Installing the 65″ NanoCell Monster TV In my KITCHEN!

Installing the 65″ NanoCell Monster TV In my KITCHEN!

– Destroying my kitchen, taking this 55 inch
OLED TV off of the wall and replacing it with a 65 inch NanoCell, whatever that is, TV. Moving the LED strip from this TV to the new
one and creating a little gaming center, right here in the kitchen. These are all things that we’re going to be
doing in today’s video. My name’s Alex, this is TechFlow, let’s do
this! So, I know the question on the tech savvy
people’s heads straight away is going to be: Alex, why are you..? (Metallic object falls) Why are you replacing
an OLED TV with a non-OLED TV? Aren’t you just going backwards in technology? And I do totally take your point… Actually, before I take this TV off the wall,
there’s like loads of stuff behind it that I need to take out, like a Nintendo Wii and
stuff. (Squeak) So, there’s going to be loads of stuff that… Falls down I think. Are we good? Okay, we’re good. We’re good. The reason that I’m replacing this huge, lovely
big OLED LG panel with a different NanoCell TV is, well, there’s a few reasons: Number one,
the NanoCell TV that I’ve got to put here and replace is ten inches bigger than this
– I wanted a bigger TV. The other issue is that, as much as I love
OLED, I also don’t like it at the same time and this video will explain exactly why that
is, after this little sequence. So, our new TV is out of the garage and right
here, but I’m not going to unbox it right now because I’m going to focus on the LG CV7,
the older model of TV that I have, whilst I am taking this LIFX strip off the
back which, by the way, isn’t long enough to go around the new TV, so we’re going to
have to put an extension module on it. So, this TV; OLED. Alex, why are you replacing it? And obviously, I’ve already mentioned that
I want a bit of a bigger TV but the fact is; this TV is an OLED, which, in people’s heads,
gives you, well, better blacks which is much nicer for watching videos. But I don’t know if you guys have noticed
this, my kitchen is kind of light and airy. Right here, there’s like three huge windows
and that is the problem with OLED. And sometimes, with an OLED TV, the blacks
are that black and the darks are that dark that the image is genuinely quite dark. And when you’ve got loads of light pouring
in with big, natural windows here bringing all the natural light in and you’ve got a really dark
picture on the TV, those two things don’t really go together and I find myself sat here
in the day time not really being able to see what’s on the screen. I’m having to squint. At night it’s absolutely fine – this thing
is awesome. But in the day time, in this room, you can’t
really use it all well. Okay, so this is LG’s newest offering. The LG SM90 NanoCell TV. Now, as we’re all aware, this isn’t an OLED
TV. This is a NanoCell TV. So, why is NanoCell good for what I want? And that’s what this is all about – what I
want in my kitchen. Certain TVs are good for certain types of
things. So the NanoCell tech in this TV is essentially
just a marketing scheme or marketing tactic for, sort of, improved viewing angles, improved
contrast and improved colour. That’s essentially all it is. Now, a lot of these improvements that LG are
dubbing NanoCell were, again, back in the day, what OLED was so good for if you think
about it. Improved viewing angles, deeper blacks (meaning
better contrast) and LG are saying: Well, we’re doing it here but with an IPS 4K HDR
panel that’s got full LED array back lighting. So this thing should be, again, light enough
or, sorry, bright enough for my kitchen, as well as providing me, and this is the most
important one, a lower millisecond in response time compared to our last OLED which means,
yes, we can crack out some games in 4K HDR on here. On 65 inches, in the kitchen. This is going to be awesome! Okay guys, so here we go. Because of the extra size of this TV too,
I’m going to have to install an extra Z strip from LIFX because the original strip that
went around the last TV obviously isn’t going to be long enough to go around this one. So that is our next order of business – installing
LEDs to the back of a TV. I swear I’ve done a video about installing
LEDs to the back of a TV and it’s got over a million views. So let’s do a mini re-cap of that right now. But the 2019 version. (Clicks fingers) Okay, this thing is absolutely huge. Woah, this thing is absolutely huge. Let’s hope I can… – [Camera man] You’re on.
– Am I on? – Yeah.
– Come on. Okay, I think… We’re on. Oh my God, that is absolutely massive. What? I quite like it though because it’s the same
length as the unit – that is huge! Huge, mate! Okay. So these are essentially all of the cables
that I’ve already got run for the TV that was here before and obviously they’ll still
work with this TV. We’ve got a single HDMI cable. Now, I wish I’d run two. If you are ever running HDMI cables to a TV,
always run two because it’s better than one. But one of these cables goes in to, well,
