Instant Pot Made an Air Fryer! Is It Any Good? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Instant Pot Made an Air Fryer! Is It Any Good? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Hey guys, we’re back in
the test kitchen today, and I’m really excited
to test this new gadget. It’s the Instant Vortex
Plus Air Fryer Oven that runs for about $120. Basically, this is a seven-in-one
miniature convection oven, that can sit on your counter. So what are the seven
functionalities of this? Let’s try to list them all? Air fry, broil, roast, toast,
dehydrate, rotisserie, bake. I got it! Was that right? – [Producer] That’s good.
– Yes. – So right away I have some
concerns about this gadget. First it’s seven-in-one. And when something does
too many things in one, I’m always skeptical, just because if one thing breaks, is the
whole thing gonna break? And there’s just too many
functionalities going on. The second thing is that it only heats up to 400 degrees, which is low. Obviously, at your home oven, you can heat up to much higher. Today we’re gonna test
four of the functions out of the seven, just because some of these functions intertwine. Like a broil and toast, it’s
pretty much the same thing. And it’s just a question of
different levels of heat. So first test, we’ll dehydrate. We’ll make some apple chips. The second test we’ll
air fry french fries. Third function we’ll broil, sear a steak, and fourth we’ll
rotisserie cook a chicken. We are dehydrating. I’m just gonna cut up
this apple pretty thin, and lay it on these trays. (upbeat music) (oven beeping) Anyway, okay, pressing dehydrate. And then we’re gonna
dehydrate this at 135. Listen, dehydrating isn’t a
complicated functionality. You can do it in a regular oven. I love to dehydrate. I do it almost every
night at my restaurants, and honestly the one thing
that’s concerning is volume. To do one dehydrated apple for six hours, just doesn’t really make sense to me. It’s a waste of electricity. Okay, that’s it, now we
wait, six hours, bye! Something’s happening in here. Everything is flying around because there’s no moisture in the food. So now the fan is a little too strong, ’cause it’s flying my food around inside. (upbeat music) Okay, it’s been six hours. And right away I’m noticing
that the ones that flew up hit the heat source and got burnt. So yes, big concern. Other than that it looks pretty good. I mean it did work. I’m just gonna taste it of course. Yep, I think they are good apple chips. It doesn’t seem that efficient. And if you’re dehydrating,
you can probably just do it in your oven, because it has a lot more surface area. Okay, moving on to our air frying. We’re using fresh potato. And we’ll just ’em, I mean, I love fries and I’m a real believer
in actually frying them, ’cause they’re called french fries. And honestly if I don’t have
to take out a pot of oil to get french fries, that’s a win already. And we’re just gonna toss
them in a little bit of oil. Just like a tablespoon or two, oil. I feel like like there’s too many fries for this little basket. And mind you guys this
was only two potatoes. Let’s just try putting them
in and see how much fits. But you don’t wanna overcrowd this basket, because then you’re gonna steam the potato instead of frying it. So I’d say, yeah I don’t think you should put more than that. We have a lot left in here. So about one and half
potatoes in this basket. It’s all that’s gonna fit. Stick it in there. And it says not to preheat,
so we’re not preheating. We’re just adding it straight in. All right. (oven beeping) Close, we will air fry at 400. I just hit the rotate button so that it rotates as it air fries, which I think is pretty genius because the regular air
fryers, it’s just a basket, and every so often you had
to take it out and shake it, so that it doesn’t steam. But this one, it rotates it for you. So basically, it’s tossing
it, while air frying. (oven beeping) Finally! I got fries, just for
myself and no one else! Fries! They sound crispy. Salt.. (fries shaking) All right. Have a little taste. The thing about air frying, is that I think it really sucks out all the moisture in the fry, so it’s a little dry to be honest. They’re crispy but they’re dry. Whereas when you deep fry it, it really seals in that moisture and it’s really fast and
it’s crispy and light inside. That’s a big difference obviously, but we are testing the air frying method. It did work. It worked pretty well. Moving on to our next test, we’re gonna cook a steak
with the broil function. Obviously we’re gonna cook
it at the highest temp, which is 400 in this case. I’m a little bit concerned
just because cooking a steak in any gadget is always concerning for me. Salt, pepper. For steak you want the temp to be as high as possible for
that beautiful sear. But we’ll see how this works out. On the top rack. And I would say, let’s
start at two minutes and see what it looks like. It’s very strange because
you put the steak in the oven and you want to hear it sear, right, because it’s a steak. But it’s just kind of just sitting here. It’s not gonna create that beautiful sear. So it’s been two minutes
