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What’s up and welcome to another episode of Chopstick Travel. My name’s Luke Martin, and today is day two of our series here in Penang, Malaysia. This is an island teeming with street food. If you didn’t check out yesterday’s episode you can hit the link down in the description box. We sampled some of Penang’s best Chinese street foods. This is one of the true joys of Penang and that’s why it is such an amazing island, because you can have authentic Chinese food like this. I also tried one of the most innovative, complex drinks I have ever seen in my entire life. Oh, that’s too good. That rose essence gives it kind of a floral-ness, too. That is a very complex flavor profile for a drink. So today we have another full day of eating planned ahead of us and I am really excited. It’s breakfast time. So let’s go eat. Okay. So for breakfast today we are at this extremely famous stall here. It’s called Transfer Road Roti Canai. They have all kinds of different breakfast items and they are just pumping out the roti canais, which is their specialty. They also have paratha, and they also have roti bakar. So this place is popular with the tourists and locals alike and they’re very very friendly. And I just can’t believe the amount of people they are serving and the speed at which they are doing so. It’s pretty incredible to watch. So we have ordered our breakfast, just waiting for everything to arrive and actually there is some hidden seats down kind of a back alley with a nice shady area to sit in. Mostly everyone’s sitting right out front, but there is some more seating in the back. We ordered up to drink today teh tarik, which is Malaysia’s famous tea drink, the ‘pulled’ tea, and you can see it is nice and frothy on the top, and very creamy from the milk they put in it. So let’s try this out. Oh yeah, oh. I love that froth on the top. It’s kind of like bubbly, and it’s quite sweet actually. Very creamy and full flavor from all the spices they put in there. So we are waiting for our food to arrive. I am ready to eat. Thank you. Our first dish has arrived. What we have ordered here is the roti canai which is a flatbread that has been fried, and we ordered ours with chicken curry. And just check this out. This is absolutely sloppy yet delicious-looking. So there is a ton of that red curry. There’s egg in there as well and you can see this is the roti canai, the bread underneath. And then we have a nice piece of chicken leg, chicken drumstick on top. So I’m gonna just tear some meat off that chicken. Oh, yeah. And make sure my first bite counts. Get some roti canai. And that chicken, some curry. Let’s try that. That curry is quite spicy actually, very spicy. And the chicken is extremely tender. The roti does an amazing job at soaking up all of that curry flavor. Yet at the same time retaining the elasticity. That is the definition of ugly delicious, like it’s not the prettiest plate of food I’ve ever had that’s for sure, but it is certainly tasty. I’m gonna go in for one more bite with a little bit of egg, a little bit of roti. Oh man, that curry’s so good. Our second dish has arrived. These are two of my all-time favorite breakfast items here in Malaysia, roti canai and roti bakar. So here is the roti bakar, and you can see this is just a piece of toast, and then on top we have two beautifully soft-boiled eggs. And that is what dreams are made of. Oh man, that is some seriously creamy eggs. So the way that they like to do it here in Malaysia is put a little bit of, I think this is white pepper? Just put some white pepper on top. And then just a little bit of soy sauce to give itsome saltiness. Not too much. And then on this toast, underneath here, I don’t know if you can tell maybe under this piece. Oh man, that egg. There is butter and also kaya, and what kaya is is a jam of pandan leaves, coconut, sugar. So it’s a sweet jam and I’m just gonna go in for a piece of this. Make sure I get lots of egg. Check that out. That is absolutely beautiful. Let’s try that. Oh man, oh man. That is like my favorite breakfast food of all time, I think. It is sweet, salty creamy, rich from those eggs, and then that butter. Oh man. Look at that. That is beautiful. Let’s have another bite. Oh man. It is just so saturated with those soft-boiled eggs. And a little bit sweet from that kaya. That is perfect breakfast food. Finished up with our breakfast. That was really really good. I definitely recommend this place, and you can find the information down in the description box if you want to visit Roti Canai