I Stopped Eating Breakfast For Two Weeks And I’m Never Doing It Again

I Stopped Eating Breakfast For Two Weeks And I’m Never Doing It Again

Stop skipping breakfast. Or, you should skip breakfast? We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But some actors and
athletes like Terry Crews are adamant about not eating breakfast. So who’s right? Is breakfast good or bad? I stopped eating breakfast
for two weeks to find out. I can’t eat anything before
12, when I have lunch. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had breakfast every single morning. But, I also know a lot of
people who don’t eat breakfast. And that works great for them. To be honest, I don’t think
it’s going to go very well because I’ll be awake from
six all the way until noon, a full six hours without
eating a single thing. It’s a lot different than what I’m used to and it might be really
hard, especially at first. Half of you are probably typing a comment about how you never eat breakfast. But making a change to your
daily routine isn’t easy. And I wanted to find out if my life was better or worse without breakfast. Today was my first day
not eating breakfast. And I’ve got to say, it went pretty well. I was surprised to find out that when I woke up, I wasn’t that hungry. I made coffee, made lunch for the day, and still wasn’t feeling
like I needed breakfast. I stayed pretty busy. It was already noon and I had
barely craved any food at all. I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m feeling pretty
optimistic for the week. So it’s Wednesday. It’s been three days of no breakfast. And I’ve got to say, it’s
getting a little bit harder. So yeah, it wasn’t going well. I feel like every day around 10:30 or 11, I get really hungry. My stomach starts to
growl and I start seeing or smelling food around the
office that other people have. And it’s a lot more challenging
than when I first wake up. And I know it’s like okay,
that’s not actually a problem. But if you’re someone
who’s trying to diet, trying to eat less, trying to snack less, it can be really challenging when you have a lot of options around the office that can be really quick or convenient. I’ve actually amassed kind of a large store of snacks at my desk, all of the stuff I can’t
eat until after lunch. And then I’m like “Oh,
you can’t even eat that.” And it just kind of sits
there and stares back at me. I think I can make it through the week, but I am a little worried
about the weekend. Waking up at 6 a.m. and not eating until 12 is such a long time. Why do I need breakfast when so many people can live without it? What’s actually going on here? I spoke with Dr. Peterson, a scientist at the University
of Alabama, to find out. So what I think has happened in breakfast skipping and why
it’s so confusing is there’s actually not one way to
necessarily skip breakfast. You actually have better blood
sugar control in the morning and you digest your food a
little faster in the morning, as well as you burn very slightly more calories when you eat in the morning. So all this evidence
kind of points towards the morning as being optimal for eating. So if the morning is the
optimal time for eating, is skipping breakfast hurting me? Was this whole challenge pointless? On the flip side, we
have also learned over the past decade that it looks like having extended bouts of fasting
is good for your health. What’s really interesting is
that you have hunger hormones. And these hunger hormones adapt to whatever you usually do or to your habits. What this means in the short-term, if you don’t normally skip breakfast and then you suddenly skip breakfast, you have to overcome that inertia of changing your hunger hormone patterns. Because your hunger hormone says “Okay, well you usually eat breakfast. And now you’re going to skip it, so I’m going to make you very hungry.” Any time you have a regular
eating pattern and change that, regardless of what
eating pattern you’re on, you will have an initial barrier
where it’s quite difficult in the beginning and
then over time you adapt. Maybe my new routine is
worse than my old one. It’s been about a week and a half. And I’ve gotta say, it’s getting easier. I thought not having breakfast on the weekend was going to be a nightmare. But it was actually a lot easier because I woke up later and
didn’t have as much time between waking up and noon
as I do on the workday. But I do still miss breakfast. I just enjoy breakfast and
eating something in the morning. Even if I’m not super hungry, I think I’ll still miss that aspect. The whole thing has really made me wonder how much breakfast matters. It kind of feels like
breakfast was just the routine. It was just my norm. So that’s what I liked and
that’s what I was used to. After a week and a half
of not eating breakfast, it started to seem like I was finally getting used to my new routine. Maybe I could turn into someone
who never eats breakfast. But I wouldn’t count on it. It’s finally Friday. And tomorrow I can have
breakfast once again. After two weeks, I’ve
realized that I can go without eating breakfast
and still survive. But I miss breakfast. Not eating before 12 was really tough, especially with all the
food around the office. And it definitely brought down
my mood throughout the day. But I never really felt a
big change in my productivity or even my energy levels
before or after lunch. And my weight stayed pretty much the same. Breakfast isn’t bad for you,
but it’s also not essential. You should do what fits best for your dietary needs and your routine. I no longer feel helpless
without breakfast and I’m able to create a routine that fits my schedule and my daily needs. Before I started this challenge, I loved breakfast and I thought
I needed it to start my day. Now I don’t really feel that way. I still like breakfast and
will continue to eat it, but I don’t feel that reliance
on it like I used to have. So it turns out you can skip breakfast. But Dr. Peterson pointed out that instead of skipping breakfast, it’s better to shorten the window of time for meals each day. Two broad types of meal timing approaches that we have found to be beneficial. One is the daily
intermittent fasting approach where you’re eating in
a narrow time period. And it looks like probably
eating in the middle of the day, say from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
is also good for your health. There is a lot of evidence
that even if you can’t change the timing of
breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if you at least make your
largest meals earlier, be breakfast and or lunch, that you can still get a
lot of benefits from that. Some people love eating breakfast. And good for them. But don’t let someone try and tell you that you’re throwing the day
away if you skip breakfast. The most important meal of the day depends on who’s eating it. Now this is how breakfast should be.

