JAFFRABAD Street Food Tour – BHEEM ka Doodh + NAWAB ke Kebab + (Butter & Chicken)

JAFFRABAD Street Food Tour – BHEEM ka Doodh + NAWAB ke Kebab + (Butter & Chicken)

-In the month of Ramzan, in search of some amazing delicacies, we have arrive at Jafrabad. Jafrabad is situated in the north east part of Delhi. Come let us take you through the lanes of Jafrabad. Its almost time for the Iftar Those who were observing the Roza are buying stuffs for Iftar. Come let’s see what all things are available here in jafrabad for the Iftar. -What are you selling brother? -Dahi bhalle
-Show us -This is Dahi Vade, Ramzan time special. -Do you add chutney…
-Yes we put chutney and masala and make it zesty. -People love to have it for Iftar.
-Yes they do. -Is this Balushahi?
-Yes. -What is it made with? -Masala(some powder) and all purpose flour. -You use Maida, then fry it and add it to the sugar syrup. -And you must be adding baking soda. -No soda. There is a masala called aluminium masla. We add that. -What is this aluminum masala? -Would you like to smell it?
-Yes. -What was that? -This is what you add to the maida? -To the water.
-Okay and then you sprinkle it over the dough mix. -Yes we prepare the dough with it and we also add ghee. -So the Keema Goli is available only during Ramzan. -Pakodas are also available during Ramzan. -These Khajlas, Fenis etc all are available during Ramzan -During the Ramzan where ever you go in the evening time, you get pakodas-mixed pakodas. And along with it the Keema Goli is very special -You will find it in front of the Jama Masjid and if you are in Jafrabad, you can try it here. -What are these samosas made of?
-Potatoes. -No one makes Keema samosas here.
-We have Keema Pakoda. -Give 100 gm of mixed pakodas. -Put little masala in it. -We have got the pakodas and the keema goli. -I have observed that before Iftar the food appears inadequate but when you arrange it, the spread becomes abundant and the table fills up. -This is what is known as Barkat or prosperity and growth. -I have noticed that three things are common in the Iftar everywhere. Its pakodas, fruit chaat and roohafza. -And dates are also there. So these four things are common everywhere.
-Yes -Is this place fully bustling all through the night? -Yes for the whole night till 4 am. -Now we are done with Roza…so now till Shehri that ends at 4 am the crowd here will keep increasing in the Bazaar. -Okay. Those who have been to office would also return and have food with their family. -In the Dawn till 4 am… Every where, you will have housefull…be it the Biryaniwalas or kulfi walas… Especially the Haleem biryani is very popular during this time. It is the most preferred dish during Ramzan -Which place has the best haleem biryani? -The best is Manjoor Bhai’s Haleem at the corner. And Yamin’s is quite famous too. There is Rashid Bhai too. -During this time everywhere its house full. If you go now, you won’t get it before one and a half hours’ wait. -Okay. The places are so crowded.
-Yes. -The Nahari is famous at three place here-Zafar, Nikki and Mallick. -This is Nikki’s.
-yes -Nikki’s Nahari is number one. second is Zafar’s and third is Mallick’s. -Hmm. -Whose is this? Nikki’s? -Very amazing. -People have gone for Namaz hence the streets are so silent. In some time there will be so much activity that you will be surprised. What is Nan Khatai made of? -It is made with ghee, maida, sooji and besan. -On the top you have put melon seeds. -And now you are putting it inside the tandoor.
-Yes -How much time does it takes for baking?
-Ten minutes. -Its past ten minutes and it should be ready by now. Let’s bring the Nan khatais out. -Its brown from both sides. -So soft. Wow. very delicious. -It is well cooked and the roasted melon seeds are giving out a very nice flavour. -So soft that it is melting in the mouth. -Every body told me that if you go to Jafrabad then do have Nawab bhai’s kebab. -No sir there is nothing very special. Its all your love and generosity. -This is an interesting set up you have done. -You have placed the charcoal oven above the shop. -Yes we grill it here and then put it in this tray. This is the lift that carries it down. -Okay the kebabs go down with the push of a button. -Yes.
