100 thoughts on “Japanese Street Food – VENOMOUS SEA SNAKE Okinawa Seafood Japan

  1. Birini resmen canlı canlı dondurdular öbürünü de canlı canlı kaynar suya attılar nasıl ödeyeceksiniz bu hayvanların haklarını merak ediyorum

  2. I feel bad for those beautiful creatures they do not deserve to die. And when every animal is extinct in Japan I swear to my freaking self that I will tell the government to not share food with them because it was their fault the beautiful creatures are extinct. Just a fact but I still love Japan and Asia but i hate that they eat any animal they want. Is animal abuse.

  3. These guys actully buy snakes wrapped in plastics like veges 😂 imagine mom sending me to buy her a cobra😂im glad im not chinese

  4. Taí a causa do porque o país de vocês sofrem tsunami e terremoto. Querem judiar da natureza? Então ela judiará de vocês.

  5. These people alone can drive any animal to extinction. Wtf? Is there no normal livestock available in asian countries? Overkill on greed!

  6. I’m just in the comments looking at people saying “The most dangerous is Japan” or something and I’m just like “It’s how they eat…” But I’m not gonna lie, it might even taste good. I mean Korean food is good! It’s always nice trying new things 😀 maybe when I’m older I can visit Korea!

  7. Why is everyone complaining that Venomous Snakes like this cant be eaten??? We all know that they remove the venom before cooking or after cooking right?

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