100 thoughts on “I Stopped Eating Breakfast For Two Weeks And I’m Never Doing It Again

  1. It depends how you take your life to what direction. I take two meals a day for couple of years now no problem at all. I don't take any snacks in between. That's how I trained my body and I am all good. There is no standard rule that you have to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can break your fast by drinking 16oz or 32 oz of water and that gets me going for another 3-4 hours. And then 12 noon I take lunch and evening dinner/supper . There are people living with one meal a day. The lesser you eat the less you get sick that's how animals stop eating when they are sick and get well automatically with no medication so why not we ? On the other side human tend to eat more when they are sick.

  2. My PE teacher told us that she used to skip breakfast and it had a Massive toll on her mental and physical health so she always encourages us to eat breakfast because it was the most important meal of the day

  3. I sometimes have skip breakfast but in general I like to wake up early and eat something (for example a fruit or some nuts, a warm te or cacao, an omelet… it depends on what I feel up to) I don't feel like I need to eat a lot in the morning but still I like to get something (in small portion) because otherwise I will feel very hungry at lunch time or even before.

    I guess the Best thing to do is to eat when you feel hungry no matter if it's when you wake up or later and always look for a healthy option 🙂

  4. I sorta eat breakfast basically I eat around 12 cuz I wake up normally late 😅 on days that I have class I drink protein shakes but I normally don't need to eat breakfast personally. Normally I skip lunch I don't eat lunch normally.

  5. You are allowed to have breakfast and lunch and skip dinner, that's not illegal. The thing is, like what the doctor said, hunger is a habit, if you change your habit your hunger will follow within a few daysweeks. shrinking your daily eating window is a positive thing!

  6. i don’t eat breakfast i’m fine i was always told it was cereal companies who faked tests saying it was important to eat breakfast it’s totally fine not to eat breakfast.

  7. Don't eat too much grains for breakfast. It burns quickly inside your body and makes you hungry faster. Try fruits like banana, apple, or papaya with hardboiled eggs or steamed tofu

  8. I think you only really need breakfast if you get up early in the morning. I never have breakfast on my days off because I get up so late (around 9 am) and don't do a lot of physical labor on those days off.

  9. I don't eat breakfast anymore nor even lunch, because I get tired if I eat during the day. You gotta factor in food quality as well.

