Is Hong Kong food delicious? – FIRST TIME Eating Hong Kong Food 🇭🇰

Is Hong Kong food delicious? – FIRST TIME Eating Hong Kong Food 🇭🇰

oh yeah it’s like oh sorry so this is
what I really love and why I like hanging out with locals because he had
showed us behind down this alleyway we entered a wet market this is cream
everything down to and I know the peanuts they believe that the penis
gives it’s like a natural viagra all right so we actually are going to do
a food tour hearing how I manage and it’s quite difficult to actually find
street food here so that’s kind of why we’re doing this food tour is it we’ve
been here 24 hours and we’ve only actually seen like two stains I know and
I don’t want to answer this with you guys but this morning we couldn’t find
any breakfast oh god I’ve never seen oh my god it’s so busy for breakfast
there’s not a single seat in the entire restaurant it was just interesting that
it was very very very difficult to actually find street food so we decided
to take a food tour and we’re gonna be shown by a local bunch of spots around
Kowloon area and where we’re staying which is great I mean that’s the best
part is the locals know the best place to eat more specifically in common is
we’re gonna explore around long which is like a really white brand and
my pax labpas Korea shopping in attending so I’ll tell you one we were
touring earlier today and like seeing a bunch of temples and a bunch of
different really unique architecture and stuff from in the city actually near
this area but everything seemed to be closed and then when we went to the mall
there was like Ford’s of people watching the TV and it was actually them it was
them celebrating like election day in China so today is actually putting our
guide to quite the test because if the food stands are open today
he’s picking really local places yeah it’s so quiet today guys no efficient
well you pick someone I cannot debate with with the plum sauce
first the foods are special company goes into own part it’s better if you try it
like this so kind of like a I bet in Asia too long or you just use your hands how is it oh it’s all good
that’s what it’s all good is it yeah the sauce is amazing this is really good
yeah you know the end the crispiness of the skin right but that in pair with the
plum sauce this is my first time trying goes the skin is like eggs with honey
amazing and then the plum sauce on top of it it
just really ties it together and one thing that’s really unique about Hong
Kong is that they won’t actually use a chick or use a goose or a chicken or
anything unless it reaches 30 kilo mark main reason because they don’t believe
the meat to skin to bone ratio is right until it’s 30 kilos or more basically
portion of like fat people with meat and then a little bit of fat again so it’s
like when you buy it all advanced it’s so good so actually the roasted goose
comes from in the local Cantonese people that are here on Hong Kong that reside
in like the flatlands of the island and then the
marinated use comes from the people from China’s that actually reside in the
mountains now the main reason that its marinated the way it is and specifically
one that the goose is 40 kilos instead of thirty kilos but two because they
need they don’t have fridges they need to store the meat without having it to
be refrigerated so they they marinate it and boil it in specific herbs chillies
and salt in order to make it stay fresh longer so so interesting so this is what
I really love and why I like hanging out with locals because I would never have
known that there’s a wet market literally across the street from our
place where we stay but because he had showed us behind down this alleyway we
entered a wet market this is great early morning a long queue for stupid
get you up with a I’ve had egg tart before but I’m really
interested to try the Hong Kong version of egg tart you have all the basic gotta
try this right oh we eat it under breath you top it up on the bread yeah because
I is so hot you know so far both in the shell I thought it’s gonna be like
sandwich on the bread that does sound delicious thank you think oh it’s still
very hot yeah you know every ten minutes you know I knew a new pan coming out
thank you so very fast but earlier by the hotel restaurant they
are welcome to the pocket so after take their 700,000 thousand
pieces it’s just such an amazing flaky crispy outer edge I can see why the kids
line up to these in the morning this place called happy cake I believe it’s
too happy correctly it’s um one of the oldest in Hong Kong my mam is has been
running for 60 60 60 years guys they actually don’t use the tangerines here
in Hong Kong like they use them sometimes for juice but they mainly use
the skins because they’re better for your breathing systems it’s so cool I
mean I I really hope they use the whole fruit and they don’t throw them out but
they were literally sitting there in a bucket just ready to get thrown out this
went walking to this wet market you get such a when you really want to learn
about a culture and learn about the people you really have to spend time in
the market do you realize that they have little m above any stalls that sell meat
it’s really good and another reason is that I asked in the sellers and you said
that that gonna make the meat look more vibrant you know like look more French
red miranne and more fresh and then he probably nothing about oh this is a good
meat plus all the lights what are drinking now usually easier
they they put up pants sugar they pour the sugar okay
the wondershare I mix it up okay you sure people study interesting right hey I think it’s good
now every with me right L I will be the taste on me before found secret that I never have
the court or Foe really take long long time and horses and it takes about ten
hours of the stirring process in the back room before it can actually be
ready to make the pudding it’s really unique what do you think I think it
tastes really good I think it’s really it can be really like healthy refreshing
things to drink in some by no means am i a fan of tofu but I actually don’t mind
