I Used Rice Water on My Face for a Week | Review

I Used Rice Water on My Face for a Week | Review

Hey I’m Marlee and welcome to my channel!
So this is gonna be the first video in a series of videos that I’m planning on
doing in which I’m going to try different products or techniques and
document my progress throughout a week and then give my feedback at the end of
that week. So for this first week I’m going to be using rice water and this is
a technique used in a lot of cultures in East Asia in Southeast Asia
and it can be used on the face or hair but I’m gonna be using it on my face as
a toner. It’s said the fermented rice water is rich
in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and can tighten your pores and brighten your
complexion as well as reduce acne or soothe acne. So I’m hoping to see…well I
have a breakout here and here which i think is from a new toner that I had
been using so that’s why I’m using this as a toner so I’m hoping to see that go
away or at least diminish slightly, as well as I would like my complexion to be
a little bit more even. This can easily be made at home all you need is a half a
cup of rice and two to three cups of water and you can just let the rice soak
in the water for about 30 minutes and then you just swirl it around and the
water should end up looking cloudy and white. For some reason I didn’t
remember to let it sit I just rinsed the rice in the water and instead of
throwing this out and doing it again I’m just going to try this and see if it
works. I’m gonna let it ferment for 24 hours and then I’m going to use it after
cleansing my face every night for the next week starting tomorrow. So I’m going to let that sit and I will see you tomorrow. Alright, today is day one of my
rice water experiment. I’m here in my bathroom I’m about to get in the shower
and I’m gonna wash my face there and then when I get out I’ll put the rice
water on and then finish up my with my regular routine. So
I have the rice water here and I’m just gonna smell it cuz right after I made it
I smelled it just so I could compare the smell and see if there’s any difference
or if I would be able to tell that it’s fermented and yesterday it just smelled
like rice so I’m gonna go ahead and smell it now. Oh, oh! I’m gagging a little. It does
it’s definitely fermented. I don’t know how to describe that smell. It’s
definitely different than what it smelled like yesterday. It doesn’t smell as bad
as I thought it was gonna be, it was just a little surprising I guess. Alright, so
I’m just gonna get in the shower and I’ll take you through my skincare
routine as soon as I get out. Alright, I am fresh out of the shower and my skin
is looking rough. I feel so exposed. Oh god. I just wash my face I’ll show you with
what. I use this Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam and usually next I
would use a toner which this is the one that I think is breaking me out I’m not
completely sure yet but that’s what I that’s what I think it is. It could just
be that I’m allergic to one of the ingredients because I don’t think it has
anything in here that’s supposed to break you out but originally I was using
this one and I really like this as Andalou, I think it’s pronounced, and so
I was going to switch back to that but that’s what this rice water is going to
be replacing. Also I use an essence, I’m using Secret Key Starting
Treatment Essence but the rice water will be replacing that as well. So my
skincare treatment is really gonna be cut down quite a bit which is quite nice.
I’m still going to use a night moisturizer the Andalou…it’s not focusing.
Okay well Andalou Luminous Night Cream. I used that whole line. The
creamy cleanser, the toner, the regular moisturizer and the night cream for
almost two years and I really liked it. I got a lot of compliments on my skin. My
skin was really even I didn’t need to wear makeup which…like this is
really freaking me out right now because I’ve never broken out this bad
in my entire life. Anytime I would break out it would just be like three zits at
a time so this is kind of scaring me. I have it all here, here, up here. It’s
stressing me out. So I’m hoping that this rice water will
do something. I’m going to set you down and we’ll get started. Alright, I got my
robe on and I have the rice water here. There has been some stuff that has
settled at the bottom so I’m just gonna shake that up. I heard you can apply this with a
cotton ball but I’m gonna just try pouring a little bit in my hand and then
just patting it into my face. Alright. I’m bit nervous. If this breaks me out,
I’m gonna be really upset. I mean breaks me out in any more. Alright so I got it in my hand. I’ll do a little bit more. I don’t know if this will last the whole week if I keep spilling it. That should be enough. I’m just going to let that air dry on my face. Alright, my face feels pretty dry now so I’m just going to add my moisturizer. About that much it’s good. I’ll just massage that in. Alright I’m
hoping that I will see results. I’m not expecting results the first night but I
mean of course that’d be great if I wake up tomorrow my skin looks a little nicer
but I’m not expecting that. I’m really hoping that my face won’t break out
anymore and I hope the redness of my bumps will go away. So that’s all for
tonight. I’ll see you back tomorrow night or maybe even tomorrow morning if I do
notice any difference in my skin. Alright, see you tomorrow! Alright today is the second night and when I woke up this morning I didn’t
really see that much of a difference although my complexion did look a little
brighter but I’m not sure if that’s because of the rice water or not, it could
have just been from sleeping and waking up with the morning glow. However, I
decided that I would use it in the morning as well because I think just
using it for seven nights it might not show the best results so I’m gonna be
doing it morning and night but I’ll just check in at night. So yesterday my bumps
were very swollen and prominent today they’ve definitely gone down in size
they’re still a bit red but I think that looks pretty good for the most part I
mean just for the second day. I don’t know if that’s because of the rice water
or not it again but it could be. So I already wash my face I got I just got
out of the shower, I already wash my face in there and now I’m just gonna put the
rice water on and then moisturize and I’ll be done for tonight. Oh also,
after using it this morning I put the rice water in the refrigerator just to
prevent it from forming fermenting anymore. When I looked at it this morning it had settled. There’s a lot more stuff settled
at the bottom and the smell was a bit stronger but it had been
fermenting for about 36 hours and I just decided to keep in the refrigerator from
now on. So I just got it out and I’m going to go ahead and use it now.
I need to wash my hands first because I have coconut oil on. Alright. I also forgot to mention that before
getting in the shower I removed my makeup with coconut oil as a pre cleanse
and then I get in the shower and wash it all off. And also I
usually use a serum at night under my eyes, a vitamin C serum but again I’m
replacing that with the rice water. I think that’s good I’m gonna let that dry
now. Alright, my face is pretty dry so I’m just gonna add the moisturizer now. I don’t have my contacts in that’s why I
keep getting so close to everything. Alright I am you’re done for tonight and I
will check up with you again tomorrow It’s the third night and although
there’s still redness, my acne is definitely diminishing. It’s pretty much
flat. Pretty much all of the breakout is flat, no longer swollen, and that
bright red color it was the first day so I’m pretty happy. I think that this
rice water is just the detox my skin was asking for and it seems to be working.
I didn’t notice that much of a change this morning except for this being a
bit flatter so I’m just gonna put that on again tonight and tomorrow
morning and I’ll catch up with you again tomorrow. Alright it’s the fourth night
and I already used the rice water on my face tonight. I haven’t seen much of a
difference from yesterday so I’ve decided that from now on I’m just gonna
check in whenever I see any changes in my skin and it’s almost the seventh day
anyway so I’ll definitely be back at the end to just give my results. So I’ll see
you again in a couple days. Last night was night seven and this morning was
morning seven because I started doing it in the morning a day later. Overall I
think it went pretty well. I didn’t break out which is good and
that’s something I was really concerned about and the breakout that I did have
on my forehead and on my chin reduced quite a bit actually and I’m really
happy about that and I think in a few more days it’ll be completely gone and
my skin will be back to normal. I was hoping that my complexion would even out
and I took pictures before trying it and then this morning as well and I compared
them just before recording and I noticed that my skin does look slightly more
even. It’s not like a huge significant difference but I definitely noticed it
and the redness on my face has also gone away quite a bit. I think that because
fermented rice water has a lot of vitamins and minerals you
would see better results with doing this over time and since I just did it in seven days I don’t think I can really tell that much
of a difference but I think that it shows that it will yield good results in
the future, using it over time. One thing I did notice after using it my face
would feel pretty dry so if you do do this then make sure you use a
moisturizer on your face after using it as a cleanser or a toner. That’s the only
thing that I really noticed could be a problem so you couldn’t just like put it
on your face and then go out into the day because it really dries out your
skin. I think that’s all I have to say about it. I hope this video was
interesting and informative and I’m going to be doing more videos like this
in the future I actually have another little technique planned for next week.
If you like this video and you’d like to see more like it in the future, please
like and subscribe. And if you have any ideas on other techniques you would like
me to try over a week, please let me know down in the comments. Okay I will see you
next week with another video!