  10. I stopped eating breakfast for a couple years it started working for like a year and a half but it just wasn't working once I incorporated breakfast back into my life it was amazing (I obviously eat a low carb high protein breakfast however)

  11. What you eat is going to be an important factor. The image in 5:57 is a great example of what you should not eat independently of the time you going to do it…

  12. I eat breakfast at 12pm, 'cause breakfast literally means "breaking the fasting" since my fasting is usually from 8pm to 12pm the first meal is breakfast, then my next meal is dinner at 7pm, so what i skip is not breakfast but lunch lol 😅

  13. I rarely eat breakfast and that’s once a day in a week and that is Saturday the other Days are school and no one wakes up early to make breakfast and I can’t make breakfast and I’m really regretting but I don’t know what to do

  14. I tried it for 7 days and just can’t do it .
    # 1 it’s my favorite meal of the day by far
    # 2 I wake up at 515 am and go to the gym at 630 and just can’t make it until 12 without being absolutely miserable
    # 3 I’m in sales and mentally just wasn’t sharp with customers being so hungry
    May work for some just not me

  15. I only eat one meal per day, dinner. I’ve lost weight and have more energy. Intermittent fasting works. I’ve done it off and on for 15 years.

  16. Only I skipped breakfast is when I was sick because I ate too much evening buffet. For other regular days, I love good breakfast. Skipping dinner is fine if I have completed nutrition breakfast and lunch.

  17. I get sick if i eat breakfast. It feels like i have gotten sick with some virus and i go back to sleep until 1 or 2 because i feel so crappy. I cant eat until 11:00…. maybe 10:30 if my stomach allows me to

  18. I dunno… I didn't use to eat breakfast but decided to start at one point. I used to be so tired after about an hour at school, but eating breakfast tided me over to lunch. It's also good for kicking snacking habits.

  19. Skipping breakfast on a normal day isn't hard because I know I'm going to eat later. But skipping breakfast white fasting is a whole different story.

  20. To the people who don’t eat breakfast your crazy I don’t know how you can skip that when I wake up in the morning I’m just soooo hungry

  21. "Science Insider"
    High blood sugar in the morning.
    No appetite.
    Must be coincidence.
    Better put more sugar in that body.

    I eat once a day (in the evening) and I feel great – for anyone considering not skipping breakfast, because someone did it wrong and not long enough.

  22. Yall mentally torturing and phissiclly torcturing yourself if you skip breakfeast im pretty shure half of you that skip breakfeat start the day off all grouxhy and feel weak

  23. Breakfast or no breakfast shouldn't matter as long as you have a satisfying and nutrition-dense meal the night before, you won't feel hungry till the following afternoon or even evening.

  24. Why did they have a skinny guy do this experiment? He obviously needs the calories overall. Breakfast or no breakfast. Also, 2 weeks is not enough time for your body to adapt.

  25. if I dont eat breakfast than the only thing I think about, in the time that I wake up to the time I eat lunch, is food.

  26. Sure, changing a routine you've done for years can be quite difficult.
    As an Indonesian who's breakfast consisted of a plateful of rice or a bowl full of noodle, it's kinda pointless to be woken up at 6am cos you'll feel sleepy at 9am anyways.. I haven't eat any breakfast as long as I can remember XD

  27. Breakfast doesn't mean eating right after you wake up it means your first meal since you woke up. Youre breaking a fast….and it should also depends on the time you had your last meal, because you need give your body a break on breaking down food.

  28. I've been intermittently fasting for a month now , it's not that hard I skip breakfast 3 times a week . My last meal is supper then I make it all the way to lunch without eating anything.

  29. I never eating breakfast bc i don't have time for it and i never is awake on the morring Iwake up when it's 2-6pm if i didn't have school

  30. Ok,

    If i eat breakfast, my stomach will hurt PAINFULy!

    If i dont eat, MY stomach will hurt as well, but not too bad, also i dont eat anything till 1pm so eat in have stomach pain or not eat and have little stomach pain?😂😂

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