling But the thing is I’ve read in a very acclaimed publication that he actually doesn’t make a difference so Thank you BuzzFeed So now that the bass is cooking we’re gonna go ahead and carry on with our lunch Step number one cut the mozzarella into bite-sized pieces in place in a large serving bowl. Okay? I Don’t think we’re gonna need even half of this amount of mozzarella So I’m gonna cut like this bit right here that seems like more than enough I don’t know exactly what a bite-sized piece is but I’m gonna put too much effort into this because it’s Jesus probably gonna melt when he touches the pasta All right, so we’re doing like that. I guess So now we add this worth a bowl step number two is snip the basil leaves with clean scissors and measure about 1/3 cup Into the bowl we don’t do measurements around here, but that’s cute They’re trying so I bought only a little bit of basil so we need to snip the leaves, which is I guess just doing this? smells so good I Usually hate vegetables, but no basil this makes everything taste like pasta or lasagna or pizza, and I’m here for it I’ve seen Gordon Ramsay do this he tucks it all in and then just does this Hey, that’s actually not the worst so we’re gonna add the pastel and This is looking really good. We are practically chefs. I love that the only time we’re actually not sucking at something It’s because it’s a children’s cookbook Maybe that’s what I was meant to do all along add the olive oil tomatoes garlic and salt into the bowl Okay, that seems like a lot in one step, so we’re gonna start with the salt Maybe a little bit more. I didn’t really buy olive oil because he was a little pricey And I’m poor they’re gonna finish everything because I’m going back home, so I’m gonna use some of this olive oil spray I guess it’s the same thing Wow that is incredibly powerful, and I love it so Thankfully in America, they’ve also got this garlic that comes already prepared. Yes, so the garlic goes in I’m not really sure if we should chop the tomatoes. I feel like we probably should I’m trying to be lazy pop So the tomatoes go in as well This is looking so good I hope it looks as good on camera as it does I around this would be the only salad I would actually eat because All of these are like vegetables But not really I feel like the past is kind of ready and honestly if it’s not I’m okay with it so we’re gonna drain it a Little bit and just add it straight into our Bowl Honestly, I’m not my worst work so far. I mean guys. Is it just me or does this not look incredible This is honestly the perfect cookbook for me like things that I can actually make in things that I actually love so here We’ve got the children’s cookbook bowtie pasta with tomatoes Basilan fresh mozzarella and here We’ve got my very own bowtie pasta. I think they look very Similar I mean, this is a children’s recipe so I’m not gonna give myself that much credit I think it looks decent I think it looks good, and I honestly cannot wait to try it I have a feeling that this is gonna be so good it. Honestly smells incredible. It smells like pizza If you love me talion food I bet you two love this, and if you don’t love Italian food, then we can never be friends I am dead I Wouldn’t FaceTime my mom right now But I’m not gonna do it because I want to make a separate venue with my mom. This is incredible It was better than my mom’s pasta that she used to make when I was little and I think I just spit everywhere I thought I made an insane amount, but honestly This is gonna go in three minutes If anything fails I could at least attempt a career in children’s cooking because this is this is pretty fun I know it’s hard to believe but I would have honestly not done anything Different about this just perfect, so I’m gonna carry it eating my breakfast slash lunch And I’m gonna see you guys in like 20 minutes to make the afternoon snack and for afternoon snack you guys know that I like To do something sweet to create like a ballast in the video So I saw these very vanilla pudding recipe and honestly these look incredible And I think this one’s a little more complicated because it’s got two pages So he also teaches me how to separate the eggs and honestly I need that I’m probably gonna skip the fruit as a topping because it’s me So I’m gonna go straight for the cream or icing or any like sprinkles Just what do you think there’s nothing in the house for dessert? Thank again? If you have milk eggs and sugar you can syrup your very own homemade pudding I appreciate the tip, but if I say there’s nothing at home I usually means there’s like half a bottle of mayo and water and that’s literally it step number one in a medium saucepan Whisk together the sugar cornstarch and salt add the milk in the egg yolks and whisk until Combined three cups of the milk That’s probably it two thirds of a cup of sugar is probably that actually maybe a little more full of good luck So I’m gonna open the cornstarch and we need about 1/4 of a cup of cornstarch, so that’s not much I Reckon that’s probably it I Should have read the chapter on how to separate eggs So one egg yolk oh You broke, oh, it’s okay, it’s okay All right three egg yolks and I think that’s it so we’re gonna put the egg yolks in Step number two heat the pudding over medium heat stirring until the thickens and bubbles five to seven minutes continue cooking for one minute more All right, it doesn’t feel lumpy anymore It’s like pretty smooth, but it’s very liquidy now, so I’m going to increase the heat a little bit So this is getting a lot thicker now. It’s a little lumpy. No gonna like this happens so quickly step number Three is to turn off the heat and stir in the vanilla extract I’m actually gonna be using super Nana Flavouring instead because we don’t really have that in England or a whole lot so I saw it at the shop and I was like I need that I’m gonna add the banana flavoring Stir it all in So I’m going to pour the custard right In here So this is me attempting to make this look smoothie the actual consistency is smooth But it looks a little because it’s so thick looks a little weird on the balls I think the future of my youtube channel is to do children cooking because I’m okay at this. I’m really not bad at this I’ve got no idea how this happened, but I managed to get some rice whipped cream interesting Not terrible And now to the point that I’ve been waiting for this is some Betty Crocker’s candy shop decor this is like pink rock Candy so we’re gonna put the wrong