INDONESIAN street food hunt in YOGYAKARTA | JOGJA street food at LOCAL market | BEEF FAT SATE!

INDONESIAN street food hunt in YOGYAKARTA | JOGJA street food at LOCAL market | BEEF FAT SATE!

we’re in Jogjakarta on the island of
Java in Indonesia this place is food paradise and we’re
going to be making a ton of videos here let’s get food hunting for this one Yogyakarta the cultural heart of Java is a street food paradise this is the sixth
video in our nine part video series from Indonesia in this video we’re exploring
a local market to bring you some local favourites think beef fat sate, fried
intestines and loads more you don’t want to miss this video, get ready for some
mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we
hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! Yogyakarta or Jogja as it’s known by the locals has a
really rich food culture and one of the best places to eat local food is at markets and
so this video is just going to be set at Pasar Beringharjo which is a
main market here in Jogja and it’s right in the heart of Malioboro Street
which is a really famous street here so the place that we’re gonna eat at first
is right behind me so let’s go and get some food thank you very much we’re starting our day with nasi pecel and pecel is like a cooked vegetable salad served with a peanut
sauce drizzled all over the top so we got ours with rice and it just looks so
delicious so we’ve got a whole bunch of cooked vegetables so over the top we’ve
got some sprouts, there’s some grated carrot, the really dark leaf down
here is papaya leaves, there’s some winged bean on the top there and then
some beans as well there’s just all sorts and then it’s just doused in this
thick peanut sauce and then served over white rice, I’m just gonna get really a
big mouthful with all of those vegetables and let’s just see what it tastes
like, all right whoa that peanut sauce, it’s got so much
flavour it’s very nutty obviously and then its got a
really strong hit of chilli so it’s quite spicy and what I love love love about the
vegetables is that they are very crunchy still, so you can see by the colour of
them- they’re still very vibrant and they haven’t been cooked right down so that
they’re all sort of gluggy and soft, they still have a lot of crunch
this is really good all right I’m gonna go for another
spoonful I think there’s some spinach ohhhh some spinach in that mouthful and
then a whole lot of beans so so delicious, that peanut sauce is so
fragrant and it just those vegetables are really really crisp and crunchy but
still just soft enough like they’re not raw- definitely cooked, it’s a really
cool setup because all of these um stalls are set up right on the street
right outside the market in fact and there’s just a ton of stuff, so not just the nasi pecel there are all sorts of skewers and deep fried snacks
and everyone’s just sitting on stools and just tucking into their food, it’s really awesome we’re now heading right inside the
market, it’s packed with people and selling a lot of incredible clothing but there’s
more food up the back of the market up the top we hear so we’re heading in
that direction to find more snacks this pasar or market is such a
rabbit warren we’ve been walking around for about 45 minutes trying to find our next
stop and we finally found it, it’s the place behind me and it’s selling fried
intestines and fried beef, let’s go and get some thank you very much our food has just come and it looks
unreal so we’ve ordered two different things here we’ve got some fried beef
and look at it it’s just falling apart and the thing that I’m really, really
excited about is this, the intestine so fried intestine so iso goreng so
that looks incredible it looks super juicy and that comes with some nasi or
some white rice, some basil and a slice of cucumber there are some sauces on
the table but I’m just gonna dive in first and just try these as is, so I want to
try the intestines I think let’s just get a couple of pieces of intestine
some of that rice actually let’s get some of this basil and just break those
leaves in there so I can get some, some freshness with the mouthful as well so
we’ll get a basil leaf, some intestines, some rice oh yeah whoa Oh my god that basil is insane, that is so
flavoursome, oh but now here comes the intestine flavour, oh my god, oh
that is so good it’s because it’s been fried, I think it might have been
braised both of these meats and then fried, so she just popped them into the oil
just as we ordered them, so cut them up and then chucked them in the oil so
they’re nice and warm, the outside of the intestine is quite chewy actually and
then the inside’s quite a creaminess but a thick creaminess and it has an
incredible flavour, quite salty but also in a really nice way just that perfect
amount of saltiness, saltiness that really brings out the flavour of the meat, oh my god they are delicious, let’s break some beef up get the beef off that just fell apart,
now this, the portions are quite small which I love it’s often the way here
in Indonesia you don’t get these huge portions so I don’t want to go for too big a mouthful cause I’ll eat the whole thing in one go hmm a lot of texture again, actually quite chewy, quite salty again but the the saltiness brings out the
flavour of the meat you can really taste the meat so pretty sure it has been
braised but it’s not been braised in something like strong in flavour because
it tastes like meat it’s like beautiful beef flavour, quite lean actually there
are a few fatty bits there but the pieces I had were quite lean, a little bit chewy
and just really nice, that saltiness is really good I’m gonna add some of these
sauces though so this one is definitely chilli whoa that is gonna be insanely spicy I reckon, this one is super thick and I’m not actually quite sure what this is so let’s sprinkle some of this over, it’s definitely
gonna have a whole lot of sugar in it because look at it, it’s super sticky
it’s almost like almost like molasses the texture of that, so just dump a whole lot of that on the beef and let’s get some of this chilli as well, this chilli looks
crazy, crazy good, look at the big chunks of chilli in there, quite a lot of oil
just put a big dollop of that on alright I want to rip off more of this basil
because that really added an incredible flavour to the dish it really gave it another element, that freshness and that
