Indian Street Food Tour in Mumbai – Bombay Duck Fry and AMAZING Vada Pav!

Indian Street Food Tour in Mumbai – Bombay Duck Fry and AMAZING Vada Pav!

– [Mark] Coming to Mumbai for the food, one of the things I was
looking forward to eating most is known as Bombay Duck. (energetic music) Good morning everyone it’s Mark Wiens with in Mumbai, India. On the spur of the moment
Ying and I have decided to take the boat to
Elephanta Caves, which, we catch the boat from
the Gateway of India. And the reason we’ve just
decided to go right now all of a sudden is
because it’s Friday today, and I think it will be perhaps a little bit less busy
than on the weekends. [Man Speaking In Foreign Language] – 180 each. [Mark] 180 each.
[Man] Yeah, both ways. [Mark] Oh, luxury class. [Man] Luxury. No economy,
economy is closed this monsoon. [Mark] Official ticket? Okay. [Man] Yes.
[Mark And Ying Laugh] [Man] Come, I will show you. [Mark] Hello. Oh, 10 Rupee. Thank you. (upbeat music) We couldn’t have timed it more perfectly, although we didn’t plan it. But we arrived to the Gateway of India, and then we immediately
bought our tickets, they cost 180 Rupees. And then the boat was about to depart so we jumped right on the boat. (techno music) The boat is a little bit
rocky, but not too bad. We are cruising along and this boat ride should take about an hour. You can just see the entire skyline just stretching across the coast. Or just part of the skyline, actually. But luckily today is not… It’s cloudy but it hasn’t rained yet. (techno music) [Man Speaks Foreign Language]
[Mark] Thank you. It’s really windy today, but
the weather is beautiful. It’s really cool. (Bollywood inspired music) It was probably about a 15 minute walk from the pier to the site, and you have to walk up
this flight of stairs. And because they have these
blue tarps that are covering, and there are lots of souvenir stalls, it just makes it so humid inside of there. Keeps all the moisture inside. So that was about a 15 minute
walk, we have now entered. The price for entrance… I think the price has gone up a bit since the last time I checked, but it is 500 Rupees
for foreigner entrance and we are here now. This is the start of the Elephanta Caves. And down there is where we started from. That’s the pier down there. The original name for
the caves is Gharapuri, and it consists of seven different temples which are within caves, which were built between the
5th and the 6th centuries. So this is the first cave, and I think this is one of the main caves. Actually, it doesn’t even look
this big from the outside, but when you get in here it’s huge. Just with giant columns. Oh, I just definitely got a
whiff of bat dung, I think. And there are sculptures. But this is like a… This reminds me a lot of
Egypt and the Hypostyle Halls, and just these giant columns. [Man singing In A Foreign Language] [Mark] Wow. Yeah the echo. [Man And Mark Singing
In A Foreign Language] [Mark] Wow. Very nice. Thank you. Some of the statues and the sculptures have deteriorated a little bit, but it’s still just amazing. And it’s much bigger than
I thought it would be. We spent about an hour walking
around the temple complex. It was very interesting. Definitely cave number one was the most impressive and the biggest, and I think that’s the main cave that is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. – Salt, lemon? [Mark] Salt, yes please. We made it back down towards the coast and I decided to get a hot,
fresh piece of grilled corn. And then when she took it off
the fire then she added on I think it’s just like a salt, chili, lime juice garnish seasoning. And it’s nice and hot. When I was a kid growing
up especially in Kenya I would always eat
roasted corn as my snack, so this brings back great memories. Yeah. The corn is a little bit creamy, kind of like milky, and then… Yeah you gotta love that black
char from the fire roasted. And the seasoning is very light, just a little bit of salt and a little bit of
sourness from that lime. Corn drumstick. I think some of the… I think some of the corn just
sprayed out and hit the lens. Can you see that Ying? Thank you, thank you. [Woman] Namaste.
[Mark] Namaste. I’m really glad that we decided to come on the first boat and on Friday, because it was really, really quiet. But as we are leaving there
was another boat that came and lots and lots of people
are starting to come. (Bollywood inspired music) (speaking in a foreign language) (cars honking) – We are back to the symphony of honking horns back in the city. It didn’t rain the entire
time we went to the island, but as soon as we got back to Mumbai, jumped in a taxi and it started raining. (Bollywood inspired music) Oh I can smell that aroma. For two people? [Man] AC? You want AC? [Mark] No AC is okay. [Man] No AC. [Man] Which country? [Mark] From Thailand.
