Indian Food in Mumbai – HARDCORE Non-Veg Nalli Nihari and Bombay Street Food Sandwich!

Indian Food in Mumbai – HARDCORE Non-Veg Nalli Nihari and Bombay Street Food Sandwich!

– Just look at how rich and
beautiful that curry is. Whoa, this is like richness
on top of richness. (rhythmic music) Good morning, it’s Mark Weins with in Mumbai, India. Ying and I had a quick breakfast
at the hotel this morning, and today we’re gonna be
hanging out with Myron who has been watching our
videos for many years. He invited us to hang out
and to go around Mumbai. So he should be here soon, and I think we’re gonna
eat a lot of food today. We met up with Myron, and
we just jumped into a taxi. You want to say what’s up, Myron? – Hi guys, Myron here. I’m so happy Mark has made it all the way to Mumbai finally,
finally, you know? And yes, it’s really
great, it’s really awesome, and I’m so lucky that I’m in his video. I mean, just like you
guys sitting out there, I used to be at my home
watching his videos, and now, here I am in his video. So anyways, thank you, Mark. – Thank you very much,
Myron, for the kind words. We are on our way over to Crawford Market. (rhythmic music) We arrived to Crawford Market. This is a huge market area in Mumbai. This is the indoor section, which is housed in this
old colonial building. You can find just about
everything here from candies and snacks and sweets,
to nuts and shampoos. Just about everything you can think of you can find here at this market. This is the indoor section,
but if you go outside, there are many streets with
just a huge bazaar full of everything you can
imagine to buy as well. Along with all of the dried
products and the household items, there’s also some
really good looking fruit at this market and some
vegetable vendors as well. You can just smell the
ripeness of those mangoes. (horns honking) You’ve really gotta be
careful of the traffic and the action that is
happening on this road. But we are walking down the
road from Crawford Market. (horns honking) This is definitely one
of the market streets where you have to kind of
duck so you don’t get hit sometimes by boxes or
transport or vehicles. But it’s an amazing place. Just full of action. (rhythmic music) This area is just fascinating. There’s so much going on. There are businesses and restaurants and stalls and just
lots and lots of people. Lots of action. This is an amazing action filled place. This area is actually
the Mohammad Ali Road, which is a very, very famous
food street in Mumbai. But it’s especially famous in the Ramadan period as well as at night. We have stopped to eat
a little quick lunch at a restaurant called Noor Mohammad. This restaurant is especially famous for serving nalli nihari. This is beef. There are some chunks of beef, and then these little white
pieces are bone marrow which has been extracted from
the bone and into the gravy. This is definitely an orange, oily gravy and it smells and looks incredible. This is very fluffy actually. I think this is a tandoori roti. Is it a tandoori roti? And it’s actually extremely fluffy. And break off a piece and
I’m gonna make a little cone shape so I can
grab some of the curry. And I especially want to get some of the bone marrow in this first bite. Oh wow, just look at how rich
and beautiful that curry is. Wow. That is amazing. Wow. OK. It’s so rich and so oily, but amazing. It has kind of a light spice blend. And then that marrow. It literally just melts
in your mouth along with that oil and those spices. What I’m gonna do next is
grab a little wedge of lime and squeeze in a little bit of lime juice. It’s so ridiculously rich. It’s so rich. Not only is there a lot of oil, but bone marrow on top of that. This is like richness on top of richness. Yeah, this is just one of the more rich dishes I think I’ve ever had. So tender and it literally just melts into that bone marrow and oil and sauce. Wow, that is insane. – This nalli nihari that
I’m having, it’s amazing. It’s super rich, very
buttery, not too spicy, But yes, I love it. – Maybe it’s one of the richest dishes I’ve had in a very long time. There’s this little dish of salad. I think it’s chopped up chilies. I’m not sure what that little on is. It looks almost like ginger. I’m gonna pinch a little bit to taste. Mm. Yeah, that’s sliced up chilies. A little bit spicy. And I think that is ginger,
but I think it’s baby ginger because the ginger is very mild and just has a juicy ginger taste to it. Mm. And a nice lime sour flavor to it as well. One thing you can do, which
