Is It Safe To Eat Genetically Modified Animals?

Is It Safe To Eat Genetically Modified Animals?

There’s been a lot of outcry as the FDA just
approved a genetically modified animal for human consumption for the first time. Sure,
tweak 80 percent of U.S. food, but keep your test tubes off our salmon! organisms
GMOs incite heat on both sides. Many believe genetically modified organisms are more efficient
than cross-breeding plants for many generations and crossing fingers; while detractors believe
we shouldn’t genetically modify the food we eat and should keep it “natural.” I use finger
quotes not to make fun, but because what “natural” means in this context is confusing for many,
if not most people, even the FDA get’s confused about it! Now, joining the list of tomatoes, potatoes,
soy/tofu, rice, cotton, corn (so much corn), canola oil, squash, alfalfa, and mosquitoes,
is GM salmon. According to AquAdvantage, the company that modified the fish, the salmon
contains genes from “Chinook salmon and an eel-like species,” which means it will grow
all year, and at a faster rate than natural salmon. It will, of course, need to eat more
food to grow at such a rate, but will only live in fish farms so won’t be competing with
natural varieties. According to the FDA, “there are no biologically relevant differences in
the nutritional profile of AquAdvantage Salmon compared to that of other farm-raised Atlantic
salmon.” And now that they’ve been approved for human consumption, they’ll swim their
way onto some store shelves and on top of our bagels. This has, unsurprisingly, caused
a huge outcry from anti-GMO activists. Some stores are even refusing to sell the genetically
modified fishes. According to pretty much every scientific
group or organization on the planet, GM organisms are completely 100 percent safe for humans.
There are more than 600 studies on it, all saying GMOs are safe. And yet, people are
still nervous, and I get why, you’re messing with my food man! Most GM grains sold in the
US are used for animal feed, though according to Consumer Reports, pretty much every human
food sample they tested contained GMOs, except those which explicitly said otherwise; that
included cereals, baby formula, veggie burgers, and popular chip brands. GMOs were found in
products labeled “organic” and “natural” because those labels don’t mean anything and aren’t
regulated. According to the FDA this salmon, dubbed a
“frankenfish” by the activist groups, is safe to eat, and will allegedly pose no threat
to the environment. The FDA approval requires the salmon to live only in fish farms, but
even if one did escape, 95 percent of the fish are sterile. Cross your fingers any escapee
isn’t one of the five percent. Some GM grains like canola have been created which don’t
reproduce at all; like Jurassic Park’s “Lysine Contingency” the GMOs can’t live in the wild
without the “special sauce” the lab uses to grow them. But c’mon you guys, shouldn’t that
have been step 1? Not an afterthought. We already have GM plants growing in nature all
over the U.S., and no one knows what’s going to happen there. This isn’t the only GMO animal in the research
and approval pipeline. A line of goats was created whose milk can prevent deadly diarrhea
in children, the company is marketing it to the government of Brazil, where children still
die from diarrhea. A species of chicken was modified which suppresses the replication
of bird flu virus, and pigs are also being bred that are resistant to swine flu! All
this sounds pretty good, but, it seems to me, people get increasingly uncomfortable
as the animals come closer to their tables… In a partnership between Harvard Medical,
University of Missouri and the University of Pittsburgh a GM pig was created which produces
higher omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are essential for health, but are not synthesized by mammals.
Instead, they’re found in microorganisms, algae, plankton and worms; fish get their
omega-3s from algae too! By modifying a worm enzyme for a pig species, this pig is now
a source of omega-3s! There are plans to modify cattle to stop them growing sharp horns which
can be dangerous for farmhands and other cows, and mix various traits from different cow
species to produce more milk, more beef or whatever is required. GM meat is here. It’s
right. Here. Supporters and company representatives say
as the population continues to increase exponentially, humanity needs food sources that have a lesser
impacts on the environment. Transgenic animals — those with genes from other species — had
yet to be rated as “safe for human consumption” until now. But, according to allllllll the
science that’s fit to print, GMOs are safe, and this fish is heading out, but how do you
feel about them? Are you concerned about GMOs? Would you buy
a GMO salmon? GMOs are everywhere now, but people still
have a misunderstanding of what they are. Laci looks into the science of genetic modification of organisms here

100 thoughts on “Is It Safe To Eat Genetically Modified Animals?

