Italian Cuisine | CLASSIC PASTA CARBONARA | How To Feed a Loon

Italian Cuisine | CLASSIC PASTA CARBONARA | How To Feed a Loon

[MUSIC] Hey everybody.>>Hi guys.>>So welcome back to How to Feed a Loon,
I’m Kris.>>And I’m Wesley.>>The Pasta Loon!>>The Pasta Loon!
>>Pasta Loon.>>[LAUGH]
>>So folks, guess what we’re making? Pasta.>>Yes.
>>Yes, we are doing one of our favorite dishes.>>Everything’s our favorite dishes.>>I know.
>>But this is one of->>But this is my super duper favorite.>>[LAUGH] It’s a super duper.>>[LAUGH]
>>It’s a classic Italian dish, it comes from the Rome region of Italy. It is absolutely delicious.>>It’s so good.>>It’s our,
>>It’s,>>Pasta carbonara.>>Yahoo.
>>It’s so wonderful.>>[LAUGH]
>>And the great, brilliant thing about
it is that it’s really, we’ve been saying this a lot, lately. We’ve been showing you how to make easy
recipes that taste like they came from your favorite restaurant.>>Yes, from days of cooking. [LAUGH]
>>But this is one of those. It’s so, you’re going to be shocked.>>Yeah.>>I mean, get ready, you’re going
to be shocked because it’s so easy.>>This is great. I could actually prepare this meal
with no help from him, whatsoever.>>Yeah well, we won’t wait on that.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, so let’s get into it, okay?>>Yahoo.
>>So what we did is we started off with a half a pound, that’s eight ounces,
of chopped pancetta.>>Yes.>>Pancetta is basically
just Italian bacon.>>Mm, mm-hm.>>It’s pork, it’s delicious,
it’s cured, it’s beautiful. What I like to do is to see if you can, a
lot of times they all ready have it where it’s all ready diced and cut for you. But if not, you can go to your local deli,
get it sliced, and then you can dice it yourself. In a pinch, if you can’t find that, you
can just use some good old smoked bacon.>>Yeah.
>>I mean,>>But this has got a little more saltier taste to it.>>It’s just got, it does something,
there’s something to the Italianess of this,
>>It’s so good.>>That’s so delicious.>>Yes.
>>So I got a nice, hot large skillet. I’m heated it over, well,
medium, medium-high heat. Dump that pancetta in there and
just let it cook for about five minutes. It’s like bacon, so
it’s going to start to render some fat. It shouldn’t render too much. You don’t really want
after you’ve cooked it for about four minutes,
it’s going to start to get crispy. It’s at this point that, if you’ve
got too much fat that’s rendered, say over two tablespoons,
then get a spoon and you take that out. But whenever I did this,
it’s just, it’s perfect.>>Yeah.>>Then I-
>>Fat is good, a little fat is good.>>A little bacon grease, you know?>>[LAUGH]
>>It goes a long way. So anyway, then we add into that five
cloves that have been nicely minced.>>Garlic.
>>[LAUGH] Five cloves of garlic, thank you.>>[LAUGH]
>>It’s been a long day. Anyway, it’s absolutely heavenly
smelling in here right now.>>I love it.
>>So this is good, so then we let that cook for about another
four minutes so this is all nice and beautifully crisp. The garlic is translucent, gorgeous. Back here, I’ve got some heavily
salted water, it’s like seawater. And I put in some bucatini.>>I love bucatini.>>Bucatini, I believe-
>>It’s a little thicker than the spaghetti.>>It’s like spaghetti, but it’s actually got a little hole
that runs down the middle. It’s tubular and I think that’s what
bucatini means, like with hole. But anyway,
>>Right, Google it.>>If you can’t find bucatini,
you can just certainly use any kind of just a long,
>>Spaghetti.>>Spaghetti, linguine, fettuccine.>>I wouldn’t use any angel pasta,
because this is a really,>>No, angel hair.>>Yeah, angel hair pasta, angel pasta. Because this is a, it’s creamy,
it’s a creamy sauce.>>Yeah, the angel hair is good for like-
>>Yeah, you need a sturdy pot.>>You want this that’s going to
really cling to the pasta. Okay, so now this is almost in, you
want to cook that until it is al dente. Bucatini’s a little thicker, so just follow your package directions
on however long you want to do it.>>Isn’t this a cute pasta bowl?>>We’ve got our beautiful pasta bowl.>>[LAUGH]
>>So whatever bowl you’re going to serve this in,
we’ve got four just good old eggs.>>Yes.>>That he is adding to the party.>>This is the sauce.>>Yeah, now you may be thinking,
wow, raw eggs?>>[LAUGH]
>>I don’t know about that. I’m not Rocky when he
used to eat the raw egg.>>[LAUGH] Gosh.>>[LAUGH] I’m dating myself. It’s okay, because all of the hot pasta
and everything is going to go in there.>>Yes.>>And it’s going to cook it. It’s not going to scramble it. It’s going to cook it,
>>Yes.>>Just till it’s perfect.>>Yes and I just put a quarter