Transfer Road. The staff is really friendly, and it’s very easy to order as a tourist. You just pay once they bring the food to your table. So now we are going to head to get iced coffee. So let’s go. So we are here at the ice coffee stall. And this is an extremely popular yet very very modest stall. So this aunty is here six out of seven days of the week and she just has a little bicycle cart that apparently she is serving some really good iced coffee out of. So we’re gonna wait in line. There’s quite a big line. Yeah. We are gonna order ourselves up a coffee. We have our ais kopi, or iced coffee. And this place is called Kopi Peng Famous Aunty. The aunty working here is extremely cute and really really friendly and she definitely has been making coffee for a long time because just watching her is exciting. She has the technique completely down to a T. So the way that she makes it is she uses this really really thick black coffee that she mixes with condensed milk, and then she does the Malaysian ‘tarik’ of the ‘pull’ to foam or froth up the condensed milk. And then she uses the frothed condensed milk to put on top of your iced coffee. So you can see there’s quite a bit of froth on the top here. And then she finishes it off with her signature star her, coffee star. And it kind of goes away pretty quickly but it’s a nice little touch. It makes this place pretty unique, so. Let’s find out how the coffee actually tastes. Oh, yeah. Oh man. Get a little bit of froth. Oh man. That is so good. It is definitely a very strong coffee. A little bit of a bitter flavor from the black coffee but very sweet at the same time from all that condensed milk, and I think she adds a little bit of extra sugar in that condensed milk-coffee mixture as well. The froth on top is just like super creamy. That is just very very rich. Nice and refreshing. We ordered the iced version. She also does hot, but it is too hot to keep drinking hot drinks all day. So we wanted an iced coffee, and this, I’m very satisfied with this. So this stall is pretty notorious for having a long line because the auntie likes to take her time to make sure the coffee tastes right. She even does like, a quality check every once in a while to make sure everything tastes correct. And so I think we waited at around 20, maybe 25 minutes for this coffee. But it is seriously good, so I would say it’s worth it. Maybe not if the line is really really long. It gets pretty hot here in Penang so you have to be pretty dedicated, but it is good coffee. Finished off with our kopi. That was absolutely delicious. I totally highly recommend that spot if you want to have a nice refreshing iced coffee. So we spent a little time relaxing in there. We’re getting a little hungry again. We are going to head now to get some lunch. So let’s go. – You want chilli?
– Yeah. So for lunch today, we are having fried noodles or mee goreng. We are the place called Hussein Mee Goreng, and he is cooking these noodles ridiculously fast. And he is definitely an expert at doing this. So there’s all kinds of different ingredients mixed in with the noodles, and it is all cooked over top of charcoal. There’s even a little bits of like charcoal ash flying out. It smells really good. He puts a couple of different types of chili sauce in there. He put some kicap manis (a sweet soy sauce), egg and tofu, oil. I think a little bit of stock too. So there’s quite a few ingredients. We’re gonna go inside, sit down, and try some fried noodles. Our plate of mee goreng has arrived, and this is absolutely beautiful. The chef here is working so hard. He cooks these servings one by one, so they are cooked ready to order. Super super smoky already, you can smell it, and just check this out. It’s beautiful-looking. So it’s topped with a little bit of lettuce We’ve got some lemon, or lime sorry, on the side here. And then underneath, all those beautiful noodles with all kinds of ingredients and sauces in there. So there’s pieces of tofu in there. I think there may be pieces of potato. There’s bean sprouts, all kinds of different things. I’m just gonna take my lemon here– lime, sorry, and squeeze that on top. And give it a little bit of sourness. And grab some from over here. Let’s try that. Mmm. Oh, yeah. Right off the bat, that is like the perfect contrast of sweet and spicy. A little bit salty, and a little hint of sourness from that lime juice. But really the dominant flavor there is just that wok. Smoky, super smoky charcoal flavor. Those noodles are cooked to perfection. And there’s some crisp bean sprouts in there. Let’s go in