and we’re just gonna take a quick peek. It really didn’t do anything. (laughing) We’re just give it two more minutes and then check it again. It’s basically just steaming in there, because it’s not searing. And I’m curious to see what’s gonna happen with the fat content as well. I’m gonna check on the steak. See, it did better, it’s basically cooking all the way through, but not searing. It’s a grey steak. I would say at this point,
this steak is cooked. Probably about medium to mid-rare. But I don’t wanna cook it any longer, even though there’s no sear, just ’cause we don’t wanna overcook it. So I think this is what we have. The steak is done. It’s not seared. Really wouldn’t recommend
doing this at home, even though we didn’t cut into it yet. I can already tell that
a lot of the moisture and the fat has dripped off, which means that we’re probably
gonna get a drier steak. It looks like steak that
you would get at Denny’s. – [Producer] Yeah! (laughing together) – Okay so my steak rested. Gonna slice into it and see how it tastes. Okay, we got a good cook. It’s a nice mid-rare. (soft music) (chuckles) So obviously there is absolutely no crust. So I feel like I’m just
eating the inside of a steak. I’m really missing that
beautiful crisp layer. It’s just, yeah, I don’t
know, it’s a little sad. Maybe we could have achieved the crust if we cooked it a little bit longer, but then the whole steak
would have been overcooked. So I would say that it’s perfectly cooked inside the middle, but obviously no sear. So this is a big problem. Perhaps the most exciting
moment of the day, finally we get to rotisserie a chicken. I would say this is exciting because it’s hard to find any gadget that does rotisserie
chicken, especially at home. This is something that
you don’t see often. So I’m really excited to
see how this turns out. So a simple salt and pepper
with a little bit of oil. This is your rotisserie spit. Yep, pretty self-explanatory. You just put it through the chicken. All right. So our spit is in, and we’re just gonna secure the wings, and the legs. All right, chicken’s going in. All right. All right, chicken’s in. (oven beeping) Roasting the chicken at 380 for about 30 to 40 minutes, and of course, you can see your chicken rotating which is awesome. It looks great. The wings are flopping
around, but I think it’s fine. (oven door clicking) The chicken looks beautiful! Look at it! Oh my gosh! It’s nice and brown, it’s crispy! It looks pretty even, evenly
browned all throughout. The great thing about doing the rotisserie is you’re getting browning on all sides of the
chicken which is great. And when you roast a chicken in the oven, you don’t really get that because the bottom is obviously
sitting on the rack, or sitting on the pan. It looks super-moist and
obviously because it was rotating it was rotating in its own
juices, and its own fat. So we’re gonna let it
rest for a few minutes. It looks amazing, look at that! Super-juicy, see this, that juice. And it’s cooked really nicely, actually. It’s pulling away pretty easily. Super-moist breast and then legs cooked all the way through obviously. Let’s try a piece of the breast, ’cause this is what tends
to get dry, usually. But look, it looks super-moist. Hmmm, the skin is nice
and rendered and crispy. The meat is super-moist. It’s juicy! That is juicy. I mean, way better than
what you get in an oven. All right so wing. This is crackling. And with rotisserie chicken, actually, the wing is
one of my favorite parts. (wing cracking) Hmmm. Hear that skin, it’s perfect, so good. This function is the best out of all the functions we tested today. You can even do a porchetta. You can do a smaller bird. I mean as long as it
fits inside this oven, I think it’s a great function. Okay so overall summary. So starting with dehydrating, it did work, but for the amount of product it dehydrates, it’s just
not really that worth it. It blows around the
product after it’s dried, touches the heating element
and then it ended up burning. And then the air frying, I
would say it worked pretty well. I like the fact that it rotates, so it was getting a lot
of the even heating. But the quantity is not that much. Obviously it doesn’t fit
as much as we want it to. And then the broiling, I
would say, it didn’t really sear the steak that well. I would not recommend doing a steak. But maybe for a fish it would
work, and obviously for toast or something that’s a little bit lighter, it would have worked fine. But what I really loved
about this is the rotisserie. The chicken turned out so
awesome, for less than an hour. It cooked it perfectly! So I think overall, maybe
all seven different functions did not turn out the way we wanted it to, but I think that for $120,
it does a lot of things. So if you’re gonna get
an air fryer anyway, why not spend a few extra dollars and get more functionality out of it. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Instant Pot Made an Air Fryer! Is It Any Good? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