of a cup of Pecor, no, not Pecor, I always want to say Pecoracino. Is it Pecoracino? No, it’s Pecoromano, Lord.>>Pecorino Romano. You can also use Parmesan.>>Yeah. [LAUGH]>>And it wasn’t a half
a cup, it was three-quarters of a cup.>>That’s what I said,
three-quarters of a cup.>>You said a half a cup.>>I said three-quarters of a cup.>>Roll the tape.
>>Tell us what I said, people. [LAUGH]
>>Okay, go ahead and mix that up. So while he continues to talk.>>[LAUGH]
>>And once that finally gets mixed together,
you can just be aggressive with it.>>I’m, yeah, I know.>>There you go, there you go.
>>I gotta get jiggly with it.>>He.
>>I try not to jiggle when I do things.>>Well.>>[LAUGH]
>>That’s only when he’s sleeping. I’m kidding. So, anyway.
>>[LAUGH]>>That’s good, that’s perfect. Now, we’re just going to take this cooked.>>[LAUGH] I just got that. Thank you, well, go ahead.>>I’ve actually listened to you for once.>>Yeah.
>>And it was bad.>>A delayed response.>>That’s why I don’t listen to you.>>Because I,
>>[LAUGH]>>I never say anything insulting.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, now, so that’s the base of this gorgeous sauce. Look how easy that is.
Can you believe that?>>It’s so easy.
>>So now this is beautifully cooked.>>I’m working up a sweat.
>>So what I’m going to do. That’s good, you get a little exercise in.>>[LAUGH]
>>So now I’ve got my nice little pasta boiling, double thing here. If you don’t have one of those,
no problem. Just get your collander,
like we’ve all done, drain the pasta. But, this is really important, save a cup,
at least a cup of this pasta water. It’s good and starchy. And I just love using my gloves.>>[LAUGH]
>>It’s good and starchy. And it’s-
>>You need new gloves, those are getting a little dirty.>>I know, but they’re seasoned.>>[LAUGH]
>>So anyway, they’re like us, seasoned. Okay, so now I’m just going to drain this. Hopefully, I won’t. This always wants to fall. Okay, while that’s draining
just a little bit. Okay, you’re good. All right, well, good.
>>Yeah, I’m sitting here waiting for it.>>Good, well.>>[LAUGH]
>>Waiting.>>Waiting for some hot pasta.>>So that pasta literally
just goes right in there. This is so easy, I mean.>>Look at that.>>I mean, I’m so excited for this.>>Yes.
>>I get excited.>>Ooh, I’m getting a facial, too.
[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH] See it serves so many purposes. Then what he’s doing is he’s just, you
get a couple pair of good old utensils.>>Just mixing,
>>And just mix it all up.>>It all together, getting it all.>>And people always say, that’s so crazy. I thought pasta carbonara
literally had a cream sauce.>>No.
>>And it’s just it’s this, get a good quality cheese. Pecorino Romano is really nice,
Parmesan is really good.>>Look at that.>>And that just melts and
then that egg just gets in there and it really does feel like you’re eating-
>>I think we do need a little water.>>A little bit of cream sauce,
absolutely. Now, I usually start off
with about a half a cup.>>Thank you.>>And then it absorbs it and
then it thickens up that.>>Yeah, definitely.>>Now we can have the, just so you know,
you probably know this but if you don’t. Pancetta, it’s cured, so there’s going to
be a salt content already there.>>Yeah.
>>So you do, be careful as you’re adding salt.>>Yes.
>>You don’t need to add a lot.>>Be very careful,
because I tend to over-salt, anyway.>>Yeah, well, it’s easy to do.>>[LAUGH]
>>Anyway, now this is some freshly ground pepper.>>Wow, look at that.>>So, there’s nothing more magical,
I think. In Italy, or
your favorite Italian restaurant, just to get some beautiful, fresh pasta. Mix it in with just some simple olive oil.>>Fresh pasta. The last time you made it,
you made it with your fresh pasta.>>You can use this with homemade pasta. We have the recipe on the blog.>>Mm-hm.>>Or you, just, have you ever been to a restaurant
where they bring out fresh pasta? And they have this giant cheese wheel and
then they just put it in the cheese roll?>>That’s the best.
>>And they mix it in there and then bring it out,
>>As an appetizer?>>And put a little pepper on there.>>Yes.
>>It’s the simplicity of it, and the good quality is what
just puts it over the top.>>Yes.>>That looks amazing.
>>All right, that looks great. You know what it needs, though?
>>Does it need a little more water?>>No, it’s perfect, it’s perfect.>>Yeah.
>>You know what it does need?>>What does it need?>>It needs a little green.>>It does, so
we’ve got some fresh parsley.>>[LAUGH]
>>You know that’s always a nice touch. It’s nice and peppery. It’s also just beautiful.>>Look at that.