different taste profile let’s go with this sticky sauce and some more beef hmmmmm whoa that is sticky oh that sauce is incredible it sort of tastes like really really
really good barbecue sauce but thicker so it’s quite sweet, got a great spice to
it, oh and the spice is building that’s got a lot of flavours in there, I think that’s some
sort of concoction they’ve made here that is really really good, okay time to
try this chilli now it’s, this looks super spicy this is gonna be good I’m
gonna get a whole lot actually I’ll get pretty much that whole spoon that I had
before with some intestine ohhhh that is good yeah that is really spicy and I think the
chillies have been cooked down a lot so they’ve actually got a bit of sweetness
coming through as well but the spice is really there as I’m chewing through
those chillies from the sauce that’s building a lot, this is good this is
really good, this is a super local spot like Sheena said at the start it took a lot
of time to find this, it was definitely worth it this is super tasty it’s really hot today in Jogja so
we’re gonna get something cold to cool us down we’ve sat down for a bowl of es dawet
and this is one of my favourite things to eat in Indonesia when it’s hot to cool
me down and it is made up of a bunch of delicious different ingredients so
everything is wallowing in this coconut milk concoction, it’s also got a bit
of palm sugar inside and then it’s got tons of different jellies so that green
wobbly one is cincau so it’s a grass jelly and it’s really soft and wobbly
and then we’ve got a mix of different rice flour jellies and also some
tapioca flour jellies, let’s just give this thing a taste oh it just slips right down your throat, it’s
really sweet and refreshing and Mbah Hari’s stall is really famous here in the
pasar so you have to come here it’s so good and we’re just sitting in
front of her little stand on these tiny plastic stools, she’s got that big, big
pot filled to the brim of all those different jellies and then these sort of
earthen pots filled with her coconut milk and then the palm sugar, this is such a treat that es dawet was so good, that
coconut milk leaves such a beautiful flavour in your mouth and Mbah Hari the
lady who runs the stall was so, so lovely and now we’re just walking through the
market there’s a ton of things to buy here, there’s lots of batik which is the
traditional fabric and then produce, fresh produce and dried goods all sorts
of things but we’re here to eat so let’s go find our next snack often when you see smoke pouring through
the air it means sate and that is what we have stopped for next so you can see
the little stall right beside me this is right on the road so we’re literally on
the side of the road, tiny little plastic stools or in my case I’m just crouched
here on the footpath and the sate smells incredible but the sate we’ve
got is something pretty unusual and looks incredibly good
this is sate kere so this is beef fat and nothing but the fat, look at it, these glistening
pieces so it’s been marinated and then cooked on the charcoals so sate is
just skewers of meat cooked over the charcoal but it can be any sort of meat
and in this case it’s just this beef fat so let’s just grab some off oh my god Oh wow it’s like jelly, beautiful, hot, fatty jelly,
it’s not as oily as I was expecting mmmm and it’s just all so soft and then has that little bit of harder fat just running, running through the middle of it
that is amazing, really juicy and it’s been marinated in quite a sweet sauce sauce so
it’s it’s got quite a sweet taste to it and the fattiness isn’t too overwhelming
it’s not sort of coating my mouth looking at the skewers here I was
expecting it to be just whooooa dropped them almost I was expecting it to be sort of quite
cloying and too rich but it’s just not at all, let’s go for another one I want
to peel off some more of this, this fat ohhh it’s just glistening and it’s
almost almost transparent the fat ohhh, sweet, a little bit rich, really smoky from sitting on those charcoals right
there, it’s almost in contact with the charcoals so it gets some really little
crunchy bits on the end and some caramelised bits there’s actually some
little burnt bits which are just nice and crunchy and some caramelised bits and then that soft, soft fat and this is just great sitting on the footpath like this
or on the road, traffic’s buzzing by grab your sate, it’s the perfect snack
smells incredible, tastes amazing this is good that beef sate was delicious, it’s
not something you want to be eating every day but it was pretty decadent and it was tasty, super decadent, I loved that dish, such a great day or great
morning of eating here at Pasar Beringharjo, Jogja’s food scene is awesome
and there is so much to explore and we’re having a ball hunting down the local
favourites remember to hit that subscribe button because we’ve got heaps more videos coming from Indonesia and then after Indonesia we head to South Korea so make
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    21. Klepon – Mostly available on traditional market: yogyakarta, purworejo, magelang, etc – South central java
    22. Onde-onde – Mostly available on traditional market: yogyakarta, purworejo, magelang, etc – South central java
    23. Nagasari/nogosari – Mostly available on traditional market: yogyakarta, purworejo, magelang, etc – South central java
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    26. Cenil – Mostly available on traditional market: yogyakarta, purworejo, magelang, etc – South central java
    27. Rujak/lutis, everywhere
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    4. Tengkleng, this menu available some on warung sate.
    5. Kupat tahu, mostly you can find it on south central java beach, or jakarta.
    6. Sate, everywhere
    7. Gudeg, purworejo-yogyakarta central java
    8. Angkringan food, Yogyakarta
    9. Bakso, everywhere
    10. Rendang, this menu sometimes available on warung padang.
    11. Nasi goreng, everywhere
    12. Bandeng presto juwana, semarang central java
    13. Sambal ijo, sambal terasi, etc – everywhere
    14. Petai & jengkol, everywhere
    15. Rica-rica enthok/bebek/ayam
    16. Kolak, mostly available when month ramadhan arrive
    17. Tongseng, this menu available some on warung sate.
    18. Gule, this menu available some on warung sate.
    19. Mie ayam, everywhere
    20. Sambal tempe, home made mix sambal + tempe
    21. Balado terong, everywhere
    22. Seblak, west java