-What an idea? -Below is the shop and on top there is the delicacy. It is grilled here and is lowered down on this trolley. -From below you father tells you the order…five kebabs, one kebab…and you grill them right away and send it down. -How long has been your shop here? -It’s here since 1982. In the beginning it was just a cart. -Then when did you take this shop? -Its fifteen years ago. -You only have kebabs and Roomali roti. -Sir try a hot kebab. -Its very hot. -Very tasty. -Such amazing kebabs I have had at very few places in Delhi. -There is masala, green chilies, onions, garlic… What else do you add? -We use masala that is prepared by pounding many ingredients. -Is the masala made here? -No its made somewhere else. -Here you just grill the kebabs. -Very tasty. -So we have arrived at Afaq Chicken Point. And here we will try their famous Chicken Tikka -Your shop reminds me of Aslam Chicken corner at Jama Masjid. -He is our uncle. -Okay. -Among you and the Jama Masjid one let’s see which one is better. -Ya eat and decide. -Ours is better than our uncle’s.
-Oh really. -Many customers come from there. -From Jama Masjid people come here to eat. -Actually there is lot of crowd.
-Yes their five floors are always full. -So this is a competition between uncle and nephew. Let’s see who wins. -This is butter chicken tikka which is drenched in butter. -The gentleman was suggesting to add more butter but I stopped them. -Very tasty -Who started the shop first? You or Aslam Bhai -Aslam Bhai started it first. -You learnt it from him
-Aslam bhai learnt it from Pakistan. His in laws place is in Pakistan.
-Okay -In Karachi. He learnt it from there. -Then he started the shop at Matia Mahal. And there he gained success. Earlier he started with 20 chickens then it became 50 From 50 they now sell 400 chickens They grill it on the roof as well as below. And they also sell chicken sheekh kebab -Now they have started the Barra
-Yes fish Tikka and Burra -When did you start this shop. -We started around 10-12 years ago. -Butter chicken was discovered in Delhi A restaurant named Moti Mahal invented the first butter chicken. They had leftover grilled chicken and tomato gravy. So they mixed the two and made butter chicken. Wow. The main butter chicken was that only. Yes but.. Tomato gravy… -But Aslam Bhai gave it a new dimension. Yes by adding curd. Curd is added to this It had tomato gravy but this has… -Curd based gravy. Curd, butter and spices. -Curd and green chilies paste is added to the curd so as to get a light green colour -It is added to the curd, then butter and chaat masala and done. Now you taste it. -It is a completely different version of butter chicken but very delicious In the true sense it is butter and chicken.
-Yes butter chicken -No not butter chicken but butter and chicken -Thank you Asfaq Bhai -When Jama Masjid shop would be crowded we will come over here. -Yes when get time come here. -Is this made of Maida only? Nothing else?
-Ghee is added -Ghee and maida. -This thing in the front is called the Khajla. Its dough is prepared with maida and ghee and they it is deep fried. -And in the morning during Shehri it is eaten with milk. -During Ramzan we get many kinds of special bread -Yes -It is Ramzan time favourite -Can you tell what kinds of bread are there? This is bun. And this is called double roti. Can I open it and see? Is it eaten during shehri with milk -Yes -With milk or tea. On top it has khus khus, melon seeds and tutti futti. -It is called bun
-it is called double roti. -This is the bun. -I haven’t seen such huge bun till date. -It is very soft.
-Yes -The topping over it is the same. melon seeds, khus khus, cherry/tutti frutti, almods and cashews This is the bun -An this one is coconut paratha.
-Its called the Lachewala paratha. -It has coconut over it.
-Yes it is made of coconut and khoya -Is it also known as coconut paratha.
-yes -These are made only during te Razan.
-yes -One thing I always have from Jama Masjid during Ramzan is the butter sheermal -Do you have it? Yes but it is of jam and butter. -Which butter do you use? -We use Amul butter.