  1. For dehydrating you can use shelves and have them covered with slatted trays.

    For broiling a steak, you just need to pre-heat and then it would be ok.

    And for the potatoes, you actually could fit more in there. There just needs to be enough space for them to move around.

    I appreciate the video but I felt like the tester should be going in more neutral to the product rather than going in with the idea that it's not going to be working that well. And if there are things you don't like about it during the test, try seeing if there are simple ways to get what you want, rather than just writing it off as not good at that feature.

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  3. Instant Pot pressure cooker – home run.
    Instant Pot Air Fryer toaster oven thingy – swing and a miss.
    If you wanna fry, just fry at the right temp in the right fat and grab a salad for the next couple meals.
    For the steak – just sous vide and then sear on a pan, a grill or with a blow torch – WAAAY better.

  4. I think you have to remember not everyone is a chef and maybe the steak she didn't like maybe better than something someone else couldn't do.

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  7. I appreciate your honesty….such as with the fries. I was expecting the standard "OMG THIS IS SO GREAT", but instead you pointed out that theyre a bit dry.
    These are the kinds of reviews we need before we decide to buy.
    Good thing is it seems to do chicken right…which chicken is pretty much the only meat I can stand that doesnt come out of the water. We dont do beef or pork much at all.

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    You CANNOT compare an air cooked steak with a grilled or pan seared steak. That's an apples and oranges comparison !!

    You are a commercial cooker for large quantities of food.

    This appliance is for HOME. For 1 or 2 people.

    Larger families ALWAYS have to make BATCHES of food.

    Not a fair evaluation.

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    It’s about to go in the trash.

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  19. why would you dehydrate one apple in this appliance instead of using an oven? because the oven would take longer due to the amount of space that needs to heat up. this means more electricity. it would heat up the kitchen, which is great if it's winter, for the rest of the year, not so great. the tray shouldn't be so far up. i've done steak and got a great sear (spelling). i have the power airfryer xl. I got it for the rotisserie function mostly. it has 5 racks. i've done 4 burgers per rack. loaded everyone of them with bacon. they don't go above 400 because they don't need to. convection cooking is 25 degrees lower than conventional.

    fries in rotisserie basket take longer than putting them on a rack/shelf, it's how i make them. they do come out crisper in the basket, just takes longer. mine come out moist and great. after doing several batches i can tell you when doing homemade fries with the basket, rinse and soak in cold water in the fridge. I do several potatoes at once and keep in the fridge in cold water. toss with oil. run for about 10 minutes at 350-370. let sit for about 5 minutes. then run again at 400 on rotisserie for 10-15 minutes. they come out awesome.

    that chicken is too big. is she really a chef? if you have a rotisserie with skewers, use the skewers around the chicken to hold it in place instead of trussing. saw a post and tried it and it works great. no floppy legs or wings.

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  26. Thanks for sharing your video. I agree that the rotisserie is the best feature too. 2nd best is the rotating basket. I did my first chicken in it because I didn't have cotton string to tie it and it was amazing. I don't have a bbq so hotdogs done this in the basket are the closest to grilled. One word of caution is that you can only use a max 4 lb chicken with either function or you will eventually break the part that holds it. If the bird is bigger, you can put it in a pan on one of the cooking trays.

  27. Lol, this video is hilariously real. The apples flying around is something you won't see on the infomercial. Plus, her personality and presentation reminded me of a couple of my friends. Authentic descriptions. "I don't know, it's a little sad" Perfect description of that soggy steak.

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  30. Did I miss the part where the baking feature was tested? It would be smart to bake cookies, bread, cake or even brownies to demo the baking feature. Also, one of the other viewers is correct about offering workaround suggestions for areas that did not meet expectations. Would it make sense to add more oil to the potatoes for fries, for example? We just bought our Vortex on the Good Friday special for $79. For the price, I am willing to give it a go!

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