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– Hey guys, welcome to iFOODreal, the best Instant Pot channel on YouTube. Today we’re making Instant Pot chili. A reader shared her favorite chili recipe. I tried it, and it’s amazeballs, and today, we’re gonna make it. Hi guys! Hey guys! Hey guys! (upbeat music) The reader, Laurel, shared
this recipe with me, and it’s called Two-Day Sweet Bean Chili. So it’s cooked with three kind of beans, that’s what we’re gonna do today, and first, it’s cooked in
slow cooker for eight hours, then left overnight,
and then it’s reheated for two, for four more hours next day. So it’s a long process. You can do it in slow cooker. I’m gonna link the
instructions for that below, if you don’t have Instant
Pot yet, eventually you will. But I converted this
recipe to Instant Pot, and it’s ready in an
hour, let’s say an hour. I love, love when you
share recipes with me. So if you have your
favorite Instant Pot recipe, or slow cooker that you would like me to convert to Instant Pot, or what is Instant Pot
recipe you would like to see, feel free to leave your request or recipe in the comments below. I would love that. So, we start by preheating
Instant Pot on saute to saute ground beef. You have to wait until display
says hot, hot, hot, hot. And today, I will be
using lean ground beef. You can use extra-lean,
or if you’re wondering if you can use turkey or chicken, I am going to link to the recipe. I have turkey chili recipe, and it’s a little bit different. I will link to that below. I really enjoy the different chili, which is made with beef, it comes out super hearty, thick, and it’s using mostly pantry ingredients, which is very nice for a change. So you want to saute ground beef, just until it’s broken into pieces. Pink is okay, it doesn’t
have to be cooked through. It will have a lot of
opportunity to cook later. So, after your ground
beef is into small pieces, the big question is to drain,
or not to drain the fat. Beef is quite fatty, and it’s up to you. So, here is all the fat
that it has produced, but to show you how much
fat I drained last time, it’s this much, so it’s up to you. I prefer to drain, but the original recipe says not to drain for obvious reasons. So now, all we have to do
is add all ingredients, and this is so much fun. I’m going to do an experiment. You can use canned beans, or dried beans. I will be using both. Here, I have about 1
1/2 cup of white beans and red kidney beans, and do not stir. And then I have a can of black beans. The last time, I cooked chili with dried beans for 40 minutes. This time, I’m gonna do the same, but I wanna see what happens to canned beans within 40 minutes. And based on that, I’ll tell you the cooking time with cooked beans. Now I’m going to add
three cups water or stock. When I use water, I combine it with these organic bouillion cubes. I like to have them on hand,
because I always have stock, and it’s less waste, more
environmentally friendly, and if I use it, like
to break it into pieces because it dissolves better this way. I tried, I tried many ways. The liquid is double the
amount of dried beans. It’ll work, usually. Now, the secret not-so-secret ingredient is the salsa in this
recipe, and I love it. It’s such a genius ingredient,
it has a lot of flavor. Here, I’m using mild salsa, not full-sodium, but it’s organic. So, you need 24 ounces of
salsa because it’s organic. We’re gonna lick the jar. If you like chili spicier, then you buy hot salsa. I have the unspiciest salsa. So then, 14 ounce of diced tomatoes. This is half a giant
Costco size 28-ounce jar. Don’t drain them, and
remember, we’re not stirring. Don’t stir, okay? These are low-sodium. And a six-ounce can of
tomato paste, low-sodium. I’m saying that my ingredients are low-sodium, and dried beans, so I’m going to add a little bit salt. If you’re using all canned stuff, don’t add salt now, add after. And now, all we have left to add are spices, which is only two. That’s why I love this recipe so much. So, two teaspoons chili powder, and again, mine is low-sodium and organic. So this is how I made
it last time, but now, I went and bought, new to me, Chipotle chili pepper powder. So I will add a teaspoon of that. So first, I’m gonna see,
I’ve never tried this. I’m going to see if it’s
spicy, because children. Smokey. Woo! OK, it’s the spice. (speaks a foreign language) (chuckles) Okay, quarter teaspoon, my friends. I want my kids to eat dinner. I usually, I’ll tell you, so I usually use Chipotle
peppers in adobo sauce, and again, I use a little bit, so I actually tried Chipotle,
just in a different form. And when I open the
can, I take what I need, it’s usually tablespoon, and then I freeze the rest
lined with parchment paper. Another Ukrainian hack for you. Okay, I’m gonna add a little bit of salt, quarter teaspoon salt, and I love black pepper in
anything, so don’t judge. There is really no right
or wrong way to make chili. As long as it has meat, beans, and tomato product, and
chili powder, it’s chili. So now, we’re gonna put the lid on. Here, I have six-quart
