Indispensable  food for the Spring Festival——Sauced meat 年菜不可缺少的一份子,腌制入味的酱腊肉|Liziqi channel

Indispensable food for the Spring Festival——Sauced meat 年菜不可缺少的一份子,腌制入味的酱腊肉|Liziqi channel

Get up and go to see whether Mr.Teng has already been here and brought pork meat to us. I have heard somebody coming in the yard. But why so early? Hi Uncle Teng, why you come from the back door? Grandma, help me lift this please! It’s heavy! Hey hey ! Beans& Spice (Sichuan Pepper, anise, orange peel, cinnamon leaf and so on) MIx with salt and dry red pepper Cypress Smoke curing for 2h Naturally air dried

100 thoughts on “Indispensable food for the Spring Festival——Sauced meat 年菜不可缺少的一份子,腌制入味的酱腊肉|Liziqi channel

  1. It is so nice to see that grandma can warm her bones by the kitchenfire. And that way she sees more of her very busy granddaughter. I think with the kitchenfire that is the only warm room in the house besides the bed anyways. And I have already seen I other videos of Liziqi how cold it can get there.

  2. How is it that the dogs and cats do not go after the meats that are dried or drying? I would think they would climb the walls or anything they could to pull down the meat! I have one cat who would jump to get it pulled down, lol! The other two would wait for him to do the work and then join in on the feast.

    I do not have dogs, but cats I know well. They would not give up easily on what they would think of as an easy meal. Hanging meat would be very enticing!

  3. Mấy video này trông có vẻ hơi ngắn so vs thực tế nhỉ . Video làm cũng hẳn 8p 9p hay 10p coi nó mới thích vì cô nàng này giỏi thông minh còn xinh đẹp nữa . Muốn ngắm nhìn cô ấy lâu hơn trong mỗi video của cô ấy

  4. Congratulations on your channel, Hello from Spain, my question is, where can you buy the wok,which you use for cooking, in that fire.Thank you

  5. Everyone else: oh that’s so awesome it looks so authentic!

    Me: why is she making that much food for two people??

  6. 唉!子柒!妳家的狗怎麼什麼都吃?吃西瓜、吃蘿蔔葉!和貓睡……!!!牠會不會從來就不知道,自己是一隻狗???

  7. I've been watching her video's for the last 5hrs and i just realize i have been clapping after each video..this girl so talented..and i wish i leave like her for the rest of my life…❤❤❤❤

  8. Я то думала , почему у них такие собачки худые , а они оказывается капустой питаются …😓

  9. Yemek yapmasını seviyorum bu kadının ama keşke Müslüman olsa da şu domuz etini pişirip durmasa. Bence dana etiyle daha lezzetli olur 🤗🤗🤗😎😎😎

  10. I very much enjoy these videos but I find it a little unerving that every video has different puppies and never an adult dog.

  11. She is busy there. ..we r busy here watching her….but cud nt resist. ..whatever she cook does not matter. …her movement is too enchanting

  12. Omg! The dogs and the little lamb, they are so cute!!! What a wonderful world…☺☺☺💖💖💖💖❤❤❤

  13. Ma i tuoi cani dog !perché nn gli dai da Mangiare , fai sembrare che ci tieni tanto!e poi gli dai calci quando ti metti a cucinare m'ha!

  14. mom: ok then, you can watch 3 episodes of liziqin while im away. but only 3!
    me: while writing this im on my 7th episode.

  15. I love how the camera was already pointing at the door when Mr Teng knocked. She probably asked him to wait and knock again after she's done setting up the camera 😀

  16. God this whole channel makes me so contented, just watching. And literally the MOST value I’ve ever gotten out of 5 or 6 minutes.

  17. You can tell she is not fake just by the way she handles her knife and tools. Look at her hands and feet and you can clearly see that they are the hands of someone who works hard. Even though she is now probably rich, this is how she likes to live. We should be blessed that she shows us how the farmers live in China, and also the skill and beauty of her videos makes the world want to know about rural life in China. She is a true Chinese treasure.

  18. That was a lot of freakin salt! How does she keep the cats, rats and birds off her food (like the sausage links and other curing meats) when she hangs them out? Those puppies are cute but they'd have to get out of my cooking area and not be begging around me. It was so funny that even the little lamb came running up with the dogs to their dinner table. Wonder was it coming to see if there was anyone it knew on the plates. LOL!!!

  19. The story of each video with each season and cusine I am happy to be a viewer to experience this beautiful culture and what it takes to survive in a rural area of China surrounded by her family animals and her world and her plants. She is living my ultimate dream/heaven😄😊.

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