Incredibly RARE Muslim Street Food in DEEP China | SILK ROAD Street Food Series!

Incredibly RARE Muslim Street Food in DEEP China | SILK ROAD Street Food Series!

What an amazing time here in Kashgar Look at these noodles Right in the cauldron So we just got to the largest animal market in Kashgar Every Sunday Thousands of people come here to sell sheep, lambs, horses And along the sidelines There’s all these little stalls for food So we are going to walk along there And see what we can get for breakfast And lunch, let’s go check it out This is one of the most unique street food journeys that I’ve ever been on I’m Trevor James And you won’t believe the street food that we’ve found in this video In the far west of rural China Especially the home cooked meal with a local Uighur family at the end After spending a few days exploring around Kashgar We made our way out deep to the outskirts to the weekly animal market Where you can sample nearly all of the local Uighur street food specialties This is truly a once in a lifetime street food series Wow! Look at that huge pot of carrots Yellow carrots Oh yeah look at the Polo Oh with big mutton chunks! Polo Look at that So you can see all of the yellow carrots that he puts in With the big chunks of mutton That’s a good start to the day Alright Let’s sit down So we were just walking through And we just got the first thing This beautiful polo Zhuafan AKA Pilaf And I’ve been having this a few times here in Xinjiang And each time it’s just heavenly Oh look at those Look at that You can really see how saturated that rice is with oil And these yellow carrots Which are actually quite sweet Every time I try them And I’m just going to try that rice first to start Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh every time Every time that is delicious The perfect balance between the sweetness And the aromatic flavor of the rice is incredible Just look at these Honestly, these yellow carrots taste like pumpkin, they are sweet This is deep Look at that huge fatty chunk of mutton to start the day Nothing like it Now that is good Oh the mutton It’s so tender And juicy The fat just melts in your mouth Pilaf truly is one of the joys of the Silk Road And if you can find it at a local street market or farmers market Even better There really is nothing like it Especially watching them make it with cotton seed oil And mixing it up, slowly becoming soft and sweet After paying up, I made my way across the market To find some of the most unique hand pulled noodles that I’ve ever eaten That will just keep you alive If you’re hiking or doing anything physical That is just pure energy We are going to go see what else there is to eat Oh yeah, look at this We are in the animal market There is hundreds of cows and sheep and horses And we are going to see what else we can eat I think I see some noodles up here guys Noodle jackpot Oh yeah Hello Hello! Awesome! Look at that! Beautiful, I’ve never seen anything like that Getting hungry just watching this It’s like 3 guys doing it This is really entrancing Those noodles look thick and texture filled! Oh yeah that is skill This guy loves doing his job This guy just loves his job The big noodle cauldron This is total magic There they are This guy is so friendly So friendly Kashgar! We are going to get a beautiful bowl of those They have it all They have huge sheep hanging up over there That’s probably where they get all the meat from for the lamb kebabs And for the lagman hand pulled noodles And for the stew So it’s all super fresh We are going to sit down and try it out And it’s like perfect tomato chili sauce Awesome You gotta pour the broth into the meat Mutton stew Mutton soup So we have two beautiful dishes here today And I am just blown away with the friendliness here And I’m expecting the food will be on the same level of enjoyment Let’s try this lagman hand pulled noodles You saw them mixing with magic skills Nice chunks of mutton in a tomato sauce with some chili paste Make sure the first bite counts This is going to be magic right here Oh that is magic This is something else I can’t believe the friendliness here of everyone And this delicious food Lets try out the lamb soup Oh that flavor The mutton flavor is quite strong And they give you nice chunks of mutton It’s quite fatty though All of this is quite fatty I can’t see any big chunks of meat So I think the best part is just the broth And now he put it onto Ting How do I look? You look great Yeah? This is great What a nice plate of noodles And nice people here That was mind blowing experience I think I see some lamb kebab Kebab? This is full on This is right in your face and we are going to get our third snack here, the kebab Look at that Huge, huge kebabs And the fat content on there is off the hook And then they also give you a naan A fresh, hot, it’s still warm, nang That is quite chewy I’m still chewing, like 3 minutes