100 thoughts on “I Tried To Re-Create This Giant Burrito • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

  1. i hope andrew and niki arent completely replaced, but i love aria’s personality. i think he’s perfect for the series and would like to see more of him!

  2. Ya'll leave aria alone, he did a really good job in this episode. AND Andrew and nikki are still gonna be apart of this series so CHILL

  3. i think getting someone who has a little bit more experience in the kitchen is cooler to watch :/ this was hard to watch

  4. Is he high on caffeine by the way? He's a bundle of bouncing energy I'm not used to seeing on Eating your feed. But I kinda want to see him again on this show BUT NOT ALONE. Hopefully either Niki or Andrew will partner up with him in the future episodes. He kinda needs someone calm to counter his energy 😂

    Or maybe he's just sugar high from stress eating

  5. I love Aria's energy on here! I mean, I love Andrew as much as Aria. And I think Aria would be a nice addition to the usual team!

  6. My family is actually friends with the family that runs the taqueria that makes the anaconda burrito in Fresno. They started out in a parking lot in a small truck..people would sometimes try to call the cops on them but they never gave up. They've grown so much and remain humble.

  7. A new cast member to the mix of intermediate cooks plus their inspiration the camera crew (mainly Adam) and their Saviour Rie 👍🏻

  8. The tortillas weren't cook enough, they should have been more brown. Just a personal opinion, i'm not a chef but i'm mexican, i've seen a lot of tortillas.

  9. Am I the only one that is actually getting angry that this guy who is completely fxxking clueless when it comes to cooking is getting to host episodes with these other incredibly talented people? Yes. Im obviously jealous. But also you've never made a burrito bro? You put chocolate in your beans? Also when your superior warned you about overfilling your dumb pride (that has no place being in the kitchen) made you regret it later by having you literally scooping ingredients out with your hands. Get a clue. I have never been so annoyed at a buzzfeed video. Stay out of the kitchen if you don't respect it and can't even REMEMBER the moments when professional cooks are guiding you.

  10. I'm so sorry the vegetarian section……. it's so sweet and considerate but who is gonna tell him it's not vegetarian.

  11. “The video’s meat is a little more crumbly”

    “More finer than this so im gna break it up a little more with my hands”

    “Its burning my hands”

    “I dont think im gna do this anymore”

    “Im gna finish this tdy”
    “Ohno i cant do the first question”
    “Uk what this is too difficult i cant think today i’ll do it another day”

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