100 thoughts on “Ice Cream Rolls | Oreo, Brownie & Vanilla Ice Cream / Fried Thai roll Ice Cream rolled in Thailand

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  2. I have a question why did U guys covered his face? I remember I saw his face in this video. Now it’s covered? why tho

  3. この人の手際も人柄もだいすきで再び見いきたらモザイクかかっててわろ

  4. 久しぶりに見に来たらけど、顔にモザイクかかってましたっけ?


  5. i used a part of this video for another video is that ok?

    i haven't realised it yet so ¿¿could you say what do you think pls??

  6. for the people that wanne know why face is *** this youtube channel stole this video because they know this guy is a pro en they try to copy but nopeee

  7. *see the last video that the owner's channel do *

    and if.. I saw the first video that the owner do ?

    scroll down down down down down down down down

    2015 ???!!!!!

    Look tha video

    this is not the same person.. WAIT.. O GOD IT'S..
    It's a super power that is transmitted from year to year! omg revelation

  8. Boa tarde linda que linda desculpa aqui me dá e cheirosa aqui que desculpa a palavra de Alan Laura vir aqui agora Laurinha Laurinha Laurinha Laurinha só só que eu sou no inversao Eletro em leão e Paulinho quero ser quem o papelão que o processo do papelão quero ver massinha quero ver geleia o gato eu quero gato quero gato quero ser quero

  9. This is a nice video because he's not doing unnecessary things unlike your own video. The first time i watch this i think it's not in your channel. I saw the guy's face without censored.

  10. I can't find the original since this is reposted and the original is now buried under other videos, but still p good either way

  11. Who else from 2019 came right to the bottom of the VIDEOS to see when did ice cream rolls starts the channel?😂😂😂

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  13. Let's see how we can give the customer as little ice cream as possible. ( make it look like a lot) and charge a big price for it. The markup on this is actually huge.

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