100 thoughts on “Jen Tries To Make Holiday Cookies With No Recipe • Ladylike

  1. As I was watching I was just racking through my knowledge of baking and cooking. And she got virtually everything right

  2. Jen literally makes me want to be a Lesbian. I can't watch enough of her. I appreciate her goofy antics and her personality….#relatable

  3. Did she say "see you in the new year"? Does it means that we won't have a new video with Jen until 2020?! NOOOO
    MY GIRL :'(

  4. Someone from the Tasty side of Buzzfeed should recreate these cookies with the same ingredients, but with the “correct” techniques so we can try to make them too 😁

  5. i am someone who bake often, and when Jorn does her oops all berries moments; i wonder Mama Kitchen is watching BTS? i feel i know how her cookies is going to end up with her steps and rough measurements

  6. Hey Jorn! Crack the egg on the table/counter instead of the edge of a bowl. You get a better crack with out crushing the shell. I love this and I want to continue to see a Jorn Baking Show tm .💜💜💜💜💜

  7. What she did wrong making it wise not measures auger and butter is wet. And should have put the dry onto the pink and mixed both up then slowly added the dry into thee wet

  8. Like attracts like ppl! The next time you get a bit of 🥚shell in a cracked egg, use one of the broken halves to scoop it out instead of your fingers or a spoon. The small piece of eggshell will immediately adhere to the bigger piece when you scoop it out.

  9. It would have been better if you explained what you didn’t know: diff between baking soda/powder, why to separate dry and liquid ingredients, etc

  10. What we've learned:
    Jen doesn't learn from her mistakes, and there's no possibility that she will because she doesn't listen.

  11. If you get eggshell in your bowl, wet a finger and the shell will stick to it! Casual advice comment for anyone who needs it lol

  12. (Bakes cookies all the time)
    Me: you can do it jen!
    Jen: adds almost two cups if sugar but only 1 1/2 cups flour
    Jen: does not cream the sugar and butter
    Jen: adds too much egg
    Jen: adds milk
    Me: i did believe in you. But you hurt me.

  13. I would love to see more videos with a wider range of topics. Beauty and cooking are cool but it seems to be getting a little dry. It would be epic to do a video on witchcraft or a special effects makeup class. All that being said, I love you ladies 💖

  14. Gonna start my dry ingredients
    Grabs the sugar, then the flour then the butter 😆
    Bless jen, she just wanted some sweets and no one from tasty was around lol 😂

  15. Baking powder is used to make shelf raising flour. 1tsp of baking powder for every half a cup of plain flour = Self Raising flour.

    Baking soda makes dough rise because it causes a reaction that causes carbon dioxide to build up/be released which makes the dough rise.

    In cookies both could be used honestly

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