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  2. Хочу в Индию 😘👌👍
    Так все аппетитно…вауууу
    Скора поеду в гости
    Встречайте Индия
    Привет индусам с Казахстана 🇰🇿

  3. I don't know if he does it intentionally, at "8.15" the BHEL poori man just seems like adding more chutney but he never does!!!!…LOL

  4. As a Bangladeshi, I haven't seen anything like "kusum roll" here. This is the most delicious looking food in the whole video I think.

  5. aik bhi indian vlog mn ye ni dekha k kuch free bhi dia ho jabke pakistani vlogs mn mostly yhi tha k tried to pay but free…pakistani people are more generous..

  6. Awesome video. So nostalgic for me!But, you missed some really authentic Bengali food. Especially, you didn't get the the taste of fish curry (machher jhol)! Ok. May be next time.

  7. Sorry but I'm glad n thankful that i was born in the United States cause safety for our health is first n cleanse of our country but if i was u i would look around for food that i dont need to have people serving me with there feet around my food n dirty hands hope the best for ur health God bless u

  8. Hi food ranger, I am from Afghanistan🇦🇫 Hope you visit Afghanistan someday and enjoy our delicious foods and host. I'm in the diet and watching this delicious foods 🤤just want peace

  9. You can also speak hindi… And Bengali…
    Amazing..if you come here next Time please please contact me on REVOLUTIONARY.IN ( INSTRAGRAM)

  10. They took 110 fucking rupees for a roll ? You got ripped off mate, I live in Kolkata, and we usually get it for 80 rupees .

  11. damnnn indians are so stingy with the chciken, he thew in like 5 small pieces for the hole role, actually reminds me of fregos brazilian resturant there was an indian worker doing the sandwiches there one day, and he put half the meat that i usually get, ffs and i went home with the burger and than i found out, i couldnt be bothered going back., moral of story, why indians so tight with the meat?

  12. It's almost impossible to eat like that in a sequence and enjoy it too…Either Trever james does intermittent fasting or prolonged fasting…

  13. The ‘Bhelpuri’ waalaas use Coriander leaves chopped. Not Cilantro. Usually, it’s the Coriander leaves which is used in almost many if the Indian dishes.

  14. 13:19 Boy I have been long to eat those loafs, which I cannot get here in Bangalore. Must say we Calcatians know how to eat breads, here people understand bread as in either slices or buns. English food something we Calcatians just love it. By the way we also prefer in Calcutta English foods along side Bengali cuisine and very very very less American.

  15. I'm watching this because of a friend who lives in kolkata. He told me how beautiful kolkata is and because of this video I now agree with him. I wanna go there and eat all of this food. I can't wait to go here someday and meet him❤️

  16. Honestly, when I see the kitchen in which they cook the food, I stop being hungry! Zero Hygiene and the kitchen and all their items are too much dirty (just for some restaurants). My gosh….. disgusting

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