Myron has explained to me, is you can take a piece of
meat and just set it into the middle of the roti
and just kind of break it. And that way, it’s easy to
grab pieces of the roti and take little bits of meat. Oh, and I think I could add
some marrow to this bite. Dip into that beautiful sauce and some white jiggly bits of marrow. Wow, that marrow is unbelievable. I have finished my roti, but I still have some of the curry left. So you can eat it like a soup at the bottom of all that gravy. Whoa. It’s so buttery and so rich and so smooth and so meaty. Oh, one thing I was gonna
tell you is that in India, because there are so many vegetarians, you either eat veg or non-veg. Veg means pure vegetarian, whereas non-veg usually
means extreme meat. In India, it would be
common to call a dish like this hardcore non-veg
because this is about as opposite as vegetarian
as you can possibly get. So it’s worth mentioning that this is a pretty cool restaurant. It’s on the side of the road. There’s a highway which is above ground, so it kind of has a dark feel to it. But then you come back
into this restaurant, it’s a real classic restaurant. There’s bucket seat couches
that we are sitting on, which it’s the perfect environment for eating bone marrow stew. (horns honking) We are now walking around down the street in an area what is
called the Bhendi Bazaar, which is another huge
bazaar area in Mumbai. I’m seeing just about
everything you can imagine once again including a little
shop full of different knives. And then there are a lot of
household supplies, plastics. There are a bunch of cats eating meat. And then I’m seeing a lot
of kitchen supplies as well. Pot stores, toys. Yeah, there’s a lot of
stuff in this market and just has an amazing feel to it. The stalls are on both sides of the lane. There are bicycles and motorcycles. There are buildings surrounding us. There are, I think they are crows, which are just flying all overhead. This is a very interesting
place to just walk around and explore, and just to
people watch and to shop watch. (rhythmic music) – [Myron] (speaking foreign language). – (speaking foreign language). – [Myron] Cheese, if
you would like cheese. – Yeah, sure, sure. I don’t think of sandwiches
when I think about Indian food, but in Mumbai,
sandwiches with masalas and different spices and
potatoes and vegetables are an extremely popular
street food snack. Is that beets? OK, onions. Cheese. This has to be one of the most fascinating street sandwiches I’ve ever seen made. He took two pieces of bread
and put butter all over them, and then he added in. What did he cut in there? Using a hacksaw blade, he sliced in some tomatoes, some onions. There’s definitely some cucumber. Then masala potato
mixture he spread into it. Then he shredded on some cheese. Then he added some chutneys. And the best part about
him making the sandwiches is that he had this iron
device sandwich maker, what you put the sandwich into, and then he stuck it over a propane fire, and it just grilled within that. So it’s hot and fresh. This is a classic Indian
Mumbai street sandwich. We can see that cross section. Oh, that is beautiful. Look at all those layers of vegetables. And this is a vegetarian sandwich as well. But there’s some cheese. I’m gonna take this
first wedge of sandwich and I think I’ll go in
for some of that chutney. Oh, and I’m losing some
ingredients though. Oh well. Mm. Oh, that’s awesome. I can take a little bit of cumin in there. And what I really like is that beet root. That’s really good. The beet root is just soft
and just sort of dissolves, and then you have the crunchy cucumber, the crisp onion, and then
the cheese just is melted and just wraps it all together. And then that minty
chutney in there as well. That is pretty awesome. Mm. So many different vegetables. And even the potato is
really good in there. That was a surprisingly
extremely tasty sandwich. It was really colorful
with all those different ingredients and all those layers. Yeah, that was really good. Just a very typical
sandwich that you’ll find all over the streets of Mumbai. (horns honking) (rhythmic music) We just took a taxi over
to Haji Ali mosque area, and it is insanely packed today. So many people. So we have decided to stop
at Haji Ali juice center. I ordered a lemon water and
I got the salted version as opposed to the sweet version. Like extremely salty limeade. This is a beverage that you
