Japanese Seafood Market in Tsukiji, Tokyo // CRAZY EATS in Japan

Japanese Seafood Market in Tsukiji, Tokyo // CRAZY EATS in Japan

Welcome to Tsukiji fish markets in downtown Tokyo. What we got here is a pretty nice fish market if I do say so myself. We got some fish mobile photo ops and some top notch seafood around this place and personally I think it’s pretty damn nice. So you better grab a treat and you best be takin’ a seat because the show is about to begin. 🎶 introduction music 🎶 What’s up everybody? Dustin here from SoloTravelBlog. Today I’m here with Michael from the ProperPeople and a kindhearted person named Sarah. How you feelin’, Sarah? I’m feelin’ alright.There-There’s a lot of stuff going on here, it’s pretty exciting [chuckles] Nice, how’re you feelin’ Michael? Feelin’ pretty good. I’m ready to cruise and peruse around here. Alright, let’s do this thing! So we started sprintin’ around the main streets of Tsukiji. Came across some public service announcements and decided to take a closer look. Now, this sign told us to watch out for the fish mobiles but we pretty much already figured that one out. I mean, hey, when you see these bad boys makin’ a B-line down the street it doesn’t take a damn rocket scientist to figure out you best be makin’ way. So what other signs we got around here? We got a PSA with a mighty fine whitey. I mean, take a look at that Aryan unicorn! He’s askin’ to hold a samurai sword? What the hell is going on around here… I feel like that sign is perpetuating negative stereotypes against whiteys… Nevertheless, that’s a DECENT sign right there. Anyway, Michael, Sarah, and I decided we best be boostin’ around this fish market to find ourselves somethin’ to eat. Now, we didn’t walk far before we came across dead fish hangin’ around the place. Wasn’t exactly what we were in the market for, but at the same time we didn’t want to pass up an oppurtunity for a nice fuckin’ selfie — a dead fish head selfie to be exact. I mean, hey, there ain’t no better way to pay your respects to a rotting, severed head than to snap yourself a nice fuckin’ selfie, that’s what I always say. Anyway, we hadn’t quite found ourself a suitable snack so we started sprintin’ around the place again. Next thing we knew, we came across this guy torchin’ some scallops to kingdom come. I mean, wow, this guy was going hogwild with this torch. He was blastin’ those bad boys like there’s no tomorrow. And the next thing we knew, it looks like we stumbled across the fish on a stick zone. This place has got a whole bunch of fish on a stick AND some shrimp being grilled to perfection. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say we just died and went to seafood paradiso, babycakes. So i figured I’d get myself a nice unagi stick AKA eel stick. Now, that unagi stick wasn’t quite life-changing but, nevertheless, it was pretty fuckin’ nice if I do say so myself. Next up, Michael and Sarah got in on the action and they started chowin’ down on those fish sticks like a wild man and woman possessed. I mean, just look at Sarah bitin’ into this fish stick. You can actually see an animalistic urge taking over her body. [busy market sounds] I like it! And, wow, she actually liked the fish stick. This is fucking incredible. Anyway, that fish stick didn’t quite sate our hunger so we started cruisn’ around lookin’ for some more things to chow down on. And the next thing we knew, we came across a sushi shop that had some mighty fine signage. The place had the picture of a well-fed Japanese dude proudly cutting into a tuna fish’s body. I mean, if that ain’t the sign of a primo establishment, then I don’t know what is. Long story short, we decided to go inside this joint. So we sat ourselves down, ordered up some sushi, and started takin’ a look at this TV screen over here. Now I ain’t no aficionado, but it seems to me that this sushi mistro has some serious tuna carvin’ skills poppin’ off. Anyway, after we chilled out there for a while, our sushi came out and as you can see, I got myself three choice pieces over here. It’s three of my favorite kinds of sushi, to be exact. I got myself an uni, an aji, and a hotate. So I started off with the uni first AKA sea urchin and I slammed that bad boy down the hatch. It was tastin’ fresh as hell and creamy as fuck. Next up I grabbed myself the aji AKA horse mackerel and started dippin’ that thing into the soy sauce, rice first just because I wanted to trigger any of the sushi nazis that were watchin’ this video. And, wow, that aji was tastin’ zesty fresh with a delish ginger paste on top. Last up, I made a feverish grab for that hotate AKA scallop sushi. Then I gave it a dip, jammed it in the general direction of my face, and had a pretty nice food-gasm — a DECENT food-gasm. Anyway, after we finished chowin’ down, we were feelin’ all seafood-ed out so we decided to hightail it the hell out of that sushi restaurant. Oh, and by the way, if you want to see some pretty thrilling abandoned building tours, then you best be checking out the channel that Michael’s a part of — a little thing called the Proper People. In my opinion, it’s pretty fuckin’ buckwild and I got that link in the description box. And as always, thanks for watching this video. Why don’t you leave a comment — let me know what you think. 🎶 outro music 🎶

