100 thoughts on “I Tried To Re-Create This Orange Made Of Meat • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

  1. My husband and I have been to Dinner at Heston in London (the restaurant where this dish is served) and both agree that the meat fruit was the best single dish either of us has ever experienced. It was so unique, sweet and savory. We both got SO EXCITED when we saw this video.

  2. I love how Andrew kinda amused by the guys tasting the jelly like their first time
    "Have you ever heard of…. puts both hands in the air Jelly ?!" lol

  3. American dude disgusted of liver… How typical… Just wash the damn thing, fry it up and done, wtf are you removing half of the liver for no reason?

  4. As interesting as this was… I am sure as hell am not going to give anyone from Buzzfeed any attention. That company needs to burn.

  5. Ok I mean, is the skin of the orange real? The meat paste is in an actual orange skin right? If not, I am actually more interested, so lets watch. (After a while) ok they got Rie in it, I am game xD

  6. So we've had meat-fruit and now fruit-meat – what next? Meat disguised as different meat, or fruits masquerading as different fruits?

  7. Andrew samples his pate attempt: Hmmm, no.
    Inner Andrew: Ohhhh, this will be bad later.
    Buzzfeed office members: Who painted these toilets?

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