need when you’re sweating outside because it has
all that salt in it so you can retain all of your vitamins. And then that lime juice. Oh, yeah, it’s pretty rough. Right now it is high tide, so
you cannot walk to the mosque. But when it’s low tide, there
is a pathway that uncovers from the water and you
can walk to the mosque. The police have mentioned
that at 6 p.m. it will be low tide, so they will allow
people to walk to the mosque. That’s why it’s so busy
around here right now is that everybody’s just
waiting around until 6 p.m. But I think that’s in about four hours, so I don’t think we’re gonna stick around. But it was really nice to get a view of the mosque just from the coast here. (easygoing music) We jumped back in a taxi, and it looks like it’s
gonna rain pretty soon. Or I think it’s starting to
rain right now as I said that. We’re gonna take the Sea Link to Bandra. An area of Mumbai called, Bandra. (easygoing music) we made it to Mount Mary
and there’s a main cathedral and then across the
street, there is a shrine. But you walk inside to the
cathedral and it’s just an amazing place of piece and
complete calm and silence. The complete opposite
of being in the center of the bustle and chaos of Mumbai. (rhythmic music) One of the reasons we haven’t taken, or even in the videos you
haven’t even seen auto rickshaws, is because auto rickshaws are
not allowed in south Mumbai, which is where we’ve been so
far since being on this trip. But north Mumbai and in Bandra onwards, there are lots and lots of auto rickshaws. (horns honking) It’s really windy and raining off and on. We are walking up the
promenade to the Bandra Fort. This is their remains of
an old Portuguese fort, but now it’s been made into
a public park where people come just to sit next to the ocean. The waves are crashing. And from here you can also get a really good view of the Sea Link Bridge. (rhythmic music) It started raining again. This time pretty hard, so we
jumped into an auto rickshaw. We are on our way to a
place to have some chaat. (rhythmic music) We just took a pretty
intense auto rickshaw ride from the Bandra area to a place called Elco for some different snacks. Right along the street,
they have an outdoor section where you can just stand
and order and eat standing, but they also have a couple
floors of indoor sections. We have just ordered a
couple of different chaats. This one is called sev puri. They are little crispy discs
on the bottom topped with a bunch of different things
and a lot of crispies. There are some peanuts in here. I think that’s cilantro. There’s some onions and potatoes. Just like a splatter of crunchiness. And what you do is you can just
grab one with your fingers. It includes so many. Oh yeah, on the bottom
there, you can see all of the different chutneys
and sauces mixed in and then all of the crunchy goodies. I think I’ll eat the
whole disc in one bite. That’s like an amazing nacho. For a moment there, I thought
it was actually guacamole because the potatoes
in there are so creamy. Almost like avocado. You got a little bit
of spiciness going on. You’ve got a little bit of
sweetness from the tamarind. You’ve got crunchy things
all over the place. And then you have the
onion flavor as well. We also got dahi puri. Dahi is the yogurt, and then the puris are those little hollow crispy shells. It’s kind of sweet and salty and crunchy, and then you have a little bit
of sourness from the yogurt. But then you can also taste
the sprinkle of spices. The sev puri in particular
was absolutely delicious. That was the best thing that I tried here. (rhythmic music) We are just walking along the road, and we have found a man selling deserts. This is a type of malai,
which is a cream desert. Actually, this one is a very special one because it is made with the
very first milk of the cow. I believe in English,
that’s called colostrum. So it’s like the creamiest, richest milk with all the nutrients
and all the richness. It looks a little bit like jelly textured, but at the same time it looks
kind of like cheese as well. Wow. It kind of has the flavor of
cheese except it’s very sweet. The texture is like a combination of tofu and jelly or jello. And then at the same time, you can taste a really strong milk flavor. (horns honking) We have made it to an area
which is called Linking Road which is another shopping
market especially for clothes. Again, it is just a packed market, especially with ladies because there are a lot of women’s clothing here. From the market, we walked