[Ying] Thailand. [Mark] And America. [Man] And the U.S. [Mark] Yes. [Mark] Bombil Fry Thali, one. And… That was a little bit
of an intense taxi ride, I think that took about 45 minutes and traffic was not so good. But I am happy that we
made it to this restaurant. This restaurant is called
Gomantak Boarding House, and they … oh I think
the food has just arrived. Okay. Which one is that? Thank you. They have both an AC and a non-AC, but we got some seats here
in the non-AC section. It’s just a packed environment, and I don’t have a lot of moving space, but this is my kind of a restaurant. Coming to Mumbai for the food, one of the things I was
looking forward to eating most is known as Bombay Duck. And it’s actually… Although it’s called duck, it’s actually a lizard
fish which is fried. And it’s kind of curly in shape. And then I got the whole Thali, so it comes with a number
of different side dishes, including rice and, I
think these are chapatis, and then some chutneys and curries. I’m going to try the Bombil fry first. And you can see these are like
little curly sides of a fish. I think it’s just the
filet side of the fish. And then it is coated
in some kind of coating, and then deep fried. That is extremely tender. That just, like, flicks apart. Wow, that’s good. That is salty, and really, really crispy. It has that crispiness that… I’m not sure if it’s cornstarch? But it almost has a… It has a more crispy texture
than a flour-based batter. I’m going to take my rice though, and put it on to my platter. I’ll start with a little bit of it first. And then I think this one is
some kind of a curry sauce. I will add some of this to my rice. Oh there’s some chunky
spices in there as well. And I’m really curious, I have no idea what this pink colored sauce is. Let me add a little bit of that. A pink dish. Okay, I’ll take that piece of Bombil fish and mix it into that rice. That’s amazing. I’ll break a piece of the fish, and let me dip it into the curry. That is awesome. It’s all about that fish, though. And actually the curry
sauce, it’s mild in taste. In addition to the Bombay duck, I also got some … This is a Pomfret masala. So it’s just a little pomfret. Actually, maybe I’ll put this
whole head onto my plate. Add some more sauce. And I think this is the head right here, that’s the mouth, so most of
the meat is over on this side. It has a little bit of
a sour flavor to it. And then the fish is very soft, and… Again the curry is kind of mild in taste, but it is extremely good. And the curry is not oily either. This is just fantastic. And mixed with the rice and
some of that curry sauce, it’s amazing. You can see little very,
very fine, fine bones. They’re almost like hair
fine, and you can eat them. We also got a type of
chicken curry here as well. I’ll put this down, and let me eat this with some of the chapati. I think that’s part of
the drumstick, possibly? Oh that’s a bone shard. The chicken curry is amazing. I think it has a really… I think I can taste
some cinnamon in there. And definitely just an
incredible blend of spices. And I’m really not sure
what this pink one is, but the owner here told me that it is… I think it’s called co-mani,
com-pa-nee, or something. It’s very liquid-y, it’s watery. Oh wow. When I had it with my rice I couldn’t really taste it because it’s not a very strong flavor, but it has kind of a sour… It’s a little bit sour. I don’t know, it’s almost
like yogurt-y tasting. I think I was eating the pink liquid all wrong this whole time, because now that I notice
other people eating it they kind of leave it to the end and then just drink it
at the end of their meal. Kind of like… Maybe it’s like a digestive
or something like that. So then you drink it at
the end of their meal and it’s really soothing. It does, it tastes like yogurt but water. It tastes like yogurt water. I’m really not sure exactly what it is, but it’s really good. It kind of feels like I’m getting my probiotics in with this pink liquid. Final step of the meal is mouth freshener. Put this into my hand. It is very licorice-y. That just completely takes
away all my onion breath. Thank you very much, thank you very much. Now as my first time
to ever eat Bombil fry, which is also known as Bombay duck, and that was delicious. All of the food was good, but definitely the Bombil fry was my favorite. It’s such a wonderful fish,
such an oily, delicious fish, and then so crispy, how they
battered it and fried it. Hello sir, can we go to Kirti College? [Cab Driver] Kirti College? [Mark] Do you know Ashok Vada Pav? (Bollywood inspired music) This place is called Ashok Vada Pav, and it is one of the most
important street foods in Mumbai. I’m just watching them
make the Vada Pav now, and what they do is they take… It’s a mashed potato mixture, and you make it into a little ball. And then it goes into a batter, and then into the oil to deep fry. And then that goes into
a fluffy little bun. Then all the chutneys go inside, plus those little extra batter crispies. I’m going to grab a couple of chilies. Alright, cool. This is an overflowing plate. This is beautiful, you can
smell the aroma of the chutneys. This is definitely the most overflowing with just everything vegetarian burger that I’ve ever seen. It is a little bread bun, and then inside that’s the main deep fried patty in there. Then there are a couple
of different chutneys, and then just overflowing
with little crispy bits. And I grabbed a couple of chilies as well to go on the side. And it’s fully vegetarian. It’s sometimes called the
vegetarian Mumbai burger, or just the…Yeah. It is a very common street food, but this is the deluxe version of it. I’m not sure if this is a… If you push this one down and then just kind of pick up the whole thing? I think you do. What I see some people doing is you kind of gotta lift the