    Indonesian vegetables:
    1. Terong
    2. Jipang
    3. Pare (pare pahit, pare belut)
    4. Gambas
    5. Jantung gedang (bunga dari tanaman pisang)
    6. Daun katu
    7. Daun curing/suring
    8. Daun so tanaman Melinjo
    9. Kecipir/cipir
    10. Daun kencur
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    3. Duku, java & sumatera
    4. Cempedak, java & sumatera
    5. Durian, java & sumatera
    6. Nangka, java & sumatera
    7. Sawo, java & sumatera
    8. Waluh, everywhere, java & sumatera
    9. Bengkoang, kebumen central java, etc
    10. Sirkaya, , java & sumatera
    11. Kelengkeng, java & sumatera
    12. Manggis, java & sumatera
    13. Buah naga, everywhere, especially on java & sumatera
    14. Nanas, everywhere, especially on java & sumatera
    15. Kedondong, everywhere, especially on java & sumatera
    16. Jambu bangkok, jambu biji merah, etc, everywhere, especially on java & sumatera
    17. Sirsat, everywhere, especially on java & sumatera
    18. Jeruk gulung, everywhere, especially on jav, bali & sumatera
    19. Pepaya, everywhere
    20. Kepel/kesemek, everywhere, especially on java & sumatera
    21. Mangga kweni, mangga nanas, etc , everywhere, especially on java & sumatera
    22. Pisang kepok, pisang ambon, pisang madu, pisang raja, etc, everywhere
    23. Jambu air delima, etc, everywhere

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    02. Pantai Drini
    03. Pantai Baron
    04. Pantai Jogan Kumplit
    05. Pantai Krakal
    06. Pantai Kukup
    07. Pantai Nguyahan
    08. Pantai Sadranan
    09. Pantai Pok Tunggal
    10. Pantai Langkap
    11. Pantai Kesirat
    12. Pantai Kayu Arum
    13. Pantai Krokoh
    14. Pantai Sundak
    15. Pantai Timang
    16. Pantai Wedi Ombo
    17. Pantai Sepanjang
    18. Pantai Ngeden
    19. Pantai Ngandong
    20. Pantai Nglambor
    21. Pantai Sarangan
    22. Pantai Siung
    23. Pantai Karang Telu
    24. Pantai Watu Lawang
    25. Pantai Ngetun
    26. Pantai Ngobaran
    27. Pantai Grigak
    28. Pantai Slili
    29. Pantai Jungwok
    30. Pantai Watu Kodok
    31. Pantai Pringjono
    32. Pantai Sadeng
    33. Pantai Parangracuk
    34. Pantai Greweng
    35. Pantai Busung
    36. Pantai Banyutibo
    37. Pantai Ngondo
    38. Pantai Botorubuh
    39. Pantai Butuh
    40. Pantai Gesing
    41. Pantai Lolang
    42. Pantai Ngrenehan
    43. Pantai Nguluran
    44. Pantai Ngungap
    45. Pantai Ngunggah
    46. Pantai Pakundon
    47. Pantai Seruni
    48. Pantai Songlibeng
    49. Pantai Torohudan
    50. Pantai Nampu

  35. Sorry to say but that's not papaya leaf it's cassava leaf papaya leaf is bitter pecel rice or nasi pecel is consist of rice cooked vegetable not spinach miss and spicy peanut sauce

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