the under-stairs cupboard, so you can plug things in to this TV. It’s the only way that you can really connect
to it. And then we’ve got an optical cable. This will plug in to the TV and it feeds down
to these KEF speakers – so you can use the 2.1 KEF set up with whatever is plugged in
to the TV. And then we’ve got a CAT 6 ethernet cable
– this goes in to a switch that’s also in the under-stairs cupboard and that then will
give this wired ethernet back wall for all of the smart connected applications. We’ve got power for the TV which we need to
plug in. We’ve got power for the LED strips which we
need to plug in. We’ve got power from the Chromecast 4K that’s
also on the back of this, that we need to plug in. But it’s on the wall and it hasn’t fallen
off yet, so touch wood, this is going to go well. So these are both of the remotes. We’ve got old here and new. Funny little things to know: On here we have
an Amazon logo, whereas on the new remote, we have a Prime Video logo. They’ve gotten rid of these sort of useless
buttons at the bottom. I’ve never even used these. They’ve replaced them with a play, pause and
a movies button. So I’ve got some setting up to do as far as Netflix piping in and piping in my Prime Video membership details. However, what I thought we could do is try
some HDR 4K gaming. Now, instantly this TV, as you guys can see,
is so much brighter compared to the last one. It’s displaying the sort of fake picture frames,
if you like, whilst saying “not programmed” and just from these images alone, I can tell
that this is going to be a much more pleasant experience when trying to watch this in the
middle of the day when the sun is beating down in the garden. Now, I would go ahead and plug a PC in to
this, but seeing as this is a TV, I think a games console is more fitting. I’ve got an Xbox One X here that’s capable
of doing some 4K HDR gaming, so let’s plug this in here, get it fired up and have a little
session on the new 65 inch. So, Xbox One X all plugged in. Now, as you can see, I’ve tried to launch
Gears of War 4 and it’s come up saying “Advanced Video Features.” It looks like your TV supports advanced video
features. What it’s meaning here is HDR. Different bits and bobs like that. So we’re going to go ahead and click “enable”
in the settings. So, “instant game response is launched” is
what the TV came up with as a pop-up when I changed the setting. Now, what have I actually done here? I’ve enabled 120 hertz which is essentially
120 frames a second from the Xbox on to this TV and as you can see, it’s displaying absolutely
fine which is what makes this thing so good for gaming, like, that is – think about that
for a second – this is a 65 inch TV, not a computer monitor, and we’ve got 120 hertz. Now, that’s not at 4K though, I have to say. We can only get 60 hertz at 4K which is still
more than adequate and I would prefer, actually, to game in 4K, in a lounge environment, than
the trade off of refresh rate. So I’m going to flick this back to 4K now. So, with essentially all of these absolutely
awesome features ticked, I think we’re ready to go. By no means is this a full on review of this
television. I mean, I don’t really know why a TV by itself
would warrant its own full review. I mean, at the end of the day, a TV is a TV. This was more of a fun video of just installing
it and putting LEDs on the back of it and literally just installing a 65 inch gaming
monster in my kitchen. But what makes this gaming monster, that I
am claiming it to be and what is plastered all over the website? Well it’s the NanoCell tech. The fact that this uses an IPS panel means
that you’ve got fast response times – around 15 milliseconds compared to the almost 25
to 30 over on OLED. And one thing that you’ve noticed as I’m playing
this game, I’m simply not having to squint my eyes to actually see what is going on,
on the TV. It’s very, very bright. Even with our bright filming lights on in
here, it’s still not a problem whatsoever. This would have been just a no-no on the previous
model. So you guys are thinking: Alex, why do they
call this the NanoCell TV? What is actually the tech behind that? And essentially, it’s just a nano coating
that goes over the IPS panel of this screen and essentially gives you those deeper, richer
blacks, the better viewing angles, the brighter contrast (especially for a room like this). So there you are – this is the new 2019 NanoCell
TV installed in the kitchen. Now, this is by no means a video of me bashing
OLED. I absolutely loved that OLED TV. In fact, the blacks on it, I’m missing them
already – like, I actually am. However, this, for me, is better. I’d rather sacrifice the blacks and have it
so I can actually see the screen and at the same time, play games at 10 bit, 4K HDR at
60 FPS. So for now guys, my name’s been Alex, this
has been TechFlow, we’ve been installing and we’ll see you guys in the next one. Adios.

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