Incredible footage of orcas eating a minke whale

Incredible footage of orcas eating a minke whale

All the pods around the days are small with typically five to eight members. Cries like these usually mean that a pub has spotted
larger prey than it can cope with and needs reinforcements. Just ahead of Rhodian, a pod of seven whales is in hunting formation,
scavenging seabirds indicate that they have already made at least one kill. They’re still calling for help. I was distracted by something live in their wake. It’s the remains of a mink1e whale calf. The other pod must have left it to carry on chasing its mother. Surprisingly, Rhodian nuzzles at the carcass. There are no previous records of
these efficient predators bothering to scavenge. He’s trying to pick it up, perhaps to drag it to the approaching females. It’s almost as if he needs his mother’s approval. These all swims down to investigate. And appears to approve. Recorded on camera for the first time. There is no doubt that our killers are scavenging. Perhaps this behavior is so unusual simply because most carcasses disappear quickly into
the depths, whereas this calf was killed in a shallow, sandy area. The fact that these killers changed course to accept a
free lunch is another sign of their superior intelligence. Rather than turn down a golden
opportunity, they adapt their behavior accordingly. During the chase, they were noisy enough to
attract all the killers in the neighborhood. Unwilling now to share these lean pickings,
the family feed in unusual, eerie silence. Delfine had to be the one to disturb the peace. As if to teach her a lesson, Liesel drags
the carcass away from her daughter towards the others. Cautiously, Delfine approaches again. And this time she keeps quiet. It takes the family another half hour to pick the bones clean. So far, Delfine has managed to contain herself, but
as usual, she’s the first to let off steam.

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  1. 👍👌👏 Oh WOW, that really is an amazing footage. Congrats!
    Thanks a lot for making taping editing uploading and sharing.
    Best regards luck and health to all involved life forms (humans and animals).

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