-The salty butter. On one side there is butter And on the other jam. -It is called butter jam. At many places it is called butter jam sheermal very soft and sweet bread you can have it with tea or milk very tasty -What all sherbets do you have? -Sir there is watermelon shake, apple shake and mix shake. -What all fruits do you add to this? -there is apple, banana, grapes and pomegranate there are 5 to 6 items in it. -I have never drunk this? -I have drunk watermelon and apple shake but not fruit shake. -You have added different fruits There is apple, grapes, banana and pomegranate seed -it has custard flavour Is it available all throughout the year or only during Ramzan -During summertime. -This is the first shop I have seen in Delhi where you can try pulav, biryani and tehri at the same place. -So let’s try the biryani here. We have had lots of pulav and biryani but not much tehri in Delhi so let try it here so this is a delicacy of Jafrabad -We have taken the tehri which is yellow in colour And with this we have the pulav which has peas, potatoes and whole spices. When I was in college and stayed alone then I had lots of tehri with pickles. If there was noting to eat then just take some potatoes , add rice and salt, cook it and eat. You also learnt it like that. It is a culinary discovery for me. I have eaten at so many places in Delhi But in Jafrabad I am having such an appetizing peas pulav and tehri…just amazing -Its famous that’s why we all have come. -I really liked it brother. wow Its a very nice biryani. The meat in the haleem is mixed thoroughly -He said that wheat, channa dal and meat are cooked together for 6 hours And then it is mashed and served with the biryani. Very nice and light flavours. It is different from the haleem. you can call it daleem. And during Ramzan the shop is there for a month. For the next 11 months they have their shop at Seelampur -During Ramzan, people came here at night at around 11 pm.
-Yes. And stay here till 2 am to 2.30 am. For 2-3 hours. -How many cauldrons get finished? -Minimum of 4 to 5 cauldrons -And the meat pieces are so soft. That it is just breaking as I cut it with the spoon. -We have with us Islamuddin, the owner of this shop. -People said that the one shop that you must visit in Jafrabad is Bheem milk shop. -How did this name Bheem doodh wale came into existence. -When I had purchased the shop then a TV serial named Mahabharat was being aired. In it Parveen Kumar was playing the role of Bheem My younger brother who is 4 inches taller to me totally looked like Parveen Kumar Kids use to see him and call him Bheem So due to this the shop came to be known as the same. So it was due the resemblance in the appearance between your brother and the TV character, that the shop came to be know by such name. -And they would be thinking that by consuming milk he has attained such a physique -Kids used to say that he resembles Bheem and hence the adults too started calling him the same -You have the special Roohafza milk and lassi -We have lassi, milk and hot milk as well. -Is it buffalo milk or it has cow milk mixed. -Its pure buffalo milk -We have our own centers. -There it is collected and then brought here after inspection -It has milk, sugar and Roohafza. These things only
-Yes. -Ice is not added -They are taken in set in proportion and then added -That’s why the taste is unique. okay -It is interesting that the milk is served in mugs.
-Yes. -We give it in mugs so that people can pour into glasses and drink. -They find it enjoyable and they can share it in 2-3 portions -What is the price of one mug? -The full one is Rs. 60 and half one is of Rs. 35 -How much milk can it hold? One litre?
-Yes. -One litre milk with Roohafza and sugar. -Is it available all trough the year or only during summers as well? -It is available all through the year but during Ramzan there is more rush. -In one mug you can pour out two glasses. -In this glass there is 400 ml ilk and if you take two such glass then it is 800 ml milk -Let us try bheem bhai’s famous Roohafza milk. -Its thick and sweet milk and there is a nice flavour of Roohaftza -Very tasty -Its very refreshing -You feel refreshed. -I haven’t eaten as much food in Jama Masjid as I have eaten here. -The food here is better than over there. -Whatever I am eating here… -People are telling that it is better than Jama Masjid. -Why so although the things are the same -Here the dish is the same but we fry it again before serving. -Hmm. There they just cut the dessert and serve. -Here you have mashed it and fried it before serving. This is called the Sahi Tukda. -It is fried bread that is soaked in sugar syrup and then fried in ghee. -It is topped with cream, cherry and then eaten. -It has a slight crispy and crunchy texture. -It will taste great with the ice cream. -Yes its fun. -Like you have Gulab Jamun with Vanilla ice cream similarly we have Shahi Tukda and mango ice cream. -It’s little hot and little cold. -And what can I say about your mango ice cream. -At Jama Masjid too I have it very fondly. -Our ice cream is different from the one there. -Very delicious -We will end our Ramzan food tour at Ishad bhai Paan shop. -Thank you Ishad bhai.

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