100 thoughts on “Japanese Street Food LEVEL 999 NUMBING Spicy Dan Dan Noodles (DEADLY) + Ramen Tour of Sapporo, Japan

  1. PLEASE hit the BELL BUTTON to stay notified of our new series – the WORLD NOODLE TOUR! (First route, from Japan to Italy!) This RAMEN TOUR video features 4 amazing bowls of ramen, each one better than the next. My favourite was the SAPPORO BLACK cooked with FIRE ramen at the end, a shoyu sauce ramen with so much flavour! Over the last 5 years of eating street food around the world and uploading these street food videos for you, this video marks the beginning of a new series – the WORLD NOODLE TOUR! You're gonna need some ramen to slurp while watching this video!

  2. What is so hard with saying "that tastes great"? Why must you makes nursery rhyme "mmm" sounds. No doubt you'd rub your stomach if you didn't have to hold the camera. You are so cringing.

  3. wow ur really obnoxious with the "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHH" imagine eating there as a regular and u just hear this guy: "MHHHHHHHHHH"

  4. “I think I’m starting to feel a bit dizzy”


    “So I just fainted…now we’re on to the next ramen”

  5. I dont know about you guys but Trevor's habit of saying mmmmm. To delicious food has rubbed off on me….. like litterally..
    I can be drinking water and be like mmmmmmmm….. mmhmmmmmmmm😂😂😂😂😂 do t @ me hahahah jk go ahead lol.

  6. Much as i love ur vids, dont give it 6/10 cause u cznt tolerate the heat … thats like giving ghe same amount of points to a fish-dish, but u dont like or frequently eat fish …..

  7. Prawie się spósiłeś jak ci to podali jakby chuj wie co to było. wow kurwa gotowane mięso przerośnięte tłuszczem z makaronem mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Just hope to share a meal with you buddy cause you make me feel so hungry when i watch your video, even when am eating 😀

    Come to JORDAN and you will taste the best food you ever eat 😉

  9. So hold up….

    The softer the hmmmmmm………. the lower rating he gives the food…

  10. I think Japan is your weakness. Probably the only place where you don't sound like a native when trying to speak their language. Also by almost tapping out on spicy food. xD

  11. 日本のラーメンを美味しそうに食べてくれて嬉しいですね!ただ、一度に持ち上げる麺の量が多すぎるのが気になる。。。笑 是非3分の1ぐらいをずずーっとすすって欲しい!

  12. I love watching your vid since long ago.. Just maybe you can slow it down on the moan.. It kinda cringed me up.. Ur rating already put a scale on how delicious the food that you eat.. So keep it cool, U already did great..😁

  13. Feel bad for the spicy noodle restaurant who got a 6 because you over spiced it. That 6 is for you. They should get 8 🤓👍

  14. I wonder if he ever finishes his Food? Or just orders and goes Mmmm a Hand full of times and camera shoots something else.

  15. dont you think u too noisy ? i saw few japanese ramen video and mostly they speak silently because they dont want to bother other costumer

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