100 thoughts on “I Used Rice Water on My Face for a Week | Review

  1. I like your video, because you speak English very well
    When you prepare the rice water, you have to put it in the freezer because its smell will change
    And change it every 4 days as maximum

  2. I am confused by all of this, can someone please explain to me how does this work, the young girls are all over youtube presenting videos about reducing wrinkles or using products to keep your skin looking younger, how is this possible? cause most of them are younger than 30yrs, so why do they need all these things? do these "remedies" even work or we are spectators in their new found hobby? I don't say this to be mean, but it is strange to see a very young person like the girl on the video, using skin care to preventing aging amongst other things, I was never worried about anti age when I was the age of this girl and many others like her, women put too much pressure on themselves, with all this strife. By the way you in the video, its normal to have breakouts, its hormones nothing drastic, they come and go most people get them, if you don't get them at your younger age you get them when you mature. So just chill and enjoy your youth, travel, read books, life is for enjoyment not worrying about acne. There are people who have real things to worry about, eg cancer, losing your home, losing a loved one, come on live your life to the fullest as a young person.

  3. Hey Marlee! I did that too for around two weeks and I have noticed that I break out. Now I'll give it another try, but I heard from other youtubers and the internet that the best way is to dilute it with water!

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    Me: WTF??????? Are you kidding me? There's someone out there who looks like this? Like damn girl your skin is beautiful.

  9. breakouts happen. Wether it’s 3 pimples or 10 they happen. Don’t stress about it to much, because with stress comes more acne. With time it will go away, you’ll struggle because maybe you’re not used to it or maybe you just want a clear face. You’re face will never be perfectly clear, but just give it time.

  10. Hey Marlee, your skin really did show improvement and it's beautiful. Best not to touch blemishes with the index finger. Much love! 😊💋

  11. i used to have massive breakouts until i started scrubbing my face with brown sugar cz l wld react to face scrubs ,i would spray my face with fermented rice water and then apply fresh aloe vera gel twice a day ,it worked wonders,hope it works for someone…….drinking a lot of water can also help with flushing out toxins that can cause breakouts

  12. Rub cucumber on your face and wash hands everytime you do your routine it helped me seriously keep hands out your face its hard but clear skin you want

  13. I use rice powder, milk and honey mixed together. Leave on an hour. This is to tone and brighten the skin. Do every other day.

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  17. She's still young! Using that stuff, she may feel something, but I dont think she'll be able to see results until she gets older that is, if she is still using it. That will tell the truth on how well it works. – or not. As for quicker results, if she has skin issues, that may show evidence in a few weeks if it helps get rid of it. They say it grows hair, too. Those results will be sooner!

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