over to a restaurant that’s called Jai Jawan
which serves Punjabi food. They’re especially known for their prawns fry which we ordered. And actually at that
market, Link Way Market, they have a stall of the same restaurant, which is just standing. But then you walk about
five minutes away from there and there’s more of sit down restaurants. We came to the sit down restaurant to get a little bit of peace. The prawns fry have just arrived. They are hot and fresh. Deep fried coated in a
little bit of a batter. You can see a little
bit of salt or some kind of seasoning sprinkled on top,
and you can smell the aroma. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – Wow, the prawns are bouncy in texture. Kind of a light, but very crispy batter. Salty. That is as good as it looks. Definitely a squeeze of
lime would be wonderful. Maybe a little bit of
this chutney as well. I’ll put a little of
this down on my plate. Wow, those are good. Those are like shrimp onion rings. Just like plump and bouncy shrimp. A little bit of that chutney. Wow. And with that extra lime, that gives it the refreshing sour touch. Especially I like it because
it contrasts the saltiness. The chutney is also extremely good. You can taste a lot of garlic in there, and I think a lot of cilantro
and maybe some lime juice as well as maybe some
ginger in there as well. We also had to order
some tandoori chicken, which is also a Punjabi specialty. Tandoori chicken is just one of the great styles of chicken in the world. We got the whole chicken cut into pieces. I love those rivets within
the chicken to make sure all the flavor seeps inside
and to cook it evenly. – [Myron] Oh, it’s hot. – Oh, yeah, that’s hot. Oh, wow. Sometimes when you have tandoori
chicken, it’s kind of dry. But this tandoori chicken,
it’s extremely juicy. It is caked in flavor from that outside. You can taste the really fast way that it’s been cooked in the clay oven. You can taste the roasted flavor throughout the whole piece of chicken. It’s so good on it’s own, but I am kind of an addict of sauces and chutneys. Oh, that’s hot. I have to go in for some of that chutney. I gotta have some of that chutney. That chutney is just ridiculously good. That chutney is awesome. That chutney is award winning. You could just eat that
chutney like a soup. It’s garlicky and sour and herbaceous. We also ordered some dal makhani, which is our black lentils. This is one of the
world’s great bean dishes. Grab a tandoori roti, and I cannot wait to try that dal makhani. Oh. yeah. That is just one of the world’s
great lentil bean dishes. Oh, it’s so good. And again, that has a nice
garlicky taste and it’s creamy. It’s just wonderful. I love dal makhani. Another dish we got is
called mutton keema. Often times this is served
with just white bread and then you eat it and dip it up. But we just got some tandoori roti, which we’re gonna eat with it. Scoop a little bit of this. I think it’s minced mutton
with all the spices. Minced mutton. You can taste probably some cumin in there and just a blend of spices, and it’s in a rich, buttery gravy. Oh, wow. That is marvelous. – [Myron] Have a safe trip. Enjoy your world tour. – [Mark] Thank you very much. It was fun to hang out. – [Myron] (mumbles)
never stop making videos. – [Mark] OK. – [Myron] Never stop traveling Never stop eating. That’s all I want to say. – All right, man. Thank you. Bye bye. We finished with dinner at Jai Jawan. That was some amazing food. And we took a taxi all the
way back to south Mumbai where we’re staying in Colaba. We seemed to go to a lot of busy, packed, chaotic markets today,
which was very interesting. Awesome to walk through. And also had some delicious food. It was great to hang out and meet Myron. Thank you all very much
for watching this video. Please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and
leave a comment below. Also, make sure you subscribe
for more food videos. Also, I wanted to mention
that I’ll leave this video in a playlist for this
entire Round the World Trip for Food series, so you
can check out the full list if you haven’t seen all the videos. Thank you again for watching. See you on the next video. Check out this goat standing
on top of the motorbikes. Hello. And then right down from the goat, there’s a chicken standing
on the motorbike, too. (rhythmic music)

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