for one more bite. I’m gonna grab a piece of the tofu here. Just get some of the noodles. And these noodles are all kind of like chopped up, so they’re not very long. They’re kind of just short. Perfect for snacking. Let’s try this. Oh man. I am being constantly blown away and impressed at how much care and precision goes into cooking these dishes here in Penang. All the stalls we visit just seem to have owners that care so much about the food they’re cooking. And it really comes through in their dishes. So this mee goreng, you could really just taste that smoky charcoal flavor. To be honest, I’m more of a char kway teow person myself but this was probably the best of mee goreng I’ve ever had. And it is super cheap too, very affordable. So if you’re looking for some good cheap mee goreng fried noodles here in Penang Hussain Mee Goreng is probably the place to go. So we are quite stuffed after that. I think now we are going to head to check in a temple. So we are here at the temple now. This is a Hindu temple. I don’t think I can pronounce the name so I’m just gonna put it down below here. But this is one of the most important Hindu sites here in Malaysia. And it’s very similar to the Batu Caves, which is outside of Kuala Lumpur. There’s a lot of steps you have to climb up to get to the top of the temple. And it looks really beautiful. It’s very peaceful. And there’s no tourists here. So we’re gonna just take a stroll around and check out the site. So just like at the Batu Caves, this temple has monkeys on the stairs as you climb up. So we just saw a little monkey. He was pretty friendly. Alright, don’t underestimate the heat of Malaysia. It is winter and it is so hot and we’re trying to climb all the way to the top. And I read online that there wasn’t as many stairs as Batu Caves, but I think that is incorrect. And it is really difficult. We’re only like halfway there. So now I know why there’s no one else here. Because that is seriously a hike. But, wow, this looks pretty beautiful. Let’s go take a closer look. So you can see the temple behind me here. It is absolutely beautiful. Definitely worth the hike up here. But I would say, you should come early in the morning or late at night because it is scorching hot out here. I am extremely sweaty. But another benefit of climbing all the way to the top of the stairs is you get this really marvelous view over Georgetown, all the skyscrapers and the ocean. But man it is hot, let me tell you. So we are gonna head back down, take a little break, before we head out for dinner tonight. So for dinner tonight we are on a street called Kimberly Street This is sort of like a night market almost at nighttime. There’s a bunch of food stalls. And actually this is a restaurant we’re sitting at now that I’ve already filmed that before. The last time I remember it was absolutely delicious. Ad they’re serving a dish called duck kway chap. So we have our bowl right here. It’s a mixture of a lot of ingredients. So it starts off with some really interesting looking flat noodles. And then there’s a bunch of braised duck parts. So the duck meat, they used parts from the head. And also there’s a braised egg in there. And I think she also mentioned that there was pig skin in it. And it’s topped with just a little bit of fried garlic and some herbs. So, let me just go in right here and grab just a big spoonful of everything. And it’s just kind of like a mixture of all kinds of different items. That looks really really good. Big piece of duck meat on top. So let’s try that. Those noodles are really interesting. They’re kind of wide and flat at the same time. And the duck meat has like a nice kind of soy braised flavor to it. There’s some coagulated pig’s blood in there as well, which kind of like falls apart in your mouth. It’s very soft. And the broth is really what makes the dish. The broth is just so hearty, so rich and like deep flavors. Gonna get a little bit more here. Try that. Oh man. This is like a hearty stew almost. That duck meat is so tender. Alright guys, that is going to be it for today’s episode, another incredible day of eating here in Penang. This is not our last day. We still have another video for you guys coming up very soon. And if you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon so that you get notified when we post a video on YouTube. And leave us a comment down below. Let us know what you thought looked the most delicious in today’s episode. So thanks for watching guys. We’ll see you again very soon . – Bye bye.
– Bye.

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