>>Tell me that, you bring that to your table-
>>[LAUGH] And everybody would come to the table.>>And say,
>>Say come on.>>You did real good.>>All right, Kris, I think it’s time for
me to try it, how about y’all?>>I think you may be right.>>Okay, let’s move this over.>>Let’s scootch it,
give it a good old scootching.>>Scootch it.>>It’s so beautiful, I almost don’t
even want to touch it, but I’m going to.>>Yeah, now pull it up high.>>Okay, now,
if you really do it kind of fun.>>There you go.
>>And then you when you do it
kind of give it a little,>>Give it a little twist.>>Give it a little twist.>>Perfect. Look at that. Simple [LAUGH] and delicious.>>It’s like my children,
I think they’re so beautiful.>>[LAUGH] Your noodles are so beautiful.>>My noodles, I love my noodles.>>[LAUGH] All right, enough of that,
let’s eat these noodles of yours.>>My gosh.
Okay, well I’m glad you’ve got yours because I’ve been-
>>You know what? I think I’m going to do a little
bit more on the cheese.>>Garnish it with a little more cheese,
I mean, cheese please.>>I mean, who cares? [LAUGH] Look at that.>>That is beautiful.>>That’s so pretty.>>And I love just a little more pepper.>>Yeah, throw a little pepper on there.>>I just love the pepper on there.>>Yes.
>>That’s, gosh.>>All right.>>Okay, kids.>>Don’t fight it. I love this. Okay, I’m going to use my pasta spoon.>>And what?
That took minutes.>>Yeah, minutes. All right, it’ll take me longer to eat it.>>Well, it won’t be the first time.>>[LAUGH]
>>As we sit and just watch you twirl your noodles.>>[LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH] Eat, eat Papa.>>Mm.>>Yes, yes, yes. Salivate, I just salivated.>>Mm, mm, mm, mm.
>>Talk to me Loon. [LAUGH]
>>I do not believe the taste that this has.>>Isn’t it incredible?>>It takes a few minutes. It’s cheese with some eggs to make
that nice, cheesy sauce, and pancetta. And a touch of love, I would say.>>I know, well, there’s that.>>[LAUGH]
>>I tell you.>>Amazing.
>>I always say this, leave it to the French because they
know how to make just the simplest, the most beautiful. And leave it to the Italians because this
is a dish that is spectacular in taste and it’s so easy to make.>>[SOUND]
>>You’re really noisy whenever you’re->>[LAUGH] I forgot to tell you.>>Is there something
you wanted to tell me?>>Maybe.
>>What?>>This is 100% Loon approved! [LAUGH]>>Yay, hooray, that’s awesome. I’m so excited to hear that, you don’t know how-
>>Take some, take it over there so you don’t-
>>Okay, I will.>>Y’all this is so good. You can get this super duper
easy recipe on howtofeedaloon, as always, .com and many more.>>Yes. [LAUGH]>>Yeah.>>And be sure to go to all of our
social media and share and like and please do that for us.>>Look at that.
>>We love you guys and I know you guys do that for us. We appreciate it so much. Keep doing it, it means the world. And you guys,
>>[LAUGH] My God. Don’t show everybody my belly.>>That’s well, [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH] Wow.>>That’s good, that is so good. I know, I’m so happy.>>Wow, buon appetito.>>The sun will come out carbonara.>>[LAUGH] Bye.>>[LAUGH] Hey everybody.>>Hi, now if you like what you saw, make
sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. [LAUGH]
>>That’s right and if you want more great Italian recipes,
just click right here.>>Yeah, click.>>It’s just a click away.>>Click and subscribe.>>A click away.>>Italian.

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  1. Love pasta. So yummy. Looks so great. Your kitchen is so pretty. Have a great weekend…from Indiana 😊. A pasta facial…lol. beautiful pasta bowl.
    You guys are so much fun to watch.

  2. OMG, I will get the ingredients tomorrow and I will make that pasta 🍝 for lunch. What drink can you pair with that pasta carbonara?

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for a real carbonara! So many recipes add heavy cream, and that just isn't the correct Italian way. Delicious, yes, but this is so much more simple. Love it! (If you can ever get it, guanciale – cured pig cheek – is even better than pancetta.)

  4. Quickest cooked dish in the world apart from an omelette – certainly the quickest pasta dish there is as you can do the whole thing while the pasta boils. LOVE it. Including for dinner by myself as it's easy to scale down – just use one egg and however much of everything else suits you. Good to see no cream – it really doesn't need it. Bellissimo!

  5. I want to be you taste tester!!! My mouth is watering. Needs a glass of wine! Cheers!! Another hit. Thank you!!!!

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