the tofu pudding I actually think it’s quite refreshing when you get the cold
when you get the cold one I would say cos consistency of like a really cold I
see jello kind of like a jelly drink but without much flavor just more of the
tofu so actually they’re selling these chunks of fish over here mainly because
every single meal the locals have to come down and buy what they need for the
meal because the apartments are so small that they don’t have room for a
refrigerator to buy a huge fish and keep it for a couple of days increase it I at
least learn one thing really really fascinating about the cuisine and the
culture of how people eat here seems like people in Hong Kong they they are
very very selective on what they can eat trop is easier to find
compared to Tod but I here in Hong Kong people eat frog but every thought
because they believe that Todd is more nutritionist and from its kind of like
disgusting like there’s no nutritional value from Frau so that’s why they don’t
eat frog but it it taught instead do they have the medicine for anything they
consume every single part of the animal they don’t let any of it go to okay you know everything down to the
penis they believe that the penis gives it’s like a natural viagra where the
liver will be like better your liver problem today I will plan change a lot you
actually at first plan to have like to test some snake soup
which is not really like she was gonna try some snake soup restaurant it closed
it literally closed five minutes before we got there yes literally because the
protests had just started a lot with the restaurants on the roadside and not the
alleyways closed because they don’t want things to happen inside the restaurant
I’m a command to take a look and then you take the public report you know oh
thank you that is a poor just let me let me let me try to smell the test name so
good smell like going to massage place it’s good really good you definitely to
me which part should we try I would try the rice roll first sorry I’m so excited
for this one you want some Chinni I can take you some chili
you want some volatility yeah can I thank you so much as your agent all
agents of Chile we got cucumber cucumber Thank You cumbrous bikinis zucchini
zucchini I don’t know the difference between zucchini and cucumber oh my god
barbecue pork that’s right that is basically okay in CDs chili sauces where you keep this
one garlic don’t forget the sauce the sauce are very delicious this sauce yeah
yeah it’s also very special am I supposed to take a whole bite wow that’s
big so home like this you guys fighting Oh yo hey Oh hmm
just put water in your mouth for ordering your whole bundle cool it down was that rough it’s so good it’s so good
so uh sparkling spices in your mouth and let the feeling I’m kind of scared after
seeing your reaction I feel like I need to definitely split this open give it a
second to cool off the whole bite and wait like three second later that’s so
different I know right it’s like the white vegetables are in this we call you
don’t you go to one time one time one time so Cantonese tend to the style
something it makes your mouth like minty like a like kind of teeny you feel like so the sauce out try this is really good
it’s making my mouth my mouth numb for a second – what is it I think it gonna be so good with you I
love it it’s really sweet it really looks it’s really really sweet
I didn’t expect it to be that sweet but it’s really good like flaky okay then we
want to try now okay so we just like go up on this
bridge in Mongkok and we have seen other people doing hi like picnic gathering
like social gathering and they are not they are not from Hong Kong
therefore Malaysia therefore meet Alicia they’re from Philippine taste today’s
the holiday they come out on the horn antenna to meet their fan here at a
public space like the file for the part or the band so they come to Hong Kong to
work as somebody who helped the elderly to help taking care of baby and
this is like today’s national holiday so that’s why they come gathering here just
why we get a chance to see along the bridge is like autumn on something
you’re gonna ask me to hold your coconut tire but if they like this better than I this
is so good I’m gonna like that oh it’s so sticky it’s very very but this one so
close okay I think I like this one my bouquet here
so I think the one main thing about Hong Kong that I’ve noticed especially being
on the street this food tour is that there’s not a lot of specific street
food there’s not cards but there’s little shops that have been here and you
know are really strong like they’ve been here for like 200 years or 60 years or
300 years that are like really really good shops that you would need a local
to show you capito the p30 we have turned the
apollyon gradient 24 ingredient at CSUN have ever have two together yeah yeah
but very very Pitta so you know but a bit the more bitter the better here may
I help you to access everything it’s not bad but it is really better Co sorry ah this is so busy really Jerome says be
Tati I don’t pay you Charlie before it’s like
when you try to swallow is very very bitter but now it’s not bitter anymore
now it’s pretty Vinny come on so this is Sontag i yes i order syrup
this mitten so people who use people sometimes also have santa is one decoy
Santa together with Petitte a to reduce the bitterness so I will try to have
Santa and tell you guys big zipper so Santa first big zippers and then this
one you know this one for you absolutely okay so how does it help maybe should have this one person and
meditate you check the description box below and you can take the same food
towards us it’s really good but it’s it’s a lot different than most of Asia’s
food tours because you don’t have that Street car or that hidden alleyway
market where you can eat in the middle of the market
you just have restaurants or little shops that have developed this amazing
taste for the local dish that is the longest crossroad ever look
at how long it is I look like one two three school for pass road sticking up
together and you see any

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