  1. if we are eating gmo plants? whats the difference in eating gmo animals especially when EVERY study says its safe

    i mean genetic modification is basically changing dna code within an organism to allow them to have certain traits, its like changing a software code to allow it to have certain features we want

  2. Eating GMO foods doesn't bother me provided they are determined to be safe. Key point there is they need to be tested first. You said all GMO foods are safe. That is a massive leap of faith there and frankly quite lazy. Even the FDA requires testing to ensure these foods are safe for consumption.

  3. Why don't we modify scientists so they stop to try to modify the genom and work on living condition instead

  4. If modified animals, or food with genetically engineered ingredients are to be sold, they should be labeled as such for consumers.

  5. So the fact that we have already created GMOs, many of which are now growing wild, means that it's okay to create even more of them?

  6. I don't think GMO's are the problem. everything we eat even befor GMo was a thing was GMO due to our domestication of animals and plants to fit our need by exploiting natural mutations that alter the things DNA.

    what we should be worried about is all these chemicals used today… that's the real problem! that and the GMO companies are kinda dicks about things… looking at you Monsanto… you and your trademark pattented can't produce viable seed corn corn…

  7. I really don't understand what is bad about GMO's. I really believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with GMO's

  8. I've never had problem with eating GMOs, I've ever been concerned about how we know very little about how altered genes will interact with the environment once released.

  9. They could have as well put FDA's and Monsanto's logos on the top of this propaganda video which basically says: you're stupid if you don't think GMO's are safe. Well, if they are, why are you guys refusing to label them ?

  10. I wonder if GMO and use of hormones like steroids on cattle and animals is one of the reasons why testosterone levels are declining.

  11. the biggest line of bullshit i have ever heard. we already have enough food for everyone on earth most grain is for animal feed when they should be grazing on grass and not good that can be used for humans and grain is not a cows natural diet.

  12. Oh it's funny to think that there are people out there that won't eat anything they consider as "GMO", but will eat things considered "organic". Food has been so genetically modified, that the modern counterparts look nothing like much older version.

  13. I don't think it's a good idea, because I think in the long run that it's still not good for the environment, and the ecosystem

  14. If GMO's are safe. Just label them. People will choose what they want.
    We are new to genetic technology and we must conduct further research before approving GMO which might end up ending human lives early and causing more diseases.

    Most GMO crops are engineered to resist usage of pesticides so GMO crops are cultivated with usage of more pesticides which inturn will affect humans in the long run.

    I can't believe the USA is also corrupted to the extent GMO are patented and controlled by a company.

  15. TV programming is programming us to believe lies. GMO foods make us fat, sick, and change our DNA. Gluten is mostly GMOs now, which is why we see negative effects from it now, whereas previous generations did not. Buying organic foods is way less expensive than paying for conventional medical treatments when how one eats catches up with them. Read about the negative side effects of GMOs and pharmaceutical drugs. Choose healthy foods and remedies. The info is out there now. You're hurting yourself and those around you when you act like you don't care. It's not caring that brings a nation to its demise.

  16. All plant life which were created by God, have special codes programmed into their DNA, those codes nourish and heal our bodies, allow us to thrive and be healthy, strong, and even fight disease, by messing with the plant DNA codes they have created shit which would NEVER occur in nature and hence our bodies do not recognize these codes and this is why so many people have almost deadly allergies to so many foods. GM food also wakes up the genes which would would remain dormant in your body which are not so desirable, they also cause major organ failure, leaky gut syndrome and mutation of cells in our bodies… Wake up! When in the history of humanity did we have so many children and babies have cancer as much as we do today? When in history of humanity, did we have allergies to almost every food we eat? Genetically modified foods cause thyroid (general hormone) and other hormone imbalance and even hormonal storms, dementia, obesity, alzheimers, severe cystic acne, lesions, skin disorders, bipolar disorder, all forms of ADD, autism, diabetes, infertility, more frequent than ever- inability to carry a child to term, genetic mutations, angelman syndrome, high blood pressure, infections, gluten sensitivities, inflammation, bone corrosion, bone marrow cancer, blood cancer, lymphoma, gender confusion, death of brain cells, and is that not enough to understand why people do not want this garbage in their bodies?