whole plate to your mouth, otherwise the little crispies might sprinkle all over the place. Oh wow. That is unbelievable. That’s like a starchy potato,
crispy patty on the inside. All wrapped within a soft, fluffy bun. But the real wow factor of this vada pav are the different chutneys
that are involved. Oh wow. There’s like a… It’s like a salty, minty, spicy, just powerfully flavorful,
delicious, vegetarian sandwich. Oh it’s really good. That is quite salty, but it’s really good. Very nice. And now I gotta go in
for one of these chilies. Mm-mm. It’s just a little bit
spicy, but it has like a… They’re just slightly roasted
so they’re kind of wilted, and kind of half cooked. Oh man, I could eat those like candy. That’s delicious. It’s all about those chutneys
that make it so good. And they do have a little
bit of heat to them, that’s for sure. But they’re… I love how they’re roasted, so you just taste that
roasted, chili flavor to them. They’re really good. If it wasn’t for the fact that I just ate lunch 15 minutes ago, I would definitely have another one. He’s making the fried chilies right now. They smell incredible. I will say that that was pretty salty. My mouth is completely salty and I’m really thirty right now, but that was really good, wow. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a better vegetarian sandwich in my life. (Bollywood inspired music) Okay thank you very much, sir. Have a good day. We just arrived to a museum
which we’re going to visit. And I think it’s so busy because there’s also a park and zoo here. This place is a little bit intense today. Okay I am in line right now. It is quite a pushy line,
but almost to the front. One of those lines where you gotta throw your money to the ticket counter to try and get your ticket,
but we got our tickets. It was 100 Rupees for entrance. The building itself is
incredible on the inside, especially the flooring,
and then also the staircase. I really liked the staircase, along with the chandeliers and the tiles. That was a quick visit to the museum. Man it was just packed. A little bit chaotic,
but I’m glad we came. And actually, right as we… We got here at the last minute, they literally closed
right as we were leaving. (car horns beeping) (Bollywood inspired music) We are getting a great traffic
stop view of CST station. (Bollywood inspired music) From the museum we jumped into a taxi, and we drove back to the Colaba area which is where our hotel is. And we have come to dinner at a restaurant called Bagdadi Restaurant. Palak paneer, and dhal. Tandoori roti, one. This is… Oh, before I tell
you about this restaurant I just have to say that that was one of the more intense journeys in a taxi that Ying and I have had in a long time. It is rush hour on a
Friday night in Mumbai. It was intense. We definitely almost hit … Yeah. Probably just … We
almost hit more things than you can count on your hands, and that’s a very typical
taxi ride in Mumbai. But anyway, we’re at a restaurant
called Bagdadi Restaurant. Famous for serving Mughlai food, which is North Indian food, and this is just a classic
looking restaurant. They have some interesting
signs on the walls, and I’m already loving these straight up, 90 degree, vertical backrests. [Server Speaking In A Foreign Language] [Mark] Oh, okay. All of the food has just arrived, and it looks very buttery and really good. Rip off a piece. It’s still a challenge to
rip bread with one hand. The main dish that I came
to this restaurant to eat is the Chicken masala fry. And many … A few of you recommended
this dish here at Bagdadi, so thank you all for the recommendation. But it is an entire drumstick and thigh, which I think is coated
in some spice mixture and then deep fried, and then
just covered in masala curry. This looks incredible,
but you can see definitely that orange ghee, which is the butter which is probably heavily
used in this dish. And just really kind of scoop
up some of that masala curry. Just look how thick that is. Yeah. That is buttery, a little bit spicy, and what I can taste in
it, at least I think, which is different from
other masala that I’ve had, is it’s very garlicky tasting. And the curry sauce is kind of fluffy. It’s almost like foamy, a little bit. But full of flavor. The next dish I got is Palak paneer. And this is a spinach vegetable puree, and there are tomatoes in here, and then little cubes of
paneer, which is the cheese. And actually, this looks like… Sometimes the palak is very,
very pureed completely, but here you can almost
see the little leaves. And then there are some also, those might be bay
leaves in there as well. Oh that amount of butter and oil in there. In addition to the
wonderful spinach-y flavor, it has this wonderful, like, smokey, fire-roasted flavor to it as well. And then I also got a bowl of daal. Wonderful. You can really taste the… I’m not sure if it’s
mustard seed in there or… Also there are whole cumin
seeds in there as well, which come in nicely. But that’s just a relatively
plain, lentil puree. And it’s… Yeah. I could eat daal, you gotta have daal. I love daal. This meal was not light
on the grease or butter, but it sure was well worth it. Really good flavor, and
this is just a classic my kind of a restaurant. Yes, I love to travel. I’m travelling for eating.
For all of the good food. You like the food here? Yes? Okay good. Nice to meet you, very nice to meet you. From here we’re just going
to walk back to the hotel. It’s been a long but
another excellent day. There’s so many things
that happen in one day when you are in India. Yeah, it’s been another great day. Thank you all very much
for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and leave a comment below. And also make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss the next video in this round-the-world trip for food. And I will see you on the next video. (energetic music)

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