100 thoughts on “Japanese Seafood Market in Tsukiji, Tokyo // CRAZY EATS in Japan

  1. Holy crap! I didn't know tuna where that big! in fact, I don't think i'v seen a tuna in my life… how is this possible!?

  2. Nice video – this made me remember the vid that got me into your channel in the first place; also Tsukiji fish market 😀 You were a bit more chill back then, which I liked 🙂

  3. Took my eyes off the screen for two seconds to have a drink. Heard what I thought was "Michael Cera and I.." and spent the rest of the video expecting him to show up. Facepalm.

  4. Whenever I see your videos pop up in my sub box I feel like my life has been improved for the better

  5. Would you one day travel to the Pokemon Center in Kyoto or anyother locations. It would be an interesting video.

  6. Every time you make a buck wild awesome as fuck video i have to crave myself on a nice fucking meal or else I'd go ballisticly hungry as fuckkkk

  7. Holy shit Dustin, 0:07 ….. those are some BUCK wild Triceps if i ever did see some. Cranking all those Gashapon machines got your arms lookin' REAL decent.

  8. Someone is using those TRIglycerides for those TRIceps! Is this an eating video or an EXTREME workout video.

  9. Dustin, you need to be made some kind of honorary Japanese ambassador of some sort. Really making Japan seem more an more interesting to me!!

    Also , if you speak Japanese, have you thought about doing a vid all in the local lingo with English subs? That would be way cool I think.

  10. I'm keen to go back there! But my partner and I arrive in late November, after the market moves. Do you know if anything will be in the original spot still?

  11. Man, every time I see one of your sushi videos it just reminds me of what I'm missing out on. I really need to high-tail it back to Japan soon. Also tantan-men aka spicy ramen is the best and I can't seem to find it in the states

  12. Man… I dunno if my one and only time eating Uni I just got BAD Uni, but I was having war flashbacks when it appeared on the plate. That Uni triggered me beyond belief.

  13. I just found the Proper People's channel a week or two ago, and have been enjoying their videos. Now I see one of my favorite buckwild YouTubers filming with them? Pretty nice, if you ask me. Now I'm just waiting for them to release their video of your outing. Anyways, great video as always! Can't wait for the next one!

  14. It ain't fucking "solo" anymore if you're with other people, am I right? XD
    I mean, it's no problem.
    Just a tad bit ironic 😉

  15. Great work man. funny af and educational. Love seeing the Japanese life from a similar pov as my own

  16. I love your videos and always wondered, do you speak Japanese? And can you go to Japan without knowing the language or do too many people not know English?

  17. Almost at 50.000 subscribers man.
    How does it feel to have a channel that's gaining such BUCK fucking WILD popularity?

  18. as awesome as exploring fish market is, it's high time for a new gachapon episode (or a dozen of them). I'm desperately hooked on them

  19. The shrimp looked delicious,. I also like eel,. eel sushi, canned eel on crackers, bust a fucking eel in the mouth.. I like eel….lol
    Love your videos man.

  20. I was just in Tokyo and that is the same restaurant I ended up at when I visited Tsukiji fish market. I wish I had the chance to try out some more of the stalls and various street foods though. It all looks oishii as fuck.

  21. Seriously your voice is so irritating, the blog is okay but I can't tolerate your voice. It's a pain in the ass!

  22. Haha!😂 Awesome commentating bruh! It's like listening to an anime flick! Two thumbs up bruh! 👍🏼👍🏼Keep the vids cumin!!!👊🏼

  23. From India (chennai) to Tokyo (Japan ) I come back for YOU and u r BUCK WILD eating style but I still think indian food is MORE SPICY than that of Japanese

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