candy right on top This is honestly Everything so here. We’ve got the children’s cookbook very vanilla pudding and here We’ve got my very own very vanilla pudding It looks good and these sugar crystals that we use actually make this look so much cooler this doesn’t happen very often But I’m actually excited to eat these you know what I’m sitting on the floor We’re about to eat some delicious food or not I mean I made this it might be terrible so this is the very vanilla custard And it looks like a mess right now because the cream melted so it’s like weirdly liquid it’s a little of the things I think so if you like thick custard a problem like this I Made this I Made this I mean it is the first banana custard. I’ve ever had, but it’s honestly writable guys Pitch so good Mmm Who knew that I had this salad inside of me all along all I ever needed was a children’s cookbook for it to shine the only thing I’m not crazy about Is the rice whipped cream on top that’s kind of weird? I don’t know why I bother I should have stick to normal whipped cream But the act the actual cursor is a 10 out of 10, and I don’t say that very often I definitely don’t say that about my cooking so if you want to give this a try I think you should it’s not lively that I say this because I never say this on my channel But I thought before dinner we should make something healthy we had pasta for breakfast we had custard for afternoon snacks So I thought let’s go a little lighter on dinner I found this recipe for lettuce roll-ups the actual recipe is simple but I think the difficult part is to make this look good because Basically, I think I’m gonna struggle with this, so I thought that’s probably gonna be good content. The ingredients are simple lettuce mayo Slices of meat and cheese and toothpicks, and that’s basically it So This is turkey breast and I’m gonna place it on the first one Then we need a couple slices of this So we also need a few slices of cheese And here we’ve got a lattice and I tried to go for like the biggest lattice that I could find This one looks like it’s I’m not going to taste any good. I mean it’s a vegetable I’m just going to make sure I dried the lattice really well So I’m going to cut the little end because I feel like it’s not gonna be very easy to work with the crunchy bit Step number one place a lettuce leaf on the cutting board and carefully spread it with mustard or Mayo So we’re gonna do Mayo is that too much, so We’re gonna spread this You only get me to eat vegetables if it’s so covered in mail that he can see the green anymore Step number two is add a slice of meat and top it with a slice of cheese, so we’re gonna add the meat What do interest slices because this is for kids? I’m a grown person needs to be fed so top it with a slice of cheese as well I’ll show you do two slices of cheese Don’t be fine roll up the leaves as shown I mean that picture literally makes no sense and cut it in half and push a toothpick to hold it together we need toothpicks I even bought colorful toothpicks for the Kids theme why do I have a terrible feeling about this, so let’s start rolling you like this oh? my god Why is he breaking no All right, I mean not terrible I guess so now I’m gonna put it to a stick in here and another toothpick on this side So we’re going to slice it right in the center Please do not fall apart oh This cookbook is better than any grown-up cookbook I’ve ever seen like things actually work as its described Look at that that actually This actually looks exactly like the ones in the book because this is just lettuce I’m gonna make one more And then I’m gonna show you the final result in just a second so here. We go the children’s cookbook lettuce roll-ups I mean as far as healthy food goes these look pretty incredible, so these are the children’s cookbook lettuce roll-ups and here We’ve going my very own lettuce roll-ups. I’m gonna say did they look Practically the same okay the first one fell apart a little bit the other ones look pretty perfect I thought this was gonna be very difficult But I guess the secret to being successful at cooking is to always follow Children’s recipes these four pieces of lettuce have gone more Mayo than I’ve probably eaten in my whole life So I actually think this is it tastes delicious So let’s go give it a try these looks so good that I actually made eight of these for that I’m going to be having later when it’s actually dinner time and another four that. I’m going to be trying on camera I’m totally convinced that I’m gonna love lettuce And I never happened if you couldn’t watch my videos screenshot this moment save it in your photos printed frame and put in your bedroom because I never eat vegetables oh My god this doesn’t even taste like the lettuce anymore. It just tastes like mayo Not very easy to eat Mmm being completely honest guys this got so much Mayo that I actually can taste the legend As healthy it does not as like vegetables, and I loved every second of it It’s too much you may go I Actually love that I feel like this is the only time in my channel that I’m very pleased with all three recipes in one of these cookbook review series This inside of me all along This is ridiculous that I’m so happy that I did well and doing a children’s cookbook actually actually be sad that this is the only thing I’m good at But I’m not if you guys like this video and you want me to try the other cookbooks like the princess cookbook and the other I definitely give this video a like if we Get to 20,000 likes I promise I will actually make it because they usually tells me that a lot of you guys are actually interested if you’re not subscribed to my channel yet all the industry scroll down and there’s a subscribe button and it’s little Bell and I hate that I say this in every video And I hate that I say that I hate this in every video wait that doesn’t make any sense If you do tap the subscribe button, and it will bail it really helps my channel out And I really from the bottom of my heart Can’t hurt myself there. I really appreciate it, and he means a lot to me. So thank you I’m flying back to London very soon I spent $100 in cookbooks that you guys are gonna see in the next like three months So so there’s gonna be a lot of good things coming up in like the next three months because I bought that many cookbooks That’s about it for this video guys. I love you, and I was you or my next video which is probably tomorrow bye-bye

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