Instant Pot Lux, it works. For three-quart, you cut
the ingredients in half, and keep the same cooking time. Eight-quart, just do what
I’m saying for six-quart. Okay, the lid is on. Make sure this valve, the pressure release valve is to sealing. I always do that right away. And we’re going to cook it on
high pressure for 40 minutes. If you have Instant Pot
Duo model, or other model, make sure the pressure
is selected to high. On Lux, it’s only high pressure, one button, manual, 40 minutes. So, what will happen now,
the Instant Pot will stay on. And now it will take
time to come to pressure. I would say about 20 minutes, and then it’s gonna cook
for another 40 minutes, and then, we want it to calm down (laughs) for another 20 minutes before we turn this vent or this valve to venting, because, if you you
can vent it right away, it’s just gonna be a lot (imitates steam), it’s going to be a lot of steam. And actually, chili, the longer it sits, the better it tastes. We tried this chili next day,
it was (blows kiss) delicious. So, Instant Pot is not
that instant with chili, but as you can tell, we don’t have to slow
cook it for two days, and it’s just a really hands-off method. If your beef is frozen,
you can still make chili. I’m going to link the recipe, printable, to frozen beef in Instant Pot. So you cook that first, then
break it up into pieces, and proceed, skip the sauteing step, and then proceed cooking chili. Easy-peasy Instant Pot. Cooking dried beans is my
second favorite feature of Instant Pot after cooking frozen meat, and we have both of those here. It’s the winner of recipes. I do get questions about a chili function. If you have a chili button, or a soup, or stew, on your Instant Pot, if I use it. I use one button, pressure cook or manual. All those buttons are basically presets with times that are usually
not correct (chuckles) for marketing purposes. (chuckles) So we just use one button. Don’t use chili, just put in 40 minutes, or 30, whatever, and you’re good to go. All right! So my chili, I let it
release for about 30 minutes, and that’s what it says. L0:30 means that’s how long ago the dish has finished cooking, and because then keep warm, if you want to see that,
turn on the keep warm, it shows how long. Now, all we have to do is release remaining pressure, and do so by turning the valve to venting. See, there is not much. We can open, and I’m excited. Hoo, that’s pretty. See those pockets of fat? That’s something you get only with beef chili, not turkey chili. That’s what I like the
regular chili for a change. All right, so now I’m excited to stir, and then remember, we
added canned black beans and dried beans, so I’m
excited to see the difference, what happened to black beans. Wow! This is beautiful. This is amazing, look. So we have beans that
were cooked from dried, white and red kidney beans, but black beans kind of like
didn’t really fall apart. So you can make with canned beans for the same 40 minutes for more flavor, because the longer you
cook food under pressure, the more flavorful it comes out, but you can certainly
do 30 minutes as well, and there will be less liquid, and I’m gonna list all those instructions and recommendations in description below. And it will thicken even more tomorrow. Chili is like fine red wine, or in Ukraine, borscht,
it tastes better next day. I am ready for a taste test. And let’s go over the toppings, or fixings, fixins, whatever the name is. These are my favorites. Everyone has their own, but
these are my absolute favorites. Cheese, a little bit, mmm, when it melts. Red onion, surprisingly, it tastes amazing in chili in good amount. It is not spicy like white onion. It is very mild, but it adds that mmm-mmm-mmm to every bite. Cilantro, basically Mexican garlic, or dill, Mexican dill, and green onion. So, these are my favorites, but you can do and add whatever you want. Of course, I like to
add a dollop of yogurt. You can do sour cream, I do yogurt. This is just like,
regular 3.5% fat yogurt. It’s creamy, and it has
less fat than sour cream. (upbeat music) – Taste test! – [Olena] Is it here? – [Alex] Love chili! – What do you don’t love? – I love everything! – Everything he doesn’t
make, he loves, OK. – [Alex] Mmm! – Mmm! – This is spicy, that’s good. – Mmm, definitely, mmm. Good.
– Yeah. – Smokey, not too spicy. A little bit. Can really taste three
kinds of beans, hearty. – It’s good. I call it, taste of success. – Tomorrow, it’s gonna be even better. This is really good. This is like chili you get. This is like a million-dollar
version of chili you get at Wendy’s, Tim
Hortons, that’s in Canada. – Good job, good job! (laughs) – Oh my God. I definitely really enjoyed
making a reader recipe. So if you have more, don’t be shy. It’s fun, it’s fun to
eat someone else’s food. So that’s it for today. Hope you guys like it and
enjoy it, and if not yet, make sure to subscribe right there, and see you next time. And see you next Friday! – [Both] Bye! (upbeat music)

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