later The kid loves it Flavored really nicely But it takes too long to chew Let’s taste the nang Tastes kind of stale I saw the locals eating like this Oh, that’s the local way You’ve got the local way down This is a full on market This explains why… That’s great Friendly people here This is like a full on experience guys You get a real sense for the people here And the culture And the cuisine It’s all here And this explains why we have been having so much delicious delicious meat in Xinjiang After visiting that bustling market We made our way back to Kashgar to prepare for the home cooked Uighur family meal that we had been invited to What an honor So we made our way back to Kashgar after that bustling animal market And we Hello! And now we are just enjoying the peaceful… And energetic… Children I guess? Peaceful neighborhoods of Kashgar This is great We are going for a big meal My good friend Josh Who runs the far west china blog and youtube channel Has connected me with his friend Ali who runs Uighur tours here in Kashgar And he has invited me personally to his home for a meal I can’t wait To prepare getting invited to a home cooked meal We went to the local bazaar And purchased a bunch of fruits and nuts and dates To give as a gift to Ali’s family Then we made our way out to the outskirts of Kashgar to meet Ali at his home So we just came out to rural Kashgar and we are going to have a nice meal with Ali’s family Nice to come here This is beautiful Hi Ali Nice to meet you Wow It’s really nice to come here For kebabs Nice! This is a beautiful home Beautiful home Very nice! Kitchen Chuchurra Dumpling Soup dumpling The chuchurra usually comes with some noodles Chuchurra comes with soup noodle Great What’s inside of the chuchurra Onion and meat Beef or lamb? We usually don’t use beef Oh ok So this is a typical Uighur home Most of the Uighur typical homes have a veranda Oh, beautiful And because in winter it’s really really cold So we have a warm house with warm rooms for winter And in summer it’s really really hot And winter, -20 degrees In summer it’s 40 degrees Oh, so it really goes up and down In summer we spend it here And in winter inside Oh ok And now it’s spring so it’s nice every day Getting invited to Ali’s home was truly a once in a lifetime experience Watching his family prepare the chuchurra lamb dumplings by hand Grilling the delicious lamb kebabs And making hand pulled noodles covered in a healthy tomato vegetable sauce was all amazing I’ve never been so lucky Beautiful food Very nice Coriander Coriander on top Cilantro Dried coriander And no shaking after washing That’s important Let it drip And we offer a towel Oh, ok It’s considered very impolite to shake your hands To shake the water off Oh ok, good In our culture This is the main part of the living room and the most respected guest will sit here Then from here it goes that way So the people who sit in the last If new guests come in Sometimes they will say please go ahead So usually the respected person is selected Like village elders or the older guests Or more educated guests They will sit there And this is the chuchurra right here Oh, very nice Oh yeah, look at these chuchurra Lamb, and onion And Ali was saying that they put cilantro on top And sometimes mint Oh the lamb The lamb flavor is really nice Oh yeah, little mini lamb dumplings with that cilantro flavor You can imagine how decadent the feasts are and how happy the atmosphere is in a room like this when it’s completely full The table was filled with fruits, nuts, dates, rock sugar for tea, and a lot of different snacks to enjoy And after those nice and plump mini lamb dumplings We made our way out back to enjoy a more casual kebab and noodle experience This looks so good Oh look at these layman This is really just – Xinjiang is becoming one of my favorite destinations here in China That is so magic Pure, healthy, fresh tomato sauce You can really taste the love in there With these ultra chewy hand made noodles This is so so nice to come here Fresh kebabs Oh, beautiful Oh wow Oh those are good Oh it’s so juicy! And seasoned perfectly After enjoying the kebabs and being introduced to the. Sweetest and most savory cardamom and saffron tea We made our way back to Kashgar Still beaming with happiness from that amazing home cooked Uighur food experience Thank you very much That was an amazing Thank you for coming Thank you for having me here Ali Abdul, thank you very much That was an amazing time Bye bye Thank you Thanks so much for having me Thank you, bye bye That was such an amazing experience at Ali’s family home here outside of Kashgar I have to give a huge thank you to Ali for inviting me You can check out his website and tour company He offers a full range of services And I also have to give a thank you to Josh From For introducing me to his good friend Ali

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