    They have been doing this to us for over 40 years without our knowledge. It is about the same time when rise of all these diseases had begun. Facts, research and observation and also common sense-the ability to put two and two together, is why people who find out more about this garbage SAY NO to GMO. Animals which eat GM feed, have GM in their cells and it is transfered to us. To our gut, our intestinal flora, our immune system, our childrens immune system. The same warped, mutated, un-natural DNA codes, which make us deathly sick, are in the animals (and bi-products: eggs, milk, cream, yogurt, etc coming from these animals) which are fed this crap, end up in us and our loved ones. Wrong DNA codes do not heal, they slowly, or not so slowly kill.

  17. I personally work in the salmon processing industry and I can tell you I've seen some disturbing product go out to consumers. Salmon meat is supposed to be redish and relatively firm but I've seen weeks when the fish is nearly white, very soft, and even full of parasites that are just plain disgusting but not harmful (at least not yet) to humans. Big efforts have been made in the past couple years but still some more difficult ground to cover.

  18. All combinations of a hypodermic needle and a food source in the same image are Youtube click bait for the ignorant masses. My hobby is to downvote and report every one of them as fake news anti-science malicious disinformation. Be sure to click the three dots above and select misleading. Anti-science ignorance is harmful to global culture and prosperity, as is all hate speech.

  19. It's most likely that every food you've ever eaten is GM. Selective breeding is a type of genetic modification. Even gene mutations that happen with evolution are natural genetic modification.

  20. gmos are declared safe but e cigs aren't, because its a relatively new invention and we wont know the consequences till later. sound familiar huh?

  21. FDA is run by Monsanto and GMO is their lively Hood. and hate to be the best of bad news but the GMO crops produce less and are easier to be diseased as well as weaker immune system. breading in my books is fine to a limit but Gene splicing is dangerous consequences. btw, Gene spliced males are always sterile. case and point with pike, or the mule. however the females will be fertile so I don't buy the 5% bs.

  22. In a nut shell anti GMOs are just stupid , there's no way to sugar coat it every intellect man says that just shut up because you don't know much about it the ones who know say it's better

  23. I'm Ok with GMO foods, but I will say that I used to be severely obese and on a tip from a friend of my dads, I started drinking organic milk, meaning they didn't add chemicals to the cows biology or diet to make it grow and produce faster. Once I did this I lost a lot of my unnecessary food cravings and dropped 30 lbs. So, I'm ok with GMOs, but not unnecessary chemicals.

  24. Person A: That rat is GMO'd!
    Person B: Genetically modified organismed?
    Person A: Well, what would you suggest?
    Person B: GM'd.
    Person A: Genetically modifieded?
    Person B: No. Game Makered.

  25. Gmo is not healthy. I think it's cool idea but I don't think they are good for our bodies. Also I don't see any benefits so far for the consumer. farmers are racking in more money and we will suffer for it

  26. GOOD NEWS:

    Jesus Christ died on a cross to save people from their sin according to the bible(God's word). Then Jesus rose from the dead, 3 days later, thus defeating death. Anyone who believes this will not perish but will have everlasting life.

  27. My only problem with GMO is that companies aren't using it for the right reasons. Instead of improving the flavor or nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, they're using it to improve the appearance and shelf-life, instead. I think GMO apples taste like crap compared to organic ones but that's just my experience.

  28. "as the world keeps getting more populated" Instead of creating more weird food. Start using condems people!!! No more than 2 kids per couple and were clear to go.

  29. But what about these points? Leave a comment I want to know people's thoughts.

  30. What if those GMO salmon escape one of those fish farms? I am not against GMOs in general. I think with qualified oversight and long-term thinking it can be done reasonably safely. However, nature is by nature somewhat unpredictable. After all, that's how evolution works (evolution by natural selection).

  31. «GN plants are already all over America, and no one knows what that will do» Isn't that kind of statement a good reason to stay, at least a bit cautious about GMOs ?

  32. I just reported the thumbnail with that huge hypodermic needle as misleading. Click the 3 dots above the subscribe button, click report, select misleading, select thumbnail and type your complaint. Just three of these within 3 months and this channel is banned forever.

  33. GMO is a term I've heard all my life and it started so young when I got older I never even bothered to look it up thanks for clearing it up I'm all for gmo could solve hunger problems

  34. You still haven't explained what it is and if its safe. If you add different genes to a different species what do you think that would do to our human genes? "Cause and effect my love".

  35. Yes, its perfectly safe. Whats dangerous are all these meats and dairy products coming from non-antibiotic animals. We are just welcoming the return of diseases like cow pox.

  36. These foreign genes will get inside ours. Pig genes chicken genes buffalo genes. Its a genetic time bomb. Genetically modified seeds are destroying the native crops? How?

  37. They are safe NOW what happens when they are later found to be dangerous? Same was said
    of Heroin,Amphetimimines,what happened they were later found to be dangerous, then it will be too late

  38. When 50 thousand years ago or maybe less a woman somewhere along the line and I say woman because they were the gatherers noticed that certain plants have little tiny tiny kernels on them they begin to cross breed this plant with another plant that had slightly bigger seeds eventually though it probably took them a hundred years to do wheat was born. Genetically modified food has been around since the beginning of time. It used to be. In order to get a good corn you would cross pollinate plants it was okay but another plant that was better you just make sure that they pollinate each other and then when the next planting time came you found out what you got this could go on for decades until you got just the right corn. Modern scientists have found an easier way to do it and one that doesn't take nearly as long they are called GMOs. People are coming faster and faster every single day I've been many places they don't have access to plants that could produce more and then the people of that country wouldn't go as hungry as they did. Barring a ferocious pandemic we are going to need one plant but produces more such as corn most of which usually produces 2 or if you're really lucky three cobs. What we need today is it corn plant that produces 5 cobs we need wheat that produces twice as many kernels we need tomato plants that produce 1/3 more. To sum up GMOs are not new they've been around for thousands of years science has just found a way to make a plant produce more in then selective breeding which might take as much as 20 years and turned it down into four or five years to get those crops on the market. Nobody has died or got cancer from GMOs just as no child has suddenly become autistic because they get vaccinated. So before you go about damning something read the history and then read the new science so that you understand that these things cannot hurt you. People have been eating these things for 15 years before they ever came to Market both plant foods and animals are perfectly safe to eat and if you're against GMOs then when the starvation times come you shouldn't be allowed to have them. in other words if you tried to stop it then somewhere down the line when there's barely enough food your name should be looked up and you should not be allowed to buy food grow your own and good luck with that it's not as easy as you think

  39. Natural is a man with seeds in his sac. Natural is a man and a woman producing offspring. Unnatural is two men or two women trying to produce offspring; cloning is also unnatural as the natural man or woman will have a belly button while clones do not. Taking a woman's egg and fertilizing it with a man's sperm is also not natural nor moral: if it's wrong for me to shoot my seed inside a woman who is not my woman, then it's also wrong for me to donate my seed to artificially inseminate a woman who belongs to another man. The same logic applies to women.

  40. There's no long term study on it, so those 600 reports are just assumptions. Doesn't matter if they say it's safe, they also sterilization of the homeless was a good idea.

  41. Ummmm cross breeding plants is genetically modifying it as well so your claim that it is better to cross